03-21-18 Seg 2 Mens Room. True Romantics.

Wednesday, March 21st

Mens Room Question: The only story you need to know about the relationship, is ________


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This is the men's room. Listening to. Our pride tonight denigrated machine San Diego it's not that rocks and down and the by united 57 in New Orleans and I think I don't see MFR Rochester is. Classic rock in upstate New York big Joseph Torre today the return to sucks less the lord says. A good vibes classic names and hello to some new words and another round a profile that's okay our amends or blank question. The only story you need to know about the relationship was blank let's get back to the collar. Everything's going good little with a high school sweethearts get married after four years then you get into a terrible motorcycle accident was she on the back of the bike with you. Yes you are OK so she's okay. Well or not be hitting her head against the car that we ran in here yet. All right. There though how that was your situation again. I got airlifted. So harbor view and I live in our view the three week. And were you in a coma where you look at where you wait close a close the deal. Are so I was the weight. After the aid they took the awful good and used car market but I don't remember the first two weeks that being back. IC for two weeks you have no recollection of anything. Now and when you wake you when you wake up. How disoriented and are you not knowing why you're there how you got there like how crazy that the wake up and not know what day it doesn't remember yeah. Yes I think you're candlelight he. Has so remembering that you were at it like. I just woke up and we're watching a movie and battle Google Earth error members. After an appearance there was a policy on the couch and you gotta get up like two out of Oregon Nevada was a bit better if there was that yeah. Okay yeah I run of two weeks later I guess that does he suffered a brain injury initially drew little differently what would you like before and how are you different now. Or like I do not have a short tempered and I have a built short tempered I remember about gun. And I like. We don't go out and ate there up until I really think about the plate that was. You know we're still together I love her but. I just don't think about like going out and doing things together. Price meant to sound like me come and I don't know yet how much of DNA that it is that I think. Alliger friends used to do things are your friends. Are we want to alone. They have to ask you already think of the fun and go hey let's go fashion whatever value normative. It goes both ways like our I like then you know people vote we all worked so much we all have different ships now. There are well the masses so aren't you change a little bit knows they broke the significant changes understood to sit wife stood by you that's understood that she still seem happy to be with. Yes okay and is this the only person you've ever been with in your life. I had a girlfriend book or but it was short lived up. Oca so do you guys are high school sweetheart you're medium probably together forever right. Probably a got and this is her you probably did you smoke weed or anything like that. Now token I'm. And eighty are different things it did you had interest in that. You don't now or he food you like or is there anything else that you can tell definitively it has changed. I'm not that I know world. I'm sure she could slice on this thing though. Yeah but again bad does nothing to do with your ring in the accident cracked eggs and let's not confuse she could have done at any point is there any way you could just remember once a week candidate nighter and you know. Do that. Now they're done yet to schedule sex I do when you have kids or whatever the deal is a busy year. Scheduled side but on the calendar younger people scheduled sacked more of her people go to thought there were Joseph no they really schedules sex I've actually seen on a blackboard on somebody's house. It's I don't know the right it on the I was already out what. What inning that was a big thing if you thought that I was already out like that's got to remain addicted to really get people fired up. It's just necessary I think sometimes some people like if when the kids really little to reflect. At the point in need to reflect it. Look here's the new little kid drive the brazenly house plans. Were you Lieberman is really going to be later on you have all the Gundy and say she woke up and you're tired I give him a tuna wanna start crawling things change. But my astronaut crawling did Obama didn't do it yet again and yeah Ivan I've gone there. And you didn't even if you as a bruiser like Barney socks and no he doesn't gives me half an outright unpleasant. Yeah did you can't like tomorrow and he's gonna you don't have a lot to our aspects miserable likewise in the only story you buy these you know about the relationship has blanket 44999. All. Hello Daniel welcome to the men's room. All I don't. Yeah Dylan and well. All of them so. Goal actual you know about my relationship. Is I met my now why. From across the country on a FaceBook page. What was. Why did you guys start talking in the first place like woes the subject that you guys really comment again are you just like good you can learn. Well no it was. It was FaceBook page or homer of the blind wonder cat. Paul Byrd the blind to wonder can I gotta tell you right now you've met the perfect woman. I just I feel like do based on that alone might yes you found how many followers all our gallery followers in homer of the blind Boehner can't have. Oh close to 5000 heavily. And what what does what does homer of the blind