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Friday, November 10th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines


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This is the men's room. He's thrilled. It's gonna stay back for another round profile doesn't think color 9844999. Hole you'll play profile that's coming up in minutes. I am doing your headlines on the way one hour from now first which I did my cock for some of the stories and headlines he has not working on are on a woman in Florida paid three dollars and seventy cents and a Wal-Mart self check out for 18100. Dollars worth of things parents. Fans I know a great season that they were supposed to be nice gift for her husband golf. From sweet well if you pay for them they couldn't I just I don't under the throws and how this works did she had 18100 dollar for the stuff. Good news so check out and then it only have less than four dollars whether. No she actually just tried to use a self check out and also frustrating Zorn keep taking things out of the bag put back in the bag reset this manager from overseas and you know what. SS I'm taking it all home and tired of it. Aaron that's what happens takes a genius to operate one of those so you have that much trouble with the self check out. Are a middle yes okay admittedly yes it is so Friday when I say I'm not a matter fact avenue is one of the couple years because of the and our confidence keeps dancers employed then that's another point on the thing I thought he uses like I can step jobs he. I was look at me and stared at two man yeah I'm about to stay in the line away from the catcher though gives you looking for yourself up off the golf made you do that so check out I'm to look around. You'll find whoever worst security they're looking at the best thing about the subject got us when you don't have a bags. You don't get that look like you're the guys who didn't bring their bags ready Rendell we don't have a bag that's on them and recommend doing it but is still be frustrating as hell and you'll still wanna customer an don't give up facility and it's frustrating me right now is that I think. And every have to use to pay for the banks. Please just give you paper bag the night and I think in nickel and becoming a Huskies are supposed to bring your own bag might can model of in my face you're an idiot. You don't usually up by the way they do what I know. Because they wanna have written less waste one of the bronze or ran into its own anticipated was that early on. People buy chicken ground beef you manage to sort your bag that's great well people don't wash out the banks know and go to the birth to storm go again Gaudin and Minnesota cross contaminating food and some people were having some trouble early on in this whole experiment. Well and who just walks into a store with their own bag I used to get followed around for that crap and I followed around anyway. I think crazy have you improved your bag over my words Chatham felony like you can turn the corner on this I can't yes yes they hire people at grocery stores just a mean among people who don't bring them back and yeah I can do. Do you mean mug people who don't bring the baggage are we Gary stated that in every African island here in just skim a stared out there to do that if I don't give a dollar to burn victims. Why would you give a dollar the first one dollar might. Thanks to take as the obamas are all we are horrible it was Taco Bell one time and ethical wanted to give a dollar to burn victims and I had no money at the time but man fairly and efforts under Ralph. As a self. Like you says okay I'm sure they're fine and I. The okay. Sam I thought good for that is not the stuff I give a dollar every time now the that's Jack that's all right researchers have found the top city for retiring in the United States. It's all they'll I don't know I read this. You know it you're not even close you'll believe that America. Pennsylvania this fire Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States of America North America Western Hemisphere planet earth yes sir OK and it's going to. I won't leave and are now working on it I. I don't know nonviolent explanation unless like my brother doesn't sit my brother lives in Pittsburgh my sister lives in Pittsburgh I've always had a great time in Pittsburgh we're talking about retirees have but it's cloudy it's grade it's cold it's wet and it really goes through of the pretty brutal winner so you have to meet the Pittsburgh is a wonderful city is just I mean weather wise if you're thinking of retiring go places warm. Climate wise is just not gonna be that it's going to be everything else is going to be everything else you want without climate. Beach is relaxation. All those things. Or ideas that says sometimes jokes just write themselves Washington DC is the home of America's largest collection parasites. Really I'm Sharon owns and foam bat and I didn't know that