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Wednesday, January 3rd


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Anybody until. Now he's wrong. Doesn't ask. And dawn show Willis gets US and entertainment news starts they just went viral yesterday on the price is right there's. A contestant named Kevin. Was playing in the game let him roll anybody and I'm not of today with prices dragged why I am and I I'd stride with judiciary had some senior. This is it you know it's not. I know he's been there when eleven years now. How he has obviously is doing a fine job but I just yank it couldn't get into him that's the problem relentlessly grew up was Bob Barker he's doing on the finite. Not. A fine job now he's. Yeah and they manually you gain they have I don't even know they still have lately you'll learn and the line. Saw the total there a few years ago let me that was a few years or so here's how we'll let. And roll game worse since the dice rolling game they've always had those things. And if you get a car. Yeah. It's all five of the roll the dice show the car symbol in other words the die. I hasn't Carl on on one side three sides of the dice. Have a car. Is and the other has a dollar amount and so you Merle let you win either way. And if you get around if you get this car on all five of them then you win the car that expands my yeah. So strongly to carve off by the world they show the Carson on his first role. Got four cars all alone. On his first four rolls right that's when he's. Do you roll cellular all my little 13 sides of the dice had a car. And the other three had dollar amounts also it's a six sided die I don't even know what's gonna hear a little listen I I don't know I was a one die you roll in succession so let's just need each time you're on day in day mark which one you got news is and I can sensory somebody knows how this game works calming because it here's the point you're right it's a greater assailant then really sick if they put it on the little bomb. They're here that said yeah okay so he got on the first time he got four cars. And then on the fifth die in its children a dollar and on 15100 dollars however this works. Three sides of the guys had a card says on the other three had dollar amounts so yes two more chances to roll the fifth die and get the car so basically. He's got fifteen honored by an ace and he's got he's he's he's he's got two more chances to win a call our viral on the night. Card doesn't come up the card doesn't come up the acetate one ever dollar amount is on the dice on the last rolled embryo or are I'm a hundred years. And rolls it. Though the worst he can get would be 500 bucks does some good yeah. And and there's a thousand and then there's 15100 artists 15100 in the bank so he's the most seat yes he's got yeah honored he'll lose it. Here's what's easier when a car. Gore's gonna win as little as five runner up shortly that's always a gamble rolled the dice roll it by the way the way this is written even though I totally screwed describing I was game works. He had already beaten the odds with four cars on the first role. Because there's only a six point 25% chance of that happening some crowd is going nuts yeah. And then he says no politics 15100. No luck and safe podium price is right formula house money and Iraq illegally. It's five dollars a worst case scenario it's 500 dollars more than you had when he walked in. Building drew Carrey I was trying to talk him out of mid may jury understood how the game Workman Kevin's mine was may not be confirmed I just want the 15100 dollars okay and any yellow. I. Boot him. And. I. Or find they all supposed to be fresh look so we'll be an. People say he was dumb ass and but a blog pointed out yesterday. That maybe he's does smarter than the average bear people who don't. And actually very expensive to win a car on a game show. For starters you have to pay sales tax on it and you have to take pay the sales tax before you take possession of it LG second takeaway this is with all dangerous they employ you when you have thirty days to do what is now. In all and because the game shows don't wanna be liable to the IRS they make you give them the money that you're gonna owe the IRS they actually given to the IRS and that's when you get your prize so let me and you may not actually get the car and one woman are they who won a car on the price is right says she had to pay 9000. And taxes holy cow. 120000 dollar car now she did sell it for 141800. Dollars or she netted six grand or not she also points out it was not hassle free and she would never do it again. Because the whole process of having to sell the car back Jane I what did you say to the CarMax. Mean and the issue is so long ago there was a carbon. It just fine swollen up from 1983. Bar days. Anyways this chair took over 15100 bucks Katrina 11100 dollars after taxes Obama and no car in the unit case. Surprise to fit current or. It's 2017. Don there's no safe haven and the prices right. The complaint is there. Bob. Congratulations. To Bob Saget. Who the agency member Bob Saget full house and and foul miles county until I heard Sarah. Yes and this little this will reinforce what Don just say he is a total terror because he's disgusting human being. Who at the age of 61. Is now engaged to his 38 year old girlfriend. I am the always turns. I think he needs to dribble because what they. They