wonder Ted do like what is the fuel homer. Oh he's just to capitalism or lit. Is I've learned checked it'd be kittens really had to be removed. This is at the way the weird stuff is so true throughout his wife finally actually do extended his owner from a burglar. Why when I have a. I thought he was attacking the homeowner they thought I didn't know you're gonna lose more ideas into Baghdad thousand miles so. When you think about this and I want you to keep this in mind and does that as a result of a cat who had infected eyes and had to be removed he ended up meeting your life. Yeah and did you ever meet this cat. No actually hadn't been deceased for several years. But I can't feed you loyal to Boeing can't. I know. Thought that I'm I'm I'm Jalabert. Who bit the bullet and decided let's meet up on my leg what does that entail the decent personal pictures first or do you trust the relationship didn't pay enough for you don't feel like that your being catfish. Well are you I will scrolling through some of the comments when afternoon. And I see this blond chick that is just you know got this really hot look and profile picture Ali well actually request. And I appreciate ship didn't. And we started talking about well the weird stuff about like you know actually the other sites and. Oh there's value branch out you branch out after the blind wanna Khaled what's next on the pecking order things that you think that she might like to. Lou annual sites. I'm content. Our new do you read boom Bulldog I'll match in the moment you record and stop a bank robbery. The boot to lose like the bulls were smoked. If. So he's sitting in the car listen and that is why you what do driver did you fly to meet June. Some girl she will tour did you meet our women in Portland. OK and so what is it like good how long had a bit later admitted to get across the country just to be should Portland. Yeah. Does she flew to Portland I drove the Portland it works there a certain and how sort of fly and how how can I ask your question I forgot how long was before you had sex. I only got to Portland yeah how many hours. I mean not you know we're. How many we ate we checked into our wrote. It took less than twenty minutes. Let's don't even ask that's on the Andre was on immediately we'll flaming communicating and talking that much for somebody like. But you pretty hardy you know each other and also get more weight went ahead when ever seen each other lately had you Sudanese journalist in me these pictures of the boy things might be surprised when she might have seven nipple Emily. You don't know so wasn't a very pleasant surprise for you in that moment. We had a solid season and I'm like you know hotel are not gonna unpack but the clothes in the draw are gonna go down a hallway get an ice bucket well let me ask you this and all are you gonna get from sex exactly gets dozens of bags did manage. We know he didn't make it would serve for the first what's the one thing you're most of countries like are you a hairy guy. Is a crook did I mean is there anything real I tabloid. I hope this is an internal. Well it was it was the middle of winter and the rule is not heated. It was just a little. Sick act and it's and you guys zillion. Oh yeah still the other we didn't and it's been it's been more than four years now we still walk you know hand in hand just storks. Well public of section is still us we're we're still very much in love this nice and all right let me tell somebody goal lead on stage like they're like you are to believe. You know what not are not part of label it's hard to believe you that got them blind cat essentially is why you guys met. Rental yeah it's like medium all mullets the lord I've gotten sports athlete to just that. Volatility that if people who look like Kenny Rogers convention Brad I think are coming into the garage to garage at the end of the break we hit it off Baltimore's measurement we are viewed it. I was still able to give my knee strain I'm still single morning. I did judgment has long left oh yeah like I'm better at a funeral dope you're right somebody take me to a tournament autonomy to cry like you met her. The Elian really story need to know about the relationship has blank gave 44999. Cola. Hello Kerry and welcome to the men's room. Oh yeah. Yeah. I can't aren't they can. My. I meant I'd like Britney doing everything cats is adding that it will lay an egg the pregnant animals. Wait hold I don't know if I don't run out time out this news says he says what now. An exceptionally quiet haven't. I got it back to. OK that's that usually the opening line I used on women as well hopefully yeah the president of my mom's Cooper. Yeah it's night and eat all you might yeah. And I can't try and quiet and your heart kind of fluttered for a minute yeah I did. That's how long have you guys been together about romance to grow tired are you do you still are you still working or did you quit the business that is that yeah I'm nowhere and eat either and as is but still receiving. I didn't. And I got an 88 yeah proud I am now I'm allowed to. Okay and maybe some nice yeah I know that's serious stuff I give a sense give us a list of clients that are you know like do you take on new clients or does he care. I in my economic planning now as an open relationship for him as well or is he just understand it is a business deal yeah. But did you know I got what does he do for a living I'm curious. Now work foundry. You we're we're used single when you met him. Bank are not one last question for you said he works at a foundry. Irony of his own rectal toys as he made himself. I had no idea and he has client here and. They worsen the founder Arianna my man has. They isn't easy to do so but I