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Pat grew up in Lynwood down in Southern California (it's right next to Compton and Watts). As a kid, Pat had 7 bicycles stolen...6 of those with Pat ON the bike! Pat would've been the most famous person from Lynwood High were it not for "Wierd Al" Yankovic.


As a child, Pat appeared on a famous television program, "Art Linkletter’s House Party". It was the segment known as "Kids Say The Darndest Things". (Ironically, Art Linkletter went to San Diego State and was the first ever Program Director of radio station KGB in San Diego. Pat also went to San Diego State and worked at KGB for 10 years.)


Pat's family moved to Orange County where Pat spent his junior and senior years at Magnolia High School in Anaheim, right down the street from Disneyland. Pat then attended Cypress College before transferring to San Diego State (see bio above). (Special thanks to some of my college radio mentors: Dave Luce, Barry Wellman, Keith Royer, Mike Berger, John Mazur, Kim Wilson...thank you all!!!)


Pat's professional radio idols and mentors were Jim Ladd on KMET and KLOS in Los Angeles, Bob Coburn of KMET and Rockline, and Jim McInnes of KGB-FM in San Diego, where Pat also worked. After an outing of drinking one evening, Jim (McInnes) had to cover for an incapacitated Pat by doing a dead-on imitation of him on the air for a couple of hours...and Pat's show never sounded so good!


In 1985, Pat was sent to London England to cover LIVE AID. After interviewing David Bowie and Bob Geldof, Pat sat in the media section to watch the show. Sitting next to him was Jim Henson, creator of The Muppets. The two became friends and stayed in touch with each other until Mr. Henson's death in 1990.


Pat has also interviewed countless rock stars, bands, and celebrities, including Robert Plant, Tom Petty, Pete Townshend, Father Guido Sarducci, Eddie Van Halen, Angus Young, Ozzy Osbourne, and too many others to name. Pat has sung background vocals on stage for Cheap Trick, REO Speedwagon, and Ozzy Osbourne.


Pat has been to well over a thousand concerts in his life, which probably explains his moderate hearing loss. Two of his favorite all time shows are the Rolling Stones at the Forum in Los Angeles and Tool at the Sleep Train Amphitheater.


Pat's band, Animal House, was the first outside band since Johnny Cash in the late 60's to perform inside Folsom Prison.


Pat's personal CD collection is at about six thousand and counting.

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