Friday, November 10th


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My young measurements that they give a regular entry or not. It's only Lulu said is so blue so really there was bellows of I was good that's what I do. All right so a lot right now we'll talk to you shot he was playing they gain finish and I got to realize that I think is now. Don't know leave him. Flood please don't play. You know DNA shot one good news film. W audited good pace on what's that intro there was amazing cars on. A little game show you. Plus side at least I Elise ice this exceeded and that's. Shut your plans for two tickets to see GA and America still IRA you can play along in your car who's edit stroke my PRE in the first quote is oh my god your wife's a placenta was so good. Who said it no OK who do you think said that John. That there it seemed like something that Ian would say just based on general character. But I'm gonna I'm gonna have to say stroke. Cash and on the goes stroke on the one stroke. Of the day I'm knows better than it was and I guess because it was may oh my god you logical symptoms so good. That sounds so and we asked about it. Contact Michael always still. Since the weird thing to say no matter what I'm going. Like doing a story that I could placenta one time and oh well as in my not in taste it was another man's life is a do some cool thing is another man's life placenta. If you go to PS data RA quote urged U. If you eat salad I'll have sex with you if you eat salad on sex and he said it OK shot who said that. I polian. I'm going to you know meant to I don't even remember that I don't know who said but I feel like it was EN I say it was Mikey all right let's hear it. If he does sound sacks for the that was the end okay that no I don't remember that at all while. All right a lot we you can call number three that maybe is so cute I could squeeze it I could ease it. Who says they squeezed the baby location on who said that. Squealing baby time. Let's level the playing field here okay that's when the Mikey. Yeah I think I you'd think I said that I think you did and I think Mikey says it random dot COM today and amateur several tape. Babies so cute I can squeeze it squeal and make it okay. Okay. It's not so hot that's who say I oh number four this is a spirit this is a very serious matter don't ever touch me again. Who said it. Yeah. And this could possibly have been ENI Korea shocked. It looked every living daylights out of them so many million. If I. And I think it was media I think it was you sometimes you're getting great idea yeah and elegant touch me so yeah I think was my Kayla for all the tape. This is a very serious matter is don't ever touch me again. You don't mind. The other audience. That that's the law and that. That's Larry oh really work hard lesson learned today who said it home my guy and I will be happy to buy tech tampons and so happy. Who said it long man child. Well or it was a year old is your who. Might miss anything mind Romo was me I think it was stroke I think it was stroke. C'mon I think it was it was clear that isn't me. Itself we will pick. Yeah. Talking I'm with friends and know I can remember word I'm galas have found we they happen is you have when you find out the woman he thinks of pregnancy are yeah oh yeah. I'm quite happy to go by camp on the mean I will go do it but I'm never just like skipping do stores. And I shot when I when I first moved to California my wife sent me after my tee and bonds honestly it's the first time allies ever done this it really was and she's a go in there and take a picture of the box so it did take a picture of the boxer we're down to like save mart and and I'm walking in this lady's work in that area. She sees I'm struggling what I'm trying to do and she'll let me see your phone. And she'll Janet and she walks me over soon so it was it was written even more embarrassing to always you have to Mel had said. I stumbled I would let my stepdaughter couple weeks ago I know exactly are you it's a good back. The point ads. So I'm grizzlies may yourself everything is go see Guns 'N Roses it's happening on Saturday do it is at the golden one sinner and we will see you there hang on the line there's an S and that's next Saturday he'll.