think gaga bonus. The animal he's going home with me yeah as a kind of college coach of an item up I expect the level that no they're all positive doesn't know who he'll be just fine well yeah I was running a little boy yeah. Men's or my question the only story need to know about the relationship with blank 8449990. LaMarr your calls are coming up you are listening to the men's or radio networks. I was miles. Another turn and lose size plus trying to throw a drink and tell. With a shot of the day garments are blank question the only story that you need to know about the relationship is blank can be Daily Mail. They have real story here this as you thought your ex was difficult men reveal their former partners very dramatic reactions to being dumped. In shocking confessions. And there is a site out there called whisper and most of the polls are anonymous but here fueled. My ex lied to me about being pregnant in an attempt to give me back so I took her to the hospital and got a blood test. The worst part is the is that she knows that I lost a little girl two years ago. Ex wife put nails in my car's tires after we broke up I believe she is truly crazy. My ex girlfriend won't leave me alone when she couldn't get would mean she slept with my dad I'll. She's my ex girlfriend greed of the fake profile and stocks now social media she claims she does not want to know about me but then she won't let me be and leave me alone. Guys my job is to be fun now on the edge because my crazy ex girlfriend started working there to make my life miserable. My ex cat faced me I found at six months in the relationship she broke my heart all over again. My crazy ex girlfriend trying to sleep with all my friends to make me jealous of another one who broken house when he was a work. The next friendly showed up at the house totally ruin things with my new dream girl saw or showed up for those of girlfriend there. And my ex girlfriend hacked into my FaceBook accounts got her mom to call mine because I was harassing her and then she stuck with. Jesus that's it's hard to get over in England the only story you need to know about the relationship is blanket 44999. Allied here's a few comments became members wonder short and to the point. I was an idiot and she was a war that's all anyone needs and that's all the deductions booked. Business cards and all that's all you need to close its charter and within it. I'll see the first time she saw me naked was when she walked in on me having sex with two other girls. I was seven years ago been happily married since wait a minute wait a minute the first time she saw me naked is when she walked in on me he. Having sex with two other girls that was seven years ago. Been happily married you know I don't know look at alive but I live in but it's nothing like that now mind I'll point out and impress voters were at work as true. And there's this one. Says sadly my best friend took her own life her husband and I hated each other but a general amid a promise to let me be in their kids' lives. He called me over rafter to discuss those details but a six and a half years ago. Or that was six and a half years a new house in two babies ago I married my best are my dead at best friend's husband that's all you need to. Thought as alligator. Apparently Matt spends or black was in the only story need to know about the relationship has blanket 44999. Cola hello Hastings welcome to the men's room. Oh. Hello. Our guys call it just hot dogs are above my cultural terms and Atlantic if asked. So we debating right all right get around our lead by six years ago. And yeah do you guys period that I had global when he got there are they're not. Not to want to be scared by you just want to be serious. We do those guys. Now guys go girlfriend he breath in Catania. All right yeah but the fact is that sold we won't talk loud and I'm an error occurred they'll all answer it would barely current I would barely intent gray right didn't. So I actually started talking we started dating in and do our blog my tenth grade that's when I was barely started to get recognize. A lot of ghosts. Mom. Got started talking anymore solid tight update I would liken it to a beautiful little. But then again I kind of want to be. Like that and I thought I wanna be old I'm an all round. Okay we'll talk with your last dollar company also announced that sabathia you want to do. Yeah not that I learned then that would hurt you're on it and turn around turns into what happened. Soledad and all would I date for a while we will break it not been going on up there a wild wild week I would like when I turn to our senior. I want but you know what we candidate but more because. Even noticed they don't gonna be gone for a few years and that I went to leaving California and I impact but it Blake will be I'd look a year ago. It was weird because after that time we never talked at all would gain in that they would immediately had a child basement but we never talked. I came back and I saw her on now what's it called a wildfire. And this is what looks on one SR shaken up to me because. We bought critics saw each other but I was like and I. I wondered how they're I don't want to go about it Al hold high school got it and all we both and I just tried to be no way. Connect by a mentally each of bumping into each other and I'm quoting him I randomly. Who's not have been who's talking to. The occasion to talk to me Verisign hasn't. It's solid NFL OK. Hey I'd be what's up. Magical I can you look back on IKEA and don't know about special mold it and that. And I actually sort talking. Her baby had a baby that just come out around a quarter. And it'll it didn't care really awkward since. Yeah I got really awkward because