you grew up there again you. Perry cited riddled fumbled it's I never had a parasite and yet I don't buy that and one putting out values that hole in one of us. But cheeks just got to knock them on my sweet but he's so I don't know like like on the cheek it's the end and bug Verlander was but. I have made was they were the ball well I'm. When there is a parasite mean a small insect got a whole another I don't know that looked like he wanted to tackle you'd parasite is something that benefits of your word I don't know it was like Mercer or something like that. Are okay that's their birds are going to tape warmer so Deloitte and I put those I don't know if parasite is that story was wrong I Soledad good we are angry and out of suffered Holmes but yet he didn't really cool like for like one week to have one of those kind of fish that hang up your arm like a shark death. Separate install Iran you know they just glad John Madden NFL messy eaters aren't looking good the bad not in the dissent though fish gotta tell our guys is that there hang and you find out where actually really are dirty from. He's like a rumba for your body to get that happened to. The body rumba a man pulled a gun at a Wal-Mart Maine after another man pointed out that's his shoe was untied. Bullet it's not a nice thing to do you really think that it is a hit an email like tiger shoot I'm just what I assume you want to play solid. Presently he told admitted she was on side. You would you save that some of the globe go down as your shoes I'd dad mom never TJ and Maine's a little bit. Okay broad as the middle inside school and then he went up real aggressively you must be one of the dumbest that so these ever met your shoes are even after you dooms them all about been the main man you know they they they like you know. And they have one problem and they. The governor Abbas tonight's guy at Kansas that I. Colleges and it's about people for Obama specifically what about whatever money appear like as I've had guys ask Harry and I fast acting as. Please strife relaxing at great water. Valid got nice and hard if you're into while lighthouses and stuff means a great place before Stephen King books yes I did did you read those anywhere through. The jails with Chicago we're sued by public defenders over inmates pledging themselves in a revealed that the man who spent thirty days without doing it would be rewarded with pizza. Wait why they have just leave me things I can't you know do what I got to do for thirty days why do you care Brett had a there's not a lot going on imprisoned. And I didn't conjugal visit to my table where. Me in the Palm Pilot from my wonder is that in prison mended you really care about where it lands on the news got to go in there in clinic wrap up from a zero cell. I think you care of the Mona forever than us and your cellmate Michael is it pizza of late delivery from outsiders pizza they're gonna make at the prison and am now working on a dead I have no idea we're gonna be so lesson abstract with you there have been right homemade pizza like whatever measures frankly you hear is if this is standard cafeteria pizza now. But you're gonna send Dan might like dominoes is Arlen yeah I don't think a thirty day break. I would try and slimy piece of ranks up there with. Certain pleasure. And I think I've messed me with a pizza. We'll call it wild. He Santa in New Jersey was arrested for having a crack right next to a cinecast him in the front seat of his car because he's a crack ho ho who hasn't anyone seen bad Santa via with the surprise anybody. If if you keep people do you do you want. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of children. Sitting on your lap that you don't know. Four hours at a time while you sit in a shopping malls planning gives our people that are OK with that yes it did mention explain everything. And finally a man was researching these shot those islands when he stumbled upon this. What they'll ask how they all about a one hour now. Thank you my knockout punch and our children don't look now from now first the game and is true precepts. Even throw hill plays are what count profile class is playing well insurer can miles that's the simple game more reserved a few real like news story. Something that happened right here on planet earth. Or are. And as you listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be true people. And the decisions that people make less good it is you think it makes the story a story. Hello. Tyler welcome to the men's room. I guess on job I'd Tyler you understand how does your games played. Course all right here's your story we go to rock dale county Georgia. Brad teachers in serious trouble after he was caught on camera. Threatening to quote. Put a bullet through students and the Tony 52 videos posted to FaceBook late last week by the mother of the student who's being addressed during the incidence. Now the post doesn't show all of what happened