haven't I'm me. Thirty yeah I'm a sport exactly Canada by the way in my really consumer really bothers gone for 61 he says yeah. I'm there you know regional ball at you know there. The future releases sag in is Kelly Rizzo she's a travel blogger which is not a real thing. Well that is is that some made up jobs so that you can travel around the world and it's all tax the only rich amendment you can marry like yeah it also known as. Prostitution and Bob solar house costar he's saying this just guiding and Manny is so hot. John as you. He did he blows no good. Lose the Greek yogurt is a life. He's only 31 that's what ever so most beautiful idea and Bob Saget or on the sweeter and only 23 under aged. Though and good for you okay. All right let's get the kick out of the way early here when we talk entertainment you have to talk section around there and the Hollywood sexual harassment drama now has its first female antagonist. Mariah Carrey is being accused of sexually harassing a former bodyguard. Michael I know is the head of a security company it. That worked for more ire from June 2015 until this may. He says that Mariah was constantly insulting his team. Calling them Nazis I don't white supremacists. And kkk members because she quote wanted to be surrounded with black guy is not white people. How this again just the accusations she says we'll see when asked him and there was the sex stuff. Mister or no claims that Mariah Carey regularly engaged in quote sexual acts with herself that she insists that he view. I'll smoke. Mariah and you know yeah. Mold no no I don't look again I mean you know it did double standard saying it's it's it's easy to go down that road is now it on the list there's the good news she's not underage yeah. And that is an. If there are some zoos. That would be their journey that. Am right because they've always admired her leveraging she's hot but just little secondly I don't want anything to do that. It's very that would be sexual harassed the org do different strokes in a different strokes. I don't what is it looks like roast beef down my that's my thing that I. That Mariah Mariah can she yells a sheet I don't want now been. And sometimes by the way I'm in Rosemead and how. For me didn't formulated and one of them I was wondering when this was gonna happen because we and the sadly it's likely you would just saying it. Power as we said yeah and women are in power yes I've got does that appease them. Old woman and Howard Hollywood that he's made some young bull he sees things he didn't want to do wrong and I. Kathy Leeds school yeah allegedly worried we're gonna finger her as our first. Suspects and she's gonna like it it's gonna forefinger and that would be sad she's such a great actress go Jay yeah I know why I want to. String mom now she is a critical. Will that play and I'm thinking of former America's sweethearts like a Meg Ryan how now Iraq under robber. Recent winners the well why not say there. All fall. Back. Especially there was video. Because this same rowdy Roddy guard. I'll also says. The during a trip to Mexico Mariah Carey called into her room to move some luggage that's typical diva Mariah totally Bible must be moved in my luggage that's why I have bodyguards. And she refused to let him leave until you move your luggage these sexual harassment issue is. There at the time she was alone in the room wearing a see through negligent that was also open. Hello. I don't know where are you a wrong no no probably why he went to work for her Pastor Wright he wasn't wanted is a bodyguard for god sakes. Corey Feldman has talked for years about how he Horry team were abused woman or child actors and I want glory days. Alleged computer abusers has been touted and it is allegedly Charlie Sheen I'm by winning. Oh appropriate right now Charlie Malone a former actor named Dominique. Last the F says that Charlie had sex with glory came when they are making the 1986 movie Lucas. At the time Charlie was nineteen Corey Payne was thirteen ball. According to this brass yet they smoked pot you had sex and then after that happened Charlie Sheen turned cold. And when Corey wonderful round again as a thirteen year old Charlie rejected him. Hard there are claims that various media outlets are spoken dozens of people who corroborated the story. Many others also say Charlie was constantly targeting female extras who were under age. Yeah it's. Even more sad I don't know I don't know does the right words. Yeah I kid actor isn't Corey Feldman right. Anyone that was is claiming being molested by Charlie Sheen and Corey Feldman the other Corey goes so it's good. Telling people for years and no really tell them that serious so yeah I can you know him as dead. What a home team now he's not Dan Lancaster and the red L that's why this woman's. The ones now the exact times dead now Philbin Zorn was just on doctor Oz right now he's actually got a movie deal than against Condit he's gonna how does entire error. Rain. Files apparent. Hollywood I didn't see what I read was that doctor Oz kind of challenged him on wall why haven't you. Mean he's been busy in the whole point of him going on doctor Oz was the name names and he didn't. And he hadn't even called the LA PDF and in your way at whatever came of that nothing there really a he's still waiting on this funding for this movie he wants to make. My theory calls the authority right