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My name is Leeanne, I am a Bay Area transplant (grew up in Dublin, about 2 miles away from Rob.....) who started radio in Hayward, CA playing punk and ska, and did some overnights (and other shifts no one else would do) in San Francisco.


Quick and to the point, I am one of those few people who actually mean it when they say they listen to everything. I had 3 older sisters and an older brother who shoved everything down my throat from ABBA and Fleetwood Mac, to RUSH, Styx, and Slayer. In fact one of my first memories is my older brother turning off the Muppet Show, which I was watching, to play RUSH's 2112 on the family stereo. Well after that...... I was a RUSH fan at 5.


I have been wearing jeans and concert shirts since I was about 10, and it would take a 7 figure salary to get me to change. I think that’s why I am in radio. When I am not doing fun stuff at 98 Rock, you can find me drinking heavily and spinning punk and metal wherever they will let me or wherever they will pay me (what can I say, I am a "DJ whore") or just drinking heavily at a show somewhere, anywhere....