A Bio??!!?? Where the heck do I start! Well, lets just roll with it and hopefully all will be answered! I was born January 17, 1970 at Kaiser Hospital in Fontana, Ca. However my family and I lived in San Bernadino, Ca. Life started out normal, mom was a housewife and my dad worked his booty off to... Read More


Ian's moral compass doesn't exactly point. He can be found on any dating website that exists or any bar with an open sign on. He’s not afraid of a challenge or making a fool out of himself. He also doesn't handle money very responsibly either, preferring to spend it on alcohol and rides home... Read More


My name is Leeanne, I am a Bay Area transplant (grew up in Dublin, about 2 miles away from Rob.....) who started radio in Hayward, CA playing punk and ska, and did some overnights (and other shifts no one else would do) in San Francisco. Quick and to the point, I am one of those few people who... Read More

Mike Hawk

Mike Hawk is with you everywhere that you go and everywhere that you will be. He pops up at some of the most inopportune moments and sometimes doesn't seem to show up when he supposed to. But in the end, you know him, you love him and you can't live without him. He enjoys football, the UFC, and... Read More


Hi. I’m Mikey. I do That Damn Show with 2 other dudes and a chick. I make all the weird crap you hear in between the songs too. My voice is probably the most heard voice in Sacramento and you don’t even realize it. My free time is split up between trying to be the best father I can be and going to... Read More

Miles Montgomery

Miles Montgomery came into this world after a night of heated passion between our own Ted Smith and Mike Hawk. Some say Thrill is the real father although it has never been proven and everyone involved refuses to take a paternity test. Interests include family, running, and playing. He also once... Read More

Pat Martin

Pat grew up in Lynwood down in Southern California (it's right next to Compton and Watts). As a kid, Pat had 7 bicycles stolen...6 of those with Pat ON the bike! Pat would've been the most famous person from Lynwood High were it not for "Wierd Al" Yankovic. As a child, Pat appeared on a famous... Read More

Producer Brandon

Born in Sacramento, and raised in Georgetown, CA. A very modest town nestled in the foothills of Northern California. When I was young, around 6th grade, my mother took me to see my very first live radio event. It was the RAD show! Back when they tried and did live appearances. This particular... Read More


All great stories start in the beginning, which for me, would be September 17, 1971. I had two older sisters, 10 and 11, and my parents were actually married. Though they eventually divorced, I was blessed with an actual working family unit most of my childhood years. And, I was damn cute. My... Read More

Robin Fox

Robin Fox serves as The Mens Room consult for Dirty German Talk, translator and innovator. Hailing from the land of sausage and beer, she also serves as the show's hop shepherd and pub mustard apothecary. Interests and curiosities include sharks, puppy delivery and people that say "supposably"... Read More

Steve The Thrill Hill

Steve "The Thrill" Hill got his start in radio, coincidentally, right around the same time that he started in radio. His motivation revolved around the idea that he could yell at so many MORE people via radio than he could sitting at a bar. He was right... but that hasn't prevented him from yelling... Read More


Stroke Mastro is a veteran and award winning radio personality. He began his career in 2004 in Florida where he remained until his start on 98 Rock. Many people think "Stroke" is some made up radio name. It's his legal name. He's won many bets proving it. He's also got one insane story to explain... Read More

Thee Ted Smith

Thee Ted Smith is originally from the Washington DC area and has lived in the PNW for over ten years now. Ted enjoys college football and soccer as his main passions but has never met a beer he was afraid of either. Making jokes and being Head Chef of the Men's Room are his specialties. Read More