03-20-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Goes Back In Time

Tuesday, March 20th

Emails, Ryan Castle is in to Sit & Spin with the Top 10 Songs This Week! 30 Years Ago! Plus Ask the Mens Room and the Shot of the Day!


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to. Was grilled by. Our broadcast the drug charge John has since been moved back thirty years in the top ten songs and the US in May and the return of Assam and your right before we drink a toast with a shot of the day our question. What is your infamous duke story as we last left Trevor there sitting around a table the group of friends and you say you have one friend who is say a notorious Schuker. Yeah he usually gets way more MacBook and everyone else. Level in wealth is this. You know the furor. Overall it's kinda sitting there and there. Her broker owns when he gets blessed though he gets super competitive. And so he wanted to play rock paper scissors and made it all the way around lineman who needs super rightly and that he's just an agro. Guess he got beat. Dealt by the person at the table and so all I think it like stickers at another. We were all just turn on the new one just call them every name in the book you know it is kind there. Do kind of mental with them and put their heads down and at first we thought he was just like super unhurt. And then as soon as he looks up. He goes to turn in this undated be. Peaking until he looked for 180. And we basically just watch it looked like fire hose that could walk he did a full 180 the deck down Obama the whole way around. And just start hurling in the budget and there was immediate good second cards from like. When he first started keeping their it may be a good second part of almost you know we brought to dump it on and then when you start keeping a we all. You've got a shock possibly be 12. And then just continue to sort dumped them on a quality seafood there the bushes you can rule all built this crap. And all do you still buy this guy over your house Trevor. I'm not mine are obvious and I don't I don't know I think I did they got out and I wanted to thumb wrestle real fundamentally out of thumb wrestling sanitation. Yeah and I can't really how many still if we don't like so there's a yeah I would invite that guy over to mark the announcement borrowing goes that way he'll hang out with them but not at his. Will tell what is your infamous duke story 844999. Alone that is fair. The guys got out of the group was not invited to my days can be in my home then compute. Those Steve welcome to the men's room. All gentlemen. So anyways as early like drinking career but sixteen you know Israel Friday night in the the wilds of Puyallup the more playing quarters. At some point during the night someone made a Burger King run. Case side I got me a whopper onion rings and a strawberry shake. So little a later that we eat their food my buddies are kind of told it can rewrite home. And I have played in the drive on my to pull over. I got puke is like no just just pulled out the window I'm like to welcome don't just pull over I'll just hold on the windows so finally I said OK there's Americans who are all on the window. In my head out the window and do my business and I don't think much that is being held it until the next morning I go over there. He's mad at me because there's all kinds of pink cubes to slide down the side of his pickup truck. Thousands strawberry shake America and I know. I hate and I'm just like 2000 begging you to pull over. It down. Oh really tenants all play inside the drug does driving Q1 01 like man. It's really incredible window just accept the similar spew is going to be on the Saudi Iraq and in. Yeah because no one that experience and how far you need to lean out of the car tonight did it and stuff. And then the other time was the first time I ever did magic mushrooms. Again has about sixteen or seventeen and we picked him. And we've all that maybe in some water but we didn't play over the water it was just water with these glee recap. Mushrooms things. It was really gross looking like there's this line that forms on the top. And I want to scrape that off like get rid of that of my guy who knew I was due to don't know you've got to drink that that's that's what it's you know messed up. Like racquet in about twenty minutes later I was like oh all all that's what's more electable is coming right back god. Is and so I ran into bat in my throat I was only wanted to know. Grew about five or six of those who brought so I thought great now everyone else is gonna have fun and trip and I'm not because I threw it all up. But I know about thirty minutes later the walls dirt to breezed. You can well I I thought maybe. Walls started hurting really glad that I several favorite. Cities and it's for the her the company should have malt liquor imagine Russia it's bad that is not a combo I've tried have you don't ever give her feel regret about like he needs and really throw the whopper and Fries and Lincoln you know when your drunk and he is really wants on the good and someone makes that run and finally comes back he's so excited the sucks. In I think there's been a couple times I can't remember it's probably been about 45 months but I threw up and wanna say I want to dinner. And I domestic Bob that I spend like a 110 dollars a day like I got a stake. And right oysters I got off I mean I hooked it up that night and I just remember brows drawn ovals thing doesn't like. All eyes are on our. Our economy to a chaotic it could