that some of the speech is muffled what. You can see the teacher in the back of the classroom talking to a student and he says quote. And these series do. Effort to meet you going to be in big gas trouble locating don't smile to me man that some people like you get shots. I got a bit by the time you're 21 summons gonna put a bullet right the year ahead of tape and it might be needed doesn't that's a quote from the teacher. No he's one student can be heard in the background gasping homeowner do you laugh and Kabul the mothers look to receive the call from the administration informing her what happened. No she admitted that her son's behavior calls the incident but still outraged by the terroristic threats made against her son saying quote. I want him fired and I want my doesn't want him fired. And I want him fired and want charges pressed against them. The school meanwhile investigating the incident I don't know where it stands now my question for you is do you believe he's angry danger is black and white to Mexico or June. I mean in Hawaii but I seriously I think. I'm leading light by the way he used the word dude now that Mexicans blacks who don't use the word dude they just use it in a different way. I think the right he said everything in the way he set everything up this guy is a clearly want like log and it probably like to German like you're get jurors. I'm not gonna specifically say put a bullet in your head or whatever deal he was tuzla's ma'am I don't know cabin near as I would say right now you're gonna get year's junior rolled. So I mean there's honest when I was in Baltimore city schools thickly and high schools in high school assemblies. And ultra violent back flowery garbage and other high school assemblies with. You can be whatever you want we never who's not a lot not one time did anyone ever come in to address those in a positive way it was always. Taking a good guide to the depth the notoriety 75%. You go to jail this guy's gonna die so. I understand people are little different now but I mostly to those like I feel welcome and high school simply being addressed. By like eight guessed that they brought them details on world and glamorous soccer it's people. Yeah Obama miles right fit was the quote something Mike I teach each man dude. I mean serious dude if you effort means you're going to be new yes troubled okay incurred no smiled at me man I'm yesterday did this man yeah that's a people like you get shocked I'm being serious about this dude is wide policy this dude. See for Neitzel he used mayhem. Mine is due. Accordion man word of the commander in Syria and Syria don't smile at me man so don't smile at me and I'm being serious dude in the later it's don't smile at me man why we know people like you end up. Do widely no man has come here ally Leno this is why his wife gets goes through this. Stuff rob shifts at that. I don't know why I don't why finalize a qualified out of this guy did you hear was black light makes the that was fatigued you are listening to the men's or radio network. Listen miles. I think this is Georgia and a teacher goes on to have you with one of his students so much so that he can and basically threaten his life from one. He didn't threaten my Jimmy that he is sound and he simply said. I think that someone might use commendable the bullet in your head and I might be to gather dust yeah that's what we've gotten direct threat down by the way you're getting NAG. And dominant as you did you believe that this teacher was black and white meg C or Jew and I believe you said that people in the sky and wiped. Little. And you I. I don't know why people we know and Els Phil another limit her I think man all the time. And Donna Reed and say well you know time to scroll more time I'd love to confuse things from sands. You lose a brother others like I'm being serious dude. F I mean you can BP gas could look to me asked that I did you read OK OK to me was like OK don't smiled at me man. That's what people like you did shot. Again I believe that people like you mean rat. Web they removed one unless you have got a bit bad time in 21 to who's gonna put a bullet right to your head OK Susan again. In a might be I might even when does. You don't say OK that's generally a sign of unit and still trying to paint the front man okay. Now relativity is on time and a staffer TB tablets data. Yeah. Countless hours in front of the talking and end up. Presents. Tiny town. Does have a McDonald's Siemens yeah getting. Because they are old Olympic no wind could supply. They feel. I'm okay. But I did they think conflict it's you know common man. All right flooding autumn in new chair is why won't more room of the key now. It involves a high is it already our visit our kids age sure isn't and I know like I watched this I don't know if you guys watch this. I don't know might even watch it. I. Here's I think it's a high tech help. I tell if he had he writes from limb chopped