Changing Diapers on a Plane (Best of)

Wednesday, January 3rd


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A sushi descending node I during the commercial break said so a passenger in first class that's my girlfriend flies on her own dime you scum bags. The fact a passenger in first class is changing her baby in her seat still. Al Gore well I mean that right there around like a my orders it kind of makes you go he rarely right there in her inner city ball. But the flight attendant tells her very politely that there isn't changing table in the bathroom and the bitch gets completely defensive what they're I don't feel like it really is it was a changing tables. You can save it you know there's a rooms in some. Yeah it was a Sosa mall in the back room there is a change in the flight attendants engines used in hand you know there isn't funny and at that point is we don't realize about point oh okay. Had no idea this bitch doesn't she just keeps changing the baby right there. So I'm sorry that's the last thing you wanna smell include. There's other games out of being in first class it's about being employees for God's sakes let them. Who put it all it's not Pope. This is so no I disgusting and I'm so this is if you can smell and it's bothering me then it's nuts and. I'll let you guys complain honestly I have never tell you can't let these things I don't even bother me at all whatsoever and I understand. I live in society where it does. And I mean if more people are bothered then not and I understand you guys win I just it doesn't bother me where somebody said it. The stories that bother me you've read about they put the baby are. On the table in the restaurant strong. Like ran the table they're changing a light that signing off. Food on the tray table in front of me and had my drink here this is history saying I'm aiming at a restaurant. Her body this is just not gonna bother me it's it is not it's like everything else just because you can do something doesn't mean you should totally there is if they're all our facilities available and they are all our. Why is it okay that everyone else has to deal with what. Every school kids I don't know OK it's not cool woman wily enough to go to the bathroom Algiers wiggled out and just do number one there any idol or you're gonna die yeah here. Turn it may be just as you see you back the babies you know. Hey not going on anything we went on their diaper and then your ex yeah changing that out there didn't go to the bathroom on anything and balance in their diapers in my nose did that mean I remember how. He embodies bird and somebody's arm to. Hold somebody Cologne. And somebody's hair study like this is somebody's are usually just how many melody that didn't show how do you think smell all how many of those you just mentioned that you stick on a re circulated air. Feeling as. Only those who smell how many of those without your cycles of Madison and no scientific. He'll be the only bad those stories of the people who are so nice they change their diaper on the airplane in the what do they do the dirty diaper which does a boot Bennett. See that's discussed yeah. Hey discussed that's not easy Mozy everyone in your eyes aren't like a little. I really am and it's a hole played once the woman to change your baby in the bat in the then and that's in the and that's who she does not a majority rules saying this is a. All too aware of the so these are provided that we don't it is pure. How old ladies and gentlemen this we've got out when got a baby on board. Wanted to take. Call vote as to whether or not they can change a diaper right here in the quiet all of them my neighbors say I'll. Hi all those can say now the I haven't cat woman. That's okay. I. OK I do yeah I think it's a number two guys hurt and there is no that and to means he done in the changing taper table in the bathroom whatever and not honestly if my eight kids did you had a number one diaper. I can probably change that thing quicker. I just hope we you know I mean when you aren't and haven't. Could change enough diapers either brilliant and it fits system and number one diaper I can change back at the baby back in London you know clean diaper very quickly. But. Loading up everything in taking into them and to the bathroom printed the changing table. Heard a baby they just one number one I don't see the big deal of just doing an act. That's the table well apparently this woman wasn't quick enough since the flight attendant had time to come over and former that there is a changing table which is the nice way of saying get your ass into the bathroom crying and then what does the woman do GSA cop an attitude you know old. When I don't truly I don't have a musician and and it's not known she shouldn't change the diaper in the first place. Right in the middle America I think this bathroom. Or it you're all right you don't just wondering how worse it is as good as you could barely move Edwards tells the shaky day this is what I don't. Yeah and I Anderson. And the rigors of the best of my ability I shouldn't say I understand I understand the rigors of being a parent trap on the show and all that's very just gone and I'm never really know about and I hope. What I don't understand is the mindset and ever think I in and demand the rays get everyone but I don't understand the mindset of ever doing this in public. I I wouldn't need and others changing table you're going to use the employment is changing table here that you can stand there may be on the table and change I don't I. There's like Italy your baby honestly my political I. Easier now or not gonna you're. He volatile and inevitably your baby not a toilet oh you are changing pattern or something you aren't I mean why is it when I'm not going to do is I'm not going to change my baby in public. He's the difference is you aren't buying