have been chef boy RD. It could have been anything an enemy like Elise now like it it doesn't really matter once it goes past. Ask them out anyway because I don't tell us you've already cashed in your money don't you think it would surely keep it and you usually have no yeah I know you bit. But you're right it's weird in the stupidest guy so it's not want to keep it regularly keep it like a message like cannot connect to it tasted again in even if you throw up gave him a taste of again. Second it taste it lost different but you just feel like you rip yourself off the I don't know what it is meant more money you spend on them the more likely you are to get sick think about it if you go to McDonald's drive and systematic. Go to Wendy's. It is government. If you go to TGI Friday's that cement this goes to a restaurant it's going to cost you money you are their for an occasion because this is not something typically affordable to the and you looked on the menu and it's all these potentially delicious things prepared to ways that you never eat it end when doing the bottom of the menu. It tells you your odds basically giving food borne. Right to know that answer it why don't the only menus review ordered him that money and you have such a good chance of getting sick awful Howard as they choose to prepare food like. They milieu of fraud it is on the manually hey man this contain some or all of this summer as nervous about that and the you know I don't quite say there is a good chance you're gonna get so most of the stuff I want but there's a good enough chance that the good that are ordered to but it's just like looked at by go to McDonald's spent three bucks I'm going to be fine. Does not tell you we knew what they have to point out like the way ma'am Edwards talent and now. An observer in the draw they don't do it you know you go to sushi restaurant generally pay ma'am. You know you're you're gonna give us money we might get to say can return to like oysters hustle want to and don't think anyone that. Always you know though man you know you know I think you know what you don't I've never you've just level it's at always do that state ideas I bet it's that kind of night you don't which. Celebrated something amounts like. Oh now. Old Noelle and I have food poisoning I'm sweating profusely and I spent more money tonight I'm about to pure golf all of this money but I just put general manager of the democratic analyst. Do you would know I think you read an iPad bag that the CJ man and about kill me one I mean I'd again whenever you can't ask could be did battle for about anything right now but you can drop fifteen bucks sounds of each day and then go puke alternate outside. Had one of the best meals they're the Dominican Republic MI houses Drayton haven't up abroad I grilled lobster aren't cast batch cock like you know just. Debt have faced down Georgia nice and crispy. So delicious I mean I'm like this is one of the best meals and a law because I mean it is just came out it was so fast the moment there's a time. There's a little bit of an adjustment period. We get a cab ride back to the hotel room and I'm Mike all men I am sweating on the right I guess what poured down my Sheehan its rice like it's that kind of deal later went on the I mean it's like it's it's now my all man what's gonna happen Woodside is gonna come out of another is gonna die in her I really thought I was gonna die but then as soon as I threw up into the did everything I just went to bed and I mean I will go to like a Barak. Little parts but I'm all right but I mean cal it'll be I drew Jeanne this man that was just so yeah. But a great meal it was a great great meal till almost guilty delicious what is your and most viewed story 844999. Cola hello nick welcome to the men's room. We are going. In my story of Mexico imagine applicable to those sort of think in a little common theme here bench. Yes so stricken with somebody than I was probably fourteen or fifteen years dole playing quarters and it is not beat. May turn out they did turn out right in your drink and a fourteen years old to me like you're responsible person now. Goodyear might be like although I did you be jailed beaten. It was now I think I think you do it you developed like a respect orgy are going to Yahoo! aren't. I mean yeah so anyway so I think that they're taking shots and of course because I'm young won it once pick on me to take shot to shot to shot. About six or 78 in a row and sure enough I had had a bomb and so I. Went onto the balcony were on the second oranges literate than it is just saw my nose and I everywhere and police sprayed it a couple cars in the box while blowing. And since then they just cannot drink vodka. So I'll call eight I'm simply putting very resorting to right now. There apparently going to be safe with the or go how old are you now. 31 sort of an easel since the age of four G what appears to be fair but that's a decent decision by fourteen but so since you were fourteen you're not have bucked Iran will not drink vodka. Bonds are not Al Al. Drink it like that mix you know like and largely went somewhere and were what sort at a bar with friends and Robin do around the shots a Ewing and boy there's a hot chick there and you want me to get shut out of force it down but I have to which it'll light there it is really difficult. They want. Why oh why do you lit so you trying to impress club chick or you are again about what we make every bad thing you know I think there's no I mean I've. I hate to say there's