my. And I thank god now being an all these mountain. You just don't want to live dropped clay house no. I would see bits and pieces of it as a kid and I'm so I just I did not like glam job as a kid. All right just the voice Bob agreement by a newly dubbed cool deal broad Juli she was decent man but there's summons and planned job talk tomorrow I want to eat that bitch. This is probably did not think that as a child but that's and I'm thinking looking back the lame is delicious how Moscow without question here had the lollipops. Blame lollipop gadgets like the fancy little lamb Ariel the little yeah this guy on top commanders tasty as they did and a little meant a jelly on the silent in the the jobs yet it yeah solutions that would serve. A rare on the middle gavel rob and I were talking earlier today about knowing socks because somebody and Twitter. Oh what was it beat you could have more characteristics for somebody's name somebody changed their name to John Jacob. Geno Hammerschmidt here. And then we started talking about the sun never ends and I only Weaver's limits on whenever and found. The song that never ends this thing goes on day you know my friend of the people started saying it had not knowing what it was and they'll continue singing if forever just because. Who saw that nets he would never I never end that's all things dog is that senator about the ill I hate mail thanks. We're begin in about thirty and now we hope every single day so what I thought we retired out that they were to slap in the data remember algebra. But I terminal or second he saw yes the song but you learn little big dummy you know those certain things you can Atlanta who's the current president. I don't know it's a Captain Crunch. The less important it is more likely to be able noted if the cost. I still in the world of sports there's some guys that stick out for kind of being in peace if you chore I think one of those guys sky immigrant. Ha ha at least he owns it does give him back to my Steve Francis then known it but big is the above on one level. It well when he talks talks a lot looks erases game we know that for a fact he's also Irish which is just him talking. I mean you just don't agree grant that's I was like saying all Irish people are racist. It's not I'm not saying that a lot about design and miles yeah exactly like luck paranormal apparently from but the yeah that that so he. I think the expectations of this guy I. He's brash he's a fighter. He's the top of his game. He employed merry who Mayweather not too far apart Floyd is got another accusations against him in this Mars away he's done things like a literacy and man does some soul. Yeah I mean. I owe les one of the most hated sport I think it depends on what you do you know and mean it depends on what level like Pete rose's gambling. Or does a lot of different ways to really hate a guy it might be. Philly Pete Rose Armstrong or really any guidelines have it may have are strong Pete Rose at the end of the day right I. I don't dislike Pete Rose he's gambled on baseball. I don't dislike Lance Armstrong because he she did everything and everyone else's the reason I dislike those people owned is because they lie aid. And lied to us like to everybody in my old Armstrong can only kill other people's careers are proud of and they were Obama vicious about it suddenly Jesse I still think Pete Rose gets in the hall of fame movements he's dead. Sure I got pregnant and didn't really do a year got a lot of people's faces and operatives who B recourse but aren't so I don't like how to McGregor is an Irish patent weekend. There is starting to Kennedy week I don't prayer I hate her in part by an op. Well I will admit that I hate Notre Dame football so McGregor I think is a little bit brash admitted to the space imagery here here. At this. Which are going to listen to hear from. Yeah it's been a couple weeks carrier. And in Delhi Delhi. Today and is that his buddy wins a fight and ballot tours right to you hear the announcer what is what is adult or a city that I that I think I know it would like where we're what is this it's that second biggest I'd say probably mixed martial arts promotion on the plane and whereas. Althorp yours adult or. Well they have a Minolta from places like OK so they got to know those cities someplace and likely is just the name of the doesn't know Faneca umbrella right now you have a guy USC in Dublin you have ballots weren't dot I thought OK now Anderson. So and a lot of guys there's good fighters develop sorties they do they didn't good job so his friend wins. The announcer talks about it McGregor goes in to show him some love or whatever but there's certain roles she can't ran run right into the cage afterwards and many. Polls move it to seems certain. He runs and you watch and you at the interface of eighteen runs in. Tackles the dude right and there's tackles the refereed no he tackles his body okay an end if you've ever