aren't. And their Pasadena green. Society and I only agreeing that used to be you know you do any air yes solo or I'm not only did well. Yes I'm inexperience. On a plane and then and I had to think I have seen need to change our and the ball. And direction but they didn't provide any change in cable I had that. Well you are on the toilet she is trying to what they're screaming and it it Campbell we actually ended up pregnant complaint. An airline after the I'm not providing the proper legal doesn't mean that a change. Down on the sea legs it's NG. I can't compete on the late every now and then in the library and a pair of all. You know what. Good for real that you found a way tonight inconvenienced the rest of the plane and then and then you did the right thing as a good consumer you wrote the airlines say hey. We should have changed dual core war first world there would pay a lot of these you should provide change and what is their responses only so next time just changed right there on your C. I really doubt. That would be the airline's response if it was then I would break the airline yeah. And then I am much more frequent flier miles to listen to it who won an Apple MacBook. Hello David good morning. So. Much they look good food I remember earlier you're talking about. You could cook where do you water without barbecuing be heard. Would you right why would you even if it affected your neighbors. Both proceedings this good news will really affect anybody coach. It's her right so that your desire there I'd say the way it's. Oh my god oh my god holds your Kimberly Thomas is now. Huge cost even now the target with. Do not. Troll and he Kristen is not a series got involved these are quite is always ready breath deep breath deep breath. So do we. A few weeks ago we are disgusting and food. Okay. Oh on your private property. Your homes and we use a random example wasn't the real story with a random example hypothetically made up was. Let's pretend people hopeful hopeful. That it I have an asthmatic. Young girl living that's me a seven year old asthmatic. Every time I barbecue. The smoke bothers her and from the neighbor comes over whether he's nice about it or not he says amen Vietnam barbecue. And of course my response is go to hell breaks and to try to trust my private property and I'm not doing anything illegal cash are you finding. Obama we're talking about your surprise about and it's hurt it's it's you ultimately. Your jobs. It was very sad when we have. My heart and started yet. But when we we have difficulties thrown at us and life and an as a child as I've mentioned many times I grew up with. Horrible allergies or almost died a few times I couldn't breathe. My parents didn't go around and asked all the neighbors to remove their lawns which is one of the things that I was allergic to win a neighbor with an olive tree I was second most solution that family first. Yeah I was and the third most learn things we didn't test they got shots twice a week every week for ten years. I'm dust we didn't go to the city and demand that they remove all dust. So oh while we talked through the asthmatic example you know and end. No wind so well you know what would it be reasonable for each and then have to inform him every time I was going to barbecue cancer source is now. Com but some people would be willing to seeing you can't do that good at your private property so you don't want to be a good neighbor I'm not gonna barbecue or an analyst you don't. But see that's your home that's protected under the constitution in the Fourth Amendment of the United States constitution. David the caller. Are cleaning. Then this woman has every right. To change her baby. In the middle of an airplane I remember flying is a privilege and number one yep. There are health concerns here without knowing the full details of what this woman Davidson number one diaper or maybe just root. People's opinion it's number 20 he is a health concern. It's a massive health concern is she is exposing. The airplane to fecal matter which goes into the re circulated air and she has no right to do any I don't even think you should be. He met up the whole health saying that it because. That it happened taking all the absurd. You miss the employee to. Private property your own home. That is not your private property when you're on an airplane you shouldn't build the difference is of where you have your rights and where you don't that's the basic minimum of saying of his phone call this early help sell always wanted to mention health throw which I. I know I don't let certain the health part of it. You need to know peace saying you're here that you literally made an example of something that you can't even compare. The plane isn't yours exceeds isn't she or even though you bought it that's right it's not yours and that house even if you're renting it that is your property that's where you live. Is that you have rights this is out of the late you don't have righty didn't you know here's a here's and I can just hear people who think this is true these these are the same people who believe if they're let's use the exact same example I bought a seat on an airplane. If I wanna say whatever I wanna say I can because it's my First Amendment right guy at all. We held your First Amendment right does not apply to use sitting in an airline seat on an airplane. The airplane accompany the are mine is on the controls everything happen. Happens on that plane which is why you can't say Allah Akbar and not get arrested and thrown down and duct tape because you don't have any first amendment rights on an airplane that's right. God we're so stupid yeah. Hello there is that Billy. Oh you're done okay I must have made my point because she wanted to argue refrain from. Why does it cost you wanna say the woman paid for the seat just like he paid for