and that I guess he has already put in some sort of I investigation call within the LAPD. If they can act on and tell you actually names names but. I I don't blame him for trying to get something from place to make a buck. DE Emmy in you know no one listened to him for years and he was basically and his crew went nowhere bright and it's like. Is it I want to believe him that everything that occurred in the tossing around of these kind of files they destroy this child's head right I mean it's like if he can make a buck off this. He's got to wait until he knows he's got the funding so he can get that funding to make the movie I you don't want Paris tour. I wonder to end I don't know for Melissa Reid tells a story about why did in his career go anywhere is because they were so damaged by what was done to him or is it because he wouldn't continue to participate in this program. Behavior when. We're learning is an avalanche. In Hollywood small everywhere but we're just learning about a from the Hollywood section one more wanna get on this because it doesn't seem. Two matter no matter how many stories we get no matter what the circumstances are I know that the the downs. The hot phrase now is victim shaming. I've always called victim blaming that now shame as the big worry here it goes all the way back. Then the next decades all well hot chicks were enemies dirty get what she deserves it yourself out there that's why you raise is idiotic or. It's stupid and told a misunderstanding things the more we hear specifics about various stories the more we don't we will occasionally see either online or on TV here in our own email. People right away want to blame. The victim. With a variety of questions that they think or ballot which kind of overlook the very behavior yesterday we had a report on I believe it's now the thirteenth person maybe toward the twelfth. Only. Who is claiming that Kevin Spacey assaulted them this was the mother. Ed that the time an eighteen year old who was. That in a bar sitting at the bar. And Kevin Spacey reached over and remember put his hand on his Joan Kenney an honest answer right now that's soaring yen and the only reason he quote got away was because a woman was like noticing he was uncomfortable loans and are you okay he said no. Eighteen year old gets up and runs away. She didn't press conference the yesterday morning. In tears trying to describe the whole thing what happens in this happened that you just last year. And so it's been turned or of the district attorney I think in New York order because there's no statute of limitation issues there. Com and we got right. Right at the end of yesterday's show this email from Benjamin hey Benjamin. I just a thought on the new Kevin Spacey thing with the eighteen year old first of all. What's an eighteen year old kid doing and Mo are our people. This Sony it. Do any person but you're right I know where your own personal what are the doing really its second of all real late. I did you set for people that aren't I don't know either gotten to show certain IEU works for them are you didn't. You can easily get a bar at eighteen does that and what it wasn't invited if your mind let's just if you're invited by somebody who is powerful. And it actually hit then they'll pitching in when I. I don't even know that was the story I don't remember but hey here and need to add an. Eighteen year old Amy barge. It's not a hard thing to do you remember we can get a ton of details here. What events like at TGI Friday's bright yeah. Worry we're here he's sitting at the bar and maybe he shouldn't be but maybe nobody's bothering him he's not dream team regardless of whether he's and a nightclub. Strip club or ever and doesn't give Kevin Spacey in their right to put his hand down his yeah. That's why so where Ro yeah it is it is Sosa proxy how many people have. That right throughout this process. Where why weren't. UNAIDS and means of oh my gosh maybe they're injured girl and then. Under stick then you write second offer. Kevin Spacey immersed Kazan and my friends I just punch him in the face of I can wait for someone to come by and ask me if I'm okay give me permission Iran want a war us referring to the victim play. Elaborate not punishing me. It's so easy since Monday Morning Quarterback as easy as they say and do you say you can. You can't know how you're gonna react unless you're put in that position and if it's somebody in power like a Kevin Spacey you're just a punk little eighteen year old kid. How did you. I would freezing. Yeah here's the deal brotherly yield. If at eighteen you would have done that I'm not good days and you know did praise you for that. What I'm gonna be upsetting to you about is that you come down on the victims are. On dawn a bad choice. OK that's enough for me hello there shock jock rigid good morning. Morning all my parent of the globe were finally. And back I want it to my lawyer ahead. I didn't. He had that what I read and Corey Feldman movie you trying to refute. Will be and how tall as you know it all the pet Ilia all the data files in Hollywood at one. That's if that's true and he has he has proof flight you're beautiful proved good. But that we have to poll not good that it exists but you have to pull back to Gergen John bagel spotlight. Did you even themselves safe that's true I mean well seriously do you hello there I greet us Darrel good