work or been a fight entered. You know these are athletic commission to there's rights like when you come in this man. So he's jumping around his body in the rat I don't know he was corner in the do but the rest it's kind of like Heatley to come down the right out here. And he start shoving the ref I mean mostly smacked. Legislate. It's the rest. Dear a male or violate the rules for those of the rules if you don't even in the fight park say that the rams and have a big payday. Don't ever go round and active people think we don't have to give yeah that's good once you get that payday because like lucky and orderly gonna do Thomas editor. Your borrow from fighting for what now consuming too much money when he's gonna fight right differ promotion right in he made and as Tom monies so I'd block put this when man. When all like this has nothing no common right to reduce the idea what money does for you so. In all the sexual allegations on Kamal lately and the story Harvey Weinstein right. And so wide basically if you've been and Hollywood near reduce direct to note this is what we discover every single day if your politician you've been there for more than five years. Europe to no good receivers. There's a guy that they can't even name right now because he put us now to remind the guys more year. Says yes my client did these things yes he's guilty of these accusations more sexual improprieties or. The guy's a billionaire billionaire and haven't in London. They can't name him. The mourners that he has been namely can be named an ankle yemenite. Good it was sort of say in these uncertain given he's untouched once you make a certain mind common grameen at all whole Lotta money fight Mayweather I just. I think your brain gets that place firms like this does not apply to know that it it sure does apply to me would you gonna do. Well I still turn right at few money. Yeah permanent I wouldn't money I inadvertently I don't anywhere he goes he's got a McGregor does letting it show the red fest they wounded an all of our god he can walk around punching everyone around doesn't it simulate the current there was very underrated job there and I don't doubt it. Let's let's say on the kids is beyond. Think he's tried anything like they should be happy I'm here polar. But he's still got a ball rolled I understand imaging of the of the mentality this guy usually where night is not there yet but I mean like. You need him. Now when your ballots or like to be different if you're talking like a local promotion or aren't sure like Al tortoise need to sell like a comma graders BC you're watching. And did the daily dish just rules again he's got a broken rule you have a right. They thank you have no reason to even be upset you just ran in there at the ref told you get out of opinion and you Yi Yi didn't love them. It's out I had that what do you do banned him from fight and now they're very bizarre Rampage he knows and even if they hit his wallet Harry and his wallet. All right. Most people well a lot of people hate on pumpkin spice flavored drinks. I like upon its vice Alec and an ice cream arguments I thought they PS so. I don't mind that kind of stuff I do you hate how good stuff now I just think it should be labeled what it is cinnamon. Am pumpkin spice is nothing more than cinnamon with a different label so just a hole it would it is do you think policies and nice flavor things do you do it. I think they're probably do only gonna keep doing the baseline and OK now people say no no no no outs are terrible I never help you out right now well. Let's take in Oklahoma news for pockets vice came in handy at this liquor store. All kinds of people in but. We've never really felt. Threatened or worried were really comfortable in our store is about 4 o'clock in the afternoon and it was shift change and I was at the register here and I was counting it down. And I got a lot to any hat on hat and sunglasses. And he said give me the money I didn't think much has it only. Can't I can't count the money down and and he came closer and he came at the register news I know give it to me he was put on the register that way and choose plan on at this play. And I just grabbed a bottle of Bailey's pumpkins ice. Age and that I looked at wherein she is that he was so I hated member and a little bit. And then he just stopped when he backed up many turn around and walked out the door allowing me afraid an item again now. Our hope she Sally Holland and then asked why we're exasperated with live gray whale I don't for dinner I'd love that it was puppets. Does that really bailing out the get go because that's really closes they know to the front account owner doing your seasonal stuff in enemy might all I had an I would say is I. Yes I follow that. Yeah I'd I'm sorry to backtrack a little bit I'm unfamiliar with the song you were singing the songs and reverence. Yeah. All comments came in and I guess to people familiar with the