humor try to do we how cold and hot chick I wasn't once I think moreover think in this I don't think any hot should listen to Daniels like. Yes I mean and he can do shots of liquor bar like that's normally not turn on for a woman she's like you prefer did you not come home mad inebriated and not be that guy but I feel welcome and please don't want I did she says hey grab look I don't know where I'm an AEA it's like don't. Could I get a little Jesus. Finally one guy in the group that doesn't assured nobody else the group because I don't know why I don't agree in Baghdad we do share price through mailings are reasons that still routed the effective at Michigan jumped out a fireball. You can always is that the right that's the right time and if you don't know allied fire body comes right I thought I. I think I don't know I have to say hey man look hurried out of the really got to take a leaf right everyone does is shot and love can you do have to puke when you go to the map but no one's the one. And I nobody would do that for a lot with the EU society wanted to do you wanna take shots aren't so he would just put it in his mouth. And they need your votes that he did how the co operate go to the battle no way out relay but our other friend who's a little bit taller. Picked up on it serves leatherman back now to put a look at show called just kind of like putting his best. I'm off I'm granted edited that'd marketed with the but the hotel right now for the rockets are three decisions Reynolds back thirty years in the top ten songs in the US today as the men's are also on tab and you'll bring it to those who the other shot of the day our question what is your infamous feud story coming up next we've got her emails in the men's or amendments or buy dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. Smiles. It's not like cattle going to charge you made since then we'll go back thirty years in the top ten songs in the US and they sit and spin. Is on the way first time for a few emails here the men's room amends or my dot com. No shortage of these today let's say here man all right guys easy as pie. I do okay what my own smells but not so good with the other people's my gag reflex sucks. How would be a terrible game and anyway changing my daughter's diapers with sometimes Dicey. Sometimes I would range and sometimes I had to go so far as to put a Bandana around my face one time my daughter had a stomach flu and was shooting all day. Then she blasted a hardcore do their party's eye opener diaper in immediately cute then she cute then I puke again it was terrible took about a half hearted cleanup. That from surge alliger. And her daughter always have this memory that she's gonna diapers changed by a train bandits from the old west we bring up the swimming pool. We bring our own Susan L comes and goes to a bar do not making a swimming pool user happy a pool must be closed for a long time for vomiting or diarrhea. Chemicals must be raised high levels if it's a solid stool they can fish it out and only have the pool closed for about a half an opportunity is now just in case you run and pull you wonder is it diary is a solitary consultant certainly describes one support quite simply simply rules against a little TNT one keep them in the kiddie pool yes Tuesday yes I want to go to get people. It's like going into a hot tub. Guys my name is Jenny and my story starts actually couple days ago on saint patty's day home of the time and after playing a couple games my roommate got blackout drunk and after a wild. He's Rolen on the floor like a toddler toll stands up in my bedroom doorway whips it out and starts paying all over the floor. They proceeded to vomit immediately and of course I had to stay until 3 o'clock in the morning cleaning up after him as he laid in his room passed out I can no longer look at in the same. I do have been dealing with a stomach flu all night marked about one time twelve times yesterday. Of foam and mile all I have left. And leave Warrick and everything I cubed until 8 PM finally stopped why did you have to talk about Q today. Just took a shower. Plug my phone and excited for new ups on your show get in the shower while it's still a commercial and you come back on the and you start talking in detail about Bart. It was too late to show off plows are in the shower starting to get the mouse was just listening to it and that is John right. John John wait on both ZHIV. Or John does doing a dime. No he on jobs are not very close like our. Quite what they he just eco Josh how is this job is young got the feeling on the yeah like Dick GO I think we'll monster yeah did you know when that there's hundreds of June. I when John. When I was 79 by a few high school friends over my parents' house for night of drinking after a few hours I decide to make a statement my friends I start seeing guys. If you need to throw up please do it outs at that one point in time this and I Putin's side that could hit it further that after a guys I was in middle school I played trouble in school band about perform one of those Christmas concerts with a band dresses up all nice and parents common and hang out resume and pretend to enjoy listening to a bunch of preteens play Christmas music that is the truth I let you recognize added thank you for that admits it is only god awful you don't does like it though I have to admit who the folks in the old folks home. I've seen my daughter go to doing what I don't know anything they find the mural art and yes they do they get it to