it looked like only they called it a different. And you all about Lex was thrown out that while the other babies are clearly nobody triple A shares saw it in about FaceBook. And I guess after a week of media player meeting up or Wal-Mart she started telling you Medicare don't say oh telling me that. I waited that they're not to get it they're just like hurricane doubt because of the the baby opt out albeit still of course yeah well I'm an elite. So we started dating our economic game because she looked like diamond in the way out our. Pretty nice that they got and her job and I would show. His impact the corner around. I was patient pays and he's still adversaries don't as well and. Well no doubts she'd let me put her baby battery and I think that maybe she each of the one at I think. Too serious. The question is when she's on the producer hazardous than you I Lanka and. Issue wanted to that's buy into that they that I'd get Labonte wrong or right. That bag tied it told her blog guy he's not the same anymore like the fact that maybe if you have a baby. But clearly made a word but you look baby you know you'd like the same person you. Bush is not. And what David did good things that things are different and yet if you're the filers are not involved in the life inflate. He had yet. Mean is it gonna take a look ma'am it's rather effort around that's fine but looks like right she's got a kid so you probably not the guy for her Gary if you have a step mom or step dad they really like your biological parent are putting up with the U yeah I mean that's been really really really like your biological parent. Mr. likewise stimulus story need to know about the relationship with blank gave 44999. All hello Nathan welcome to the mental. All on top. Those ones story you know about my relationship as I take my wife about ten years Leo aren't I straight. After Eric Campbell my Iraq. Go to work. I had done when she would. And would only get dating thing a rows of a topic thing with a guy called about the cat I don't remember too much about the dynamics of MySpace now works its face up to protect our answer that now. I use Lotus. Audience thought just went back stateside after billions in Iraq for ten months under my guys. And I just broke through all the local women's photos look at all all of us clicking on and we are interested that's that's it. Is basically just ran us trolling you're just born here than hell I'm looking for anything you can get in a double the life. Yup. And you're still together. Yeah we just over and you see mostly look for a wife like her husband their entire lives of Omega Buick here his leg draw on some and have sex with a new hit how awesome birdie and I am married and I hit the regulator Tony. 5000 dollar scratch off ticket my face was a coma I'm told that hallmark is listening to us from having a look I mean I was the guy may Valentine's Day anniversary cards whatever you. You pick of the car delight we note the written curse if it's some sappy thing. The problem is while it sounds great it's not 100% I and the loosely to this like look you view the branch out a little bit like well I was is troll for as. And there you word things for responding first looked funny it's social media those kind of just. It just takes the drinks and price out of it. That's exactly and I didn't just overweight are people right here is Charles brass they are too did you hear on Mike would go back and asked how old are like on FaceBook I don't know it's weird because it seems a little creepy you're right if they don't know your dad and I. I talked yes I asked Rollins if I'm correct I thought your history at probably did it. Let me say it like gives us a Odom gone out of my face tonight did you guys gonna go Astro and Santa. President likewise it really sorry you need to know about the relationship is blank gave 44990. Angola. Hello juries though welcome to the men's room. Yeah hi all how it's. Time you could put them. The only thing in Indian my action I know I don't try it might hold over in the parking lot he told Mike he downstream and honey bucket guy. Okay. Good yeah. What is the magna. Still funny his elbow will work for you I think how. Are you happy. Alone gain you know got off work. Good luck which started arguing. That pulled over. In a parking lot he hit my you've got big names and an error right in the hunt. Anybody he wasn't. I OK there's two kinds of keys there's Jesus start cars and there's keys that you'll always I think he was 500 dollar write the final. Otellini let us thinking in my time. You never know what girls want what did you have to stick your hand and exactly did you to tease him I know some construction workers are working that night and this guy kick. Diet so long rod that he had he fished it out and what they looked like when he got him out of awful. It's not that your husband's big brown was he there with you trying to get a manatee leave. I expand our enact some mine Steve Ontario do you walk away or did he hang out yeah you locked away. OK and down and hang out after you throw woman is an idea that I just doesn't even know that now all that if you didn't get out. So a big ES's these these and they're government coupon doesn't. Yeah I did not light socket slob. Man. That is that is very unique that is I mean that is that is I don't know how many times it's been done. Those all forget little gimmick I don't know I just yeah I know I thought I would never think about like. I'm just missing pieces and say that that pilot group. You have but have beds in threes that you are now more conscious about where you pull over. If I look particularly keen are you an idea how to bug and eventually would humbly I mean they go another hundred yards