morning. Guy Andre Norton inside Darrell. K I want to talk about that Corey Feldman thinks do I read I had not read but I watched the interview with Matt how are all and a backlit. You know how far the whole Michael Jackson saying. Where is insistent about Michael Jackson not being one of the one he gave them let out are completely dismissed them yeah. And you know Michael Jackson would ignore moderated. And that he you know instilled in twenty everything Cory go when it still will show me crucial we've proved birdie people. He's the worst person of this sicker machete why have you come forward it's early that this worst persons resell. No doubt done the people you are interviewing them like Don are pretty. Our allies I think he's our he's the most victimized by the all right doctor Oz Matt Lauer and isn't trying to speak out for years and just get shut down and well I lie I. I thought I don't I don't think you know all the back store with Corey Feldman. If he if he is constantly speaking out and he's not been he's like alluding to and he's not willing to give out names and stuff I mean as a journalist you have to be a little bit skeptical. And again wouldn't be awful as the story came out that actually turns out he's been lying the whole time I. Government and so let me look I don't know historic McLean the story and I haven't seen. The lauer browsing music on the read about them they have a right to ask okay Corey are you turn around your your claiming harassment why haven't you. Being victims why are you speaking now without naming victims and I again and this is all without seeing anything. Here is sad thing is we always thought that the reason these child actors turned out so bad is because. They started limited a fast life he's young I'm sure drugs money you know I mean great inning giving on the Jackson's as a kid to an adult life. And being treated like Nadal basically I'm sure obviously there's some of that that happened but I think there's a lot more. Going on and that happened to them you know sexually that they didn't want to have happen is the reason is as so many of them turned out so screwed up. Not only were they given act. Access to Lamar adult lifestyle and party lifestyle but they were probably treated like Mike probably prostitutes and exits further monetary gain those this isn't our dad you know I was who I wanna hear from one of us. You don't wanna have people coming out like oh wasn't blossom who could who who wrote the article and she was immediately pilloried for saying. Com I didn't experience this because they shoot us an offer reasons. Come back but I would like to hear from other people like Fred Savage and and Daniel Patrick Harris. Did they go through this and if they didn't call it call why do they think they didn't or won't. Was the last Macaulay Culkin I would think maybe did because MS and. So difficult is yeah maybe he just was a drug though may total as does that. That's been vacant kind of how willingly just have to talk out of our moms it's like I think that's Georgia very waterfalls and she just got caught up in the party in new. You write their issues and I feel she's turned out fine hello yes he can so we can totally tell that. Alex you. And very. I just wanted to say that that if someone is actually an victimized twice here no. When it happened here who it's gonna become permanent menu you're usually in a situation we have no idea that this didn't happen and massage therapist Diana client actually late grab my hand. Well I was working on them and me and I didn't realize what they've been doing what they had Dan knew that. They were. Making themselves happy with their other hand. I say earlier and it enabled version and I didn't realize they themselves. They like grabbed my hand and tried to move eight and sign any other time it was really an instructor who. I was on the table I didn't have any issues. Back when arrogance. School for posterity. I didn't have any they'd like cover myself really think they're like brushing up against me. And they clearly something I did you are there undermanned under other people and she they were doing in no way did I couldn't say no blatantly. They're intentionally doing mandate. Yeah the end and that's a great that's a great point that takes it away from Hollywood factor and everything else back to the the idiot that wrote in. Oh well Kevin's vision and Amman prayer and barred content you don't know badly you're surrounded by a bunch of people and maybe of the where have all the thanks. I just cold cock him and then they put his hands on my county and he's demonstrate that you know I did yeah. It doesn't take some analysts of the victims and that doesn't touch them there's still a victims people respond only how they're capable of another thing is when it happens like this colors are saying immune. Expecting things to happen if this kid was. Friends with Kevin Spacey year you know I he had this Big Brother type of her relationship with him and that happened to you going to shock. You're like oh my gosh what is happening. I imagine Brandon you and I are sitting at a bar together and I mean we've been working together for and ten years eleven years. We're friends plus I'm yours appeared suddenly my hand goes down your hands I mean there's going to be a shock element and hello we have all for sure after that I assume are danger going to be rather turn off. I.