get there early innings in the chairs and they're ready sure they would generally interested like they have nothing goes to I know that's why this were you gotta go that is a captive audience you're wanna start stand up just say you know I think and my. We have acquired all folks I like 7 o'clock Thursday night without punitive threaten a thousand a joke. Yeah I think OP we'll talk back with data yeah shortly before the concert was about to start no suffering from a pretty upload migraine. Until my mom and instead of letting me go home she kind of liken it in half and had me take Arafat. She plays the trumpet and my headache quickly faded but I sort of feel incredibly busy or sitting up on stage with the rest of the band in front of a few hundred people and I knew was gonna happen. I briefly considered letting it loose in the two vote. But instead I jump onstage rant across the auditorium reached a garbage can but unfortunately it was one of those industrial garbage alleged that are hard plastic in swing and I couldn't hold it anymore and let loose all over the lit flashback on me and a few people in my general vicinity. I looked up when I was done yakking and saw a few hundred eyeballs staring at me he has a middle school was an already hard enough to. Does regarding the people using puke bags on a plane my friend and I were flying to Vegas she gets bad motion sickness. When a decent amount of turbulence before landing I see your reach for the bag so I pulled her hair back in it took all I had not to laugh until she finished that from her friend Jackie. He. Guys like you story starts in my 27 birthday having some friends over I wanted to be adventurous so it throws recommendation. On a first time to do I'd buy a bottle of Arturo redesign though they have about three hours I drying choice 85% little bottle OK no that's not that's not what you do along with a double cans of course and proceeded to vomit all over the shower with a water is hot as it can be. The smell lingered for three days thanks thrill. That from Chile that's my fault means hot water and puke I am and this is nice muzzle was driving miles was talking about us crush. With one of those hot friends we finally had the opportunity to make out with apparently she had trench mouth. I'm barely got the car window down was vomiting and the street it. Before my husband even stop the car I can't even elaborate on the story I just threw up about six times or trying to type due to read this reliving it all over again. I'm super gag you know fellow voters I once almost threw on where driving home with chicken manure in the back of his race. Now from cougars blocked our hero of the story I noticed that the trick she's trash now. Fresh rounds not horrible I do now but outside human editors to view immediately when I was a newly Torre won my family took a vacation to Orlando Florida. My sister my cousin and I spent our last night there in paradise island basically a Disneyland filled with bars and clubs that place was also up and I drank way too much didn't quite know Milo and we had to fly out early next morning and I'm still very drunk. We get to the airport and get to our gates made an emergency pit stop to the bathroom. As always trying to lock the door to the stalled I began Putin and continued to project I'll vomit as I turned to the toilet. I really don't think anybody got in the toilets. It didn't stop there and I have no idea how I even made it on the flight knowing my family wanted to sit by me inside of the odds say as seat between two strangers. Bless those two old ladies basement the whole flights would meet filling up no less than five puke bags. I have since never flown drunk or hung over is the worst feeling ever I'm now 37 and make sure I spend my hangovers comfortably at home. Peace out bitches that from the lovely Stephanie. Our guys it's all right my fortieth birthday my wife mom and I'm amenable to other folks to October fest in Munich. Over the course of our five hour table grab reservation much beer and food were consumed. I had one more beer and pretzels to level off before walking back to the train station. While waiting for the train how into the bathroom to take care of business that's when the switch got flipped and I felt the inevitable about to happen. Unable to get to the toilet stall I get loose and puke into the journal as I was using it. I thought that was the end of it when I get outside dispute again onto the tracks. I thought that was that got on the train halfway home here comes that feeling again apparently sitting across many clearly knew that I was gonna get up quick. I got off the train just in time to go to a garbage can. That my asthma kicked in while I was you're getting in a good break and that's when I started freaking out and my mom called for help. After the empty show the only thing I remembers being on a Gurney going a bit escalator and then waking up in a German hospital yeah job. I I didn't wanna be that guy blunder being that guy. That from Darth Travis to have time for a few extra emails here for the men's or amendments or my back columns. Hope I just today as our son Collins for a birthday he would love to hear a barber shop based analyst please thanks guys that from Cameron Beers it's clearly Barra. Suzanne wins. She's done her own desire. Cody Stanley is he's still really is she in the morning and afternoon. I cannot. All of caused as my love it our neighbor he's been marred day hello little kid they say I was pleased thanks guys that from Taylor. Sun