song. Want to stab you in the face for the fort I was there right now well the first one says Ted. You son of old rich right and I know I knew it was a rumor makes you breeze on about the song this one says so my very salty you can guess Ted that's on results like a magnet. I think that's on the number ends along with you on the radio. Now did you get to my kids they can torment give the kid to school life and act you guys some endeavor and dumped 56 and took both of the ninety's protect that's all you just after my whole night like a penguin joke. It beat it out to the song whenever it has the same as the pain when I'm glad I'm unfamiliar revenues people are not pleased now you are resilient where please do again I among from a a round I've seen correctly or it's. The saw that nav whereas. Yes it goes on and on my friends. Are people sought it fit in and not knowing what it was and they'll continue singing in forever just because as this that saw him and there there there are used and no doubt about that and I. Now the and I imagine a little sock puppet like a lamp chop Sagan. Then you'd said that every limb jobs longer stuck in my head now the common to still come in all fairness this. Its own story is Robert and I were talking with what the show I'm glad you guys managed to pull that off today thank you so we were talking about judging of Jeanne armed and ready yet there's I mean do but it's not. Whenever we announced as bullish outlook. And towns in doing so as I was like opera house that they and that's all stuck in my head and we start seeing a lamb chop and and I figured I would infect everybody listens to the show well in the door closes on the study in your the other day if Michelle we'll wasn't I damn well want soon. Holes horrible those absolute I was so mad I'm like man I gotta get the song and and I can remember order whatnot which is good yet. For fear if I remember I'll let you know I know you bidders on the bench him. I learn memory and with central hard my global I was just so man I'm like are needed to leave march haired man. So funny anymore. Jimmy Kimmel has a lot of funny bits. I like jelly has people read I mean tweets this is the country music star at the chateau. And three radio stations in the same time. As you can imagine this is the worst MI. Hate them. One cat we love goes to the bathroom her name is Kathleen good. And drove Blake Shelton. On the highway overpass on his legs and watch you get obliterated about beer bill pulling it makes stupid fast. She girl appeared like blue. Don't earlier but it's. Ready Hauser has a six is voice but assumed day to lose. Over okay I could could grab and live music less live than here Janet and her on the radio I'm okay. I'm. They should just ignore what I think sucks so today and ignoring Chris Young new album. Florida Georgia line. Looks like he's played her song. He's gone started making. Later Adele is musical equivalent of getting kicked in the sack. Presented improves people can still win awards. Gloomy town sounds like they threw a bunch of cats and hey hey beat them around with a tennis racquet. I think it's stuff like that are easily. I think I'm sure there's mean tweets out that you got to look for a bit may and that is so harsh sometimes we can read ours in the day the way that you're you're getting killed. I'll be all like the song. Well it's not the people don't like the song just given only two songs and every time you mentioned saw the number ends mile wide screen to change the station I don't know somber she's mad. Necklaces are absurd. Just one Ted you at the eighth hole my kids and a bugging me to sing and I don't wanna go to the bad part of my life the most don't thanks effort. Wow well Seattle hourly over those were camp out. A move peculiar because the love song we continue to ask you Ted followed by hang yourself bad Coley asked. I was the first on the Jesus Christ the most now might work ever heard given my and we know we don't do mean tweets these are past comments that come in the only reason I'm on our show if that happens with a four hours a war on. It happened before we get on and it continues after the fact Aaliyah I knew we could do mean tweets every day for four hours of the need to. Thank you very Brazilian headline double oh my cock eleven minutes you are listening to the men's or radio network. We are Swiss miles. No you see what's happening in the real. I don't know McConnell of one point six million drugs after a grenade rolls off her nightstand and that explodes. Meanwhile a group of senior citizens look at millennial dating slang. Do try to decipher their coats. Texas the majority day's story of Amanda rescuing pouring kids from sporting goods store. A mail carrier shocked when a teenager holding his penis opens the door at Florida Marlins are three year old son at home fishing god dragging it down your headlines. It's time it's. There's might come. Iron shot story a man was conducting