his how's college has the right there. Are we now. Are we think that. It's now aren't they yes are there. No I disagree with act Salinas who my comp hey all the rules the regulations. And. Holy crap. Hole bill market morning. Yeah so hey good morning anybody. Wondering I'm just wondering if it does everything right unique is that. Vs the people get on the plane. That. I hate can kind of overflowed their seats or better eating a bunch of staff or even worse yet if it's same sectors. People come on the plain steak dinner and what are you about the million things circulated here are supported in a confined space just curious why the Nikkei. Bull because that was the example that was given and some of the examples you brought up to me fall under the same heading up. Rudeness slash health concerns if you get on the plane knowing. That you are contagious Lee sick. You're disgusting human any means to get there's if there's an. Anyway that they could somehow tell that into you off the plane I wish they would that's a lot harder to tell you see somebody changing in a baby's diaper sure these are bent again if it's if there's fecal matter being put on the air this is disgusting it's rude and there are health concerns so when bad example that's one thing now. People bringing on. Food the smells what happens all the time Regis yeah that's part B and I need you gotta get older than you do that. In Melbourne home. And people I think until the sort of form Italy seems to be. Only connect in San Diego to make sure we don't do anymore not because of it but because of their old she is a thing as just. Ridiculous reacted Entergy is a and you know what terminally flying into connect. But it did these people have just exercised. Honey just. They're still sweaty. You know what happens once the sweat and he didn't start smelling. Is like I did I know you're addicted to exercise but did you really. How soon those Florio flying its gross why is that Mason. Now old and what I don't know I don't appreciate is good. Big east. If you if you have the pain and Brandon Knight deal about the baby diaper. Don't use the baby as an excuse this is all brood. If there are facilities available to anyone complains sweaty and disgusting. And sinking sits just grows and so is changing a diaper if you have other options he's considering yeah. How did you have to see this in years saying there's other options that's gross that's rooted. But with somebody eating a tuna fish sandwich then just deal with somebody else to eating it and what if I want to let that Lincoln. Horribly vs me on is making me gag. Don't I can't I asked them to put their food away for sure and they can tell you to go to hell might just like the ladies and this is getting indignant about the baby guy. You know I think someone saying. Blitzer hate because this is my girl man here and I think what some would say is a to your eyes. Well they don't have anywhere else to either to the fares so donor man to deal with it but maybe they have somewhere to changes and a board if we're comparing apples to apples if again as we don't know want to ask Christina when I like your doctor if this is a fecal diaper. That's a legitimate health concern if you for everyone if you have a problem with the smell of tuna fish that's your problem you're immature allergic to a million into the peanut allergies. For example if you don't see it anyway because I plan on their candidate in the unit is this could mean this is a millionaire today but what. I thought she said Dina house yeah that's yeah I don't Wear your mind did well IE I heard a pin look hello and good morning. Oh you're gonna guess yeah. I hope I actually. Pretty pretty recent experience so Obama how. Why did you sixteen power plays are older and yeah. Man. About three rows back from a fairway that had a baby. Thanks earned throughout the flight they must change the diaper hey. I worry turn your date ever every time. Aren't there was a fecal diaper and came close by how are you most unpleasant experience I have ever had on why it. I like that it's horrible and they would you act okay. My only difference is if it was a number one I paradigm on payments and then the fecal they've heard it's burned into our city kid or what ever. We're just saying he's saying is don't particularly in bothers that we can say hello bothers you look. Come on what you thank you you've ever seen wide viewing times and assets and our ice not only that you do and I'm trying to eat or sleep and all of her many of the smell a horse and cow manure and you can and that's straight you can sleep in for a week Erica yeah I don't wanna spill my kids do do they. I would take it you. The bathroom as well as. Mean in a number one divert isn't that big even deals big changes in the air yet you do understand that at least right rob I still number one is like them. How to deal is not a health hazard I still think it's disgusting and crude and I wouldn't do it alone there Rick and al-Qaeda by hiring hades don't. Don Imus is an amateur those people pizza. This year. I just want it to have a baby to have you once go oh my god now I see I just gonna change the number one right eye is accurate and up to this effort here's the one reason I might have children despite. Just to show you could not all must turn into a great human being who wants to pop one out there that we say no harm if Fort Worth larceny and we're not doing that here. I'll take it into the bathroom disaster this guy did you know you turn it into different human beings. It's just you now data and understand. Why now certain things are done away that you never thought you would do it yeah yeah I'd like Sensabaugh. I'm you know what I don't frightening Christine and tell police when I see. Maybe this might be a tell all stories about how I don't inconvenient designed. He's on show for robbery and.