workstation up my brother in law double A-Rod may be some Dudley Germans thanks guys from Joey and Tiffany. Oh dude you can most remote they have a treat you connect he'll futon and screw you wouldn't spread. Speaking of IKEA bullpen Lex yeah. Those are thug life her story today what are the time goes you guys every day just returned from the Virgin Islands. Where he is working for a month the not proud of a lot of kids Sanwa agenda acute phase Airways is a dirty German talk thank you so much that from mom dad and Ozzie. Yeah to Obama to the patient and over again. Yeah they're looking at the doctor. Guys are asking for my own birthday shout outs in the family never does well I asked thank you may read daily day work drive more bearable. Then from miss Gatorade Lisa how about some dirty Germans please. Are you both were so many groups including hung upon. I don't know with the stickler for instance there. Guys my son Josh is Tony thirty would love to hear you guys talking all over each other thanks guys appreciated. That firmer today we'll Johnson to look I don't know what my entire thing turn to our. Are hustling around you really isn't working rather than any kind of guy you mental illness. All the would limit the originally hymn of heparin alerts through the other well we don't want Obama to get rid naked only volleys for myself drift in that really severely out. Guys let's see hair only got my girlfriend for years Erin turns 28 today please give her a big war men's room happy birthday with a faced sandwich and some dirty Germans rock on bitches that from Anthony fish sandwich. Are you both have a face home gym. Yeah I made fuel to choose its. But those days are number one fan the reckless Tammy is very day she is too funny what the hell is she once you got talking all over yourselves about girl's name Tammy. Rock on that from nickel Tami that's gonna look at treasonous and absolutely are battling low and all that he should move his family's little boy is gonna be as Hollywood and played video especially because you don't want to remove language from you don't have sex and the butterfly is a new almanac we're insurance it's yeah they've been over on the breast used to be. Our guys don't you ever been shut my buddy Pete he's thirty today let's see how about some Dudley German talk thanks guys that from Sam. Yeah I didn't run the the my big massive win. Just over there and have some fun on the cheap from our crew. Guys always my wife still had a fortieth birthday but if you Joey chestnut and the dirty Germans pleas from James in lovely allows my guests. It. Hopefully a book in my opinion should look to build confidence and must come. Now before master homeless mashed potatoes. Photo bushman said David Berry at beaver tailed and a sixty would love for you guys to start a sixty off the proper way. With the Europeans is too small and the various of Germans love you daddy you're my hero Lovie got that from Chad. Josh would bring your support for. Do you support your view control. Oh yeah do you know. I mean I didn't. Yeah returns. I'm happy I'm a I can't pay you to be so bad bad. They're two Germans brought. Also available through these world fame on men's line doesn't come another sign retailers. Who I am trying to fly so. Those are good dozen other shot of the day the first of drug charge announce a time once again to sit and spin now. Yes friends it's time once again at all. Six and spend millions gather around me on the radio and listen to some sweat a. Let down at which intrepid back in time today back in time I can tell. I'm tired so these are the songs that were in the top ten. On the billboard hot 100. In the year of 1988. When America at thirty years going back thirty years sure about that he's a yes that's easier and I asked earlier you email did you realize you don't know when they got I think it's just in miles it's like guests at thirty years I was like SO 830 wait it out where he's he's in my if it's if they know what are we do it we do not read this I don't see why you have the job that you have and I know there's are a stupid per cent of the Michael is not alive for any of these and riots that Ted was it was only eight years old it's interesting this was about the time I was getting in the music but I did not like any of this no that's not true I like one of the songs on this list. So I discovered. Rock music probably like 8687. And the right around the time my appetite for destruction came out is a good look more like 87 yes so I was so I was like 1011 years old. This none of this stuff falls into that this category went to make maybe one song files and that these are the top ten songs in the United States of America from thirteen years ago today. It. So it was definitely be keeping you composed. Horrible that this is just from the Billy Ocean finest work here get out of my dreams again in my car I found out something here. That this was on a charge called the hot black singles scene that only existed from 82 until 1990. And I try to find out something about the hot black singles chart now today do not I do not Google I'd like. And yeah yeah there are available that they are available in Europe and he also knows how those black planet and it's. Another thing. Don't let us. Slept with since its last guy. He's sweat. Given name he still goes out of those stores with like you know young MCL and I get like the did he get the Yankees now are Indians definitely feel like things that you notice is number recruits. I don't know Diana's brother my