research on the shot those islands when he stumbled upon this site. This Saturday. I mean red footed booby being made in the fray by a coconut crab. Oh man I read the headline that is so like the crab hunted the merton surged even if so here's the thing once thought to actually be scavengers this is new evidence that the coconut crabs are actually predators. He's out of each other crustacean sneaking up on the sleep on the sleeping bird it was actually in its nest in the tree sleeping. Just ahead allows the crabs if climb trees are huge and he went over he grabbed it by the winning. And actually busted the things weighing the grip assault so hard in and a berth. Freaked out so much. But he broke the wing if telegram and then more more came in on this thing for the fact that slug you had the other day that way for the Brady and already needs a like if I'm that somebody had the crab and the bird got together and I'm going to be fantastic. Third meted Travis and money event there was red footed movie read I believe this is good background movement Afghan. Film in question port crabs and ripping him apart for years to meet them they knew who are hard man and with the crash you want to go on the grounds of the dumbest stuff knocking on the pop. What what are we have a nice movies and grabbed. And if you could sit and count me I don't around the world the obituary of a Texas man is making headlines because of its lighthearted nature. Saying quote his family refuses to honor his request to have been standing in the corner of the room of the glasses Dodgers fan and a cigar in his mouth and so that he would appear natural the visitors. That's the thing goes on to say that he was quotes killed when he rushed into a burning pet store to save illiterate during adorable kittens. Or maybe not we'll not only that I would like still stores. I like this got to do right by not asking how the bank. We're not here not there and soon everyone. Allowed back in Alabama man was shopping at his local Wal-Mart when he bent down to pick out a watermelon to buying. We'll pulling out of the box is what cut got caught in the palate and he hit the ground breaking his path. He filed a lawsuit against the company for damages which he has won it and will now be rewarded seven point five million dollars shall I look man that's the guy. The guy messed up to get a split coming up pal while trying to reach up grab water yeah yes it. You can't prevent every. Now find out how in the hell did I mean like I'm I'm I'm not the first person to come with a defense of Wal-Mart but how in the hell would. They have to pay him seven point five million dollars for an accident. That we could not have been prevent. Will you put up like fuel all around the ocean little brown we're getting a lot of things you can do to keep people doing dumb stuff but. My god man calm down that logic there miles I just seems a little bit excessive fitness and the next thing you're gonna want people to take responsibility for their actions. You know I mean I realize. Yeah I think that's I think it's important for the 2000. I don't know teenager in the in Indian river county has been arrested after he told a postal worker working her route. Drove his truck next to hers and began violently masturbating for her viewing displeasure but we're not supposed to do new nets it's not really recommended now. When asked why he was following the mail carrier he said that he did it because he quotes founder attract gifts. You know that's I get most women who masterminded the cringed at the corn mama. He's now a check of I think yeah it's that's very popular these I mean you should thank you foreign second BP. Kind of a big big. And a woman in Liverpool was gearing up for a night on the town when a bag that was filled with explosive fell off for Dresser and exploded. It was a great day for her and you have a grenade her. Now everybody was okay when authorities arrived on the scene investigated however the woman was arrested after authorities discovered the one point six million dollars in drugs that she had. That's why she had a grenade in his. I please I'm right duets grenades. They believe god dealers OK isn't as though we haven't put a deal goes wrong jedi just grab and pull the pin it's a black man yeah same place. If you're not seriously moving a lot of drugs why would you need a pretty I don't know why you and the other guy throws the grenade he's still wouldn't need ever get a grenade regardless said. Man look I'm to the bigger the drug dealer member Dulles. The more weapons relive that for a low level guy and switch blade Daniels there look there's open up an opera goes you like goddamn heads and realizing that my the citadel theatre except the random question quest in your guess is as good as mine and profile that yes indeed it is all true we've all about the little birds. But we shall return so until then please don't want to do best and poorly for six day.