for leaving going on anybody without thinking about that story. Yeah I can't yeah I think anytime you go to any bucket no matter if your festival there are benefits and keys earlier. So what I don't care law would never have to beg god you know. I don't know I don't care I'm gonna I moved on. That's. It is. If you throw those in those. In the honey bucket decorate their relationship has done in Florida and and no visited like there's no apology you can get like say you did not get them back out yourself there is no property you don't have to think that added an elusive to the I'm totally awkward Rosen good to know I'm really sorry about Thorman did I realize how that had to apologize for her to worker excrement and anybody if that's accurate though so mad are miserable like wasn't the only story need to know about their relationship has blank gave 44999. Old. Hello chuck welcome to the men's room. Any other guys know. Slaughter act. Yes well liked we're sprayed back before their printers copy machines are big time we had our quick cut shot to network thirteen. Cut out to enter a quick copied printing shops. And hello to 100 Americans who don't go exactly yeah yeah. Right so anyway our late you know worked in there and my bias look like regional managers that you love her like a couple of states. And I would like it district manager and it worked we worked in the same office at a Chicago. It makes it we had a secretary. And he would travel he'd take the secretary Woodbury and he kept late. Make him pass in that area and lecture to talk about we should get together we get married we should do this she did that. She came back from one trip that she'd like Darren is gonna quit and they got married or what you problem. I had guys dismissal in the end you know on a toy you gotta in my apartment and I got to the door or Whitey and picked up. NG two I just feel like I'm happy that he's too much pressure myself Delonte what. Open yup and hotel street view data needs yet did you get he did begin you can just tell markets not eating take out. I've I've basically put in a hotel and then the next day embarked on this who wears guards out. And I said data did you come and then I go and I NCA AQ and A Puerto. Basically kidnapped and until you've figured out. Oh she doesn't like me don't like me I go now I don't thanks. Anyway late we went serves few days inside is he would like ready to punch me out that serves day. And then like we waited for a few days and stylish yet okay I'm ready. It's UN told the mob and and I ate a copy bit okay fine and then lake. But right after that he liked. Not too long after that united together and now we've been married liked what he. How sits 4040. Years. Yeah I'm over 61. Fouls Gallo and to run a king got forty years. Good lord man how did you guys have to go. 66. Indeed tell your kids like look my and we we knew we were right for each other when I kidnap. Yeah the Taliban terrorism think those forty years ago may have names like Canon it's yeah. Well I think he does like any remember about a wide net with the gauntlet where. Map until you brought another those like that's right there were those stores and a blockbuster kind of forget the area they exist I'll do what I was in high school like an analytic college towns who was open 24 hours but I'll wait the last minute to do my paper silenced. I was making goes all Genco has little foreign madam photo Mac formats and other than. I just think about this here's a place act and it's a standalone Shaq in the middle of a parking lot usually bigger structural mall. And Tom zone and you pulled to a drive through window and hand them a chemist or film from a camera. And they give your target date but I like four days or something good can come back for days like that doubles. Depp did your father put everyone in the car because they're gonna photo Matt. Go for finally get a little pictures that we Togo who went to visit our Frances Kerry and any added brat is the causeway and there's a photo Matt you pick a Democrat when you get home you realize that someone else's pictures what do people do with the pictures anymore. But they don't do anything they just that there on the phone. I mean for Iran and an old friend do anything with W how of them you can shows someone motivates galleries I guess you do little about their social media book for the most part. You really Abramoff still but people who don't love the most you're like if your parents took a picture you're answering your K grownup like. You're gorgeous and a prisoner in a frame grab a book with a week. Yeah it was really embarrassing it was going to be and afraid to give what people used to love put together photo albums and stuff on our airmen that you won't get married he's into real pictures right they do. It's penetrate and your remarks from where it again you find one that you might put up at present governor box an amount that's the truth and idea for a. Kids like you got like two whole wall full albums the first one in his second one you got like two. In the third when you've got like to have an earned on the matters of Claymores when there's no pictures yeah I think that's like it is the hero baby on the outcome saying I think it just the windows. Awfully it's terrible Clifford. But in much the flip side evidence. Having the accessible cellphone. There's so many additional pictures you can now take every kid's another flattering late yesterday yesterday gasification my daughter lost or two ago we called her bad data Hitler. Because she insisted on Myrna mandate under upper lip and fell asleep couldn't. And I took the British who have got there and regular bright and like I would have never taken time. To pull camera out of