great memorable moments aren't good grief don't aren't involved remnants eighties rock bands want to go on cruise you but I just turn your general thoughts Laura used meat wagon Mindanao outside of Cuba. He keeps kids laugh like no blood substance on the USA from thirty years ago today on there. Now for him making double. Did make the top ten performances that I had skyscraper on the set them but he remembers this yet MTV at the time. If the video with David Lee brought there I go to the crowd on the surfboard which was cool stuff is like an animal but that's a pretty much. Todd zones in the USA from 1988 today on things there. What does the other Debbie Gibson songs I guess. I won't struggle. I don't know actually something. She would. Mass start may go right and it was gone into. Wheeler thirty years that dubbed it songs the United States today on from there. Numbers say. I don't know remember. How the other side of Christmas from the U. Orgy at the end of flu. No it's not it's dirty dancing in the right yeah very bad thing. The drama. Those from dirty to Alter what is it that's I think what I Breaston is okay I'm pretty well. Are you ready if YCNO. Patrick Swayze dog big dogs in the United States America this day in 1980. They're fun. Eighties so we don't you guys are revealed mr. Mardy John. Hold onto the night's yes yeah this is on nine out. They didn't. I'm better. Are estimated to number one of the US only number 21 and UK but after we died rocketed all the with an effort to go back thirty years that's out there in the songs in the USA this day in 1988. You're alive somewhere you do Michael Jackson. Well George Mike it was thirty years ago miles pound foolish stuff father figure from George Michael I don't actually made it to number one in February it's on its way down. It's his calling him a caller of the draw with laughter. I think she. So terror plot and things out. While limited is as it goes visible in the Carolina car. Very another tumble political dead this is the other songs from okay. I'm committed to number 1000 songs and I hate America as we go back earlier dog thing. Yeah well. My athlete but you do you try to find a list. But I have faith in Islamic automatic role unless I didn't know what wolf I thought the song was on the list this was definitely my business and career ultimately number one's offense got better I'm now back in. 1988 they appreciated there a guys don't go. It doesn't resolve today return that's the men's room is coming up next you're listening to the men's or radio network. Coming up we'll break we will both be shot of the day is minutes away but first. It's been said that there are no stupid questions. We disagree. Because you'll keep us you know. He's this guy. ST do you. It's. Home cooler. Questions that need answers and yes. This is as. Top brass and Israel if you have a question brass amends or just using email here to the men's room Edmonds or my back on May be subject as the men's room and no way we go time for one out. Time for. Of black Honda guys. Steve why is the black men like to stay outside their houses near the sidewalk. My neighbors can say there for hours without doing anything but talking to each other and it's like they're waiting for over something that from Christiane. Well we're now waiting through remembers an outdoor talk to look white people like to stand around grill and the backyard by people stay in the front you've ordered by the sidewalk Oka as we look at all the bit. They also like to grow on the back to them. I grew up front man at it and grow up front and you don't multiply party if I don't really look from a in our lives and I'm like the difference right if that's all the time we have if you have a question brass the men's room just shoot us an email to the men's room and phentermine dot com make the subject as cement tomorrow I wanted to admitted it during its act. Funny and this is just a few rich. Israel knows just. That is and it's usually heads of the very best chance Steven broil find out who are toast. Yes indeed and today I mean we toast 44 year old miss about not Elizabeth Elizabeth. Alfonzo. Over Riverhead New York now last Friday she was driving drunk. Not a good idea but she made the determination that she really wanted to breakfast sandwich that help absorb some of the alcohol get some of the Greisen system so. She bolted to a drive through and ordered a bacon egg and she sent. Now the road to immediate problems for Liz Beth. One day did not have bacon egg and cheese sandwich is the second problem was that Jim pulled up to a drive through to place her order. Ball out of the security Booth. Outside the jail and a cashier was not a cashier it was a cop who's Manning the security Booth outside the jail even explain tour. I can't give you a bacon egg and cheese sandwich because this is jail and then to prove it he arrested her for felony driving while impaired. Image and gone home and everyone I know there's nude descending in the Booth Marty Edgardo about golden arches on it he he's not with. We know McDonald's man I I don't know McDonald. I think she'd she'd think there's you just saw her first drive through restaurant pulled up and that was ordered it and forget it did not work out. Some important whose image drink this booze because we think it's Yemeni national over the target down the throat do party is our Tommy's. Now not voted out of Arizona it. Did DEC 09 on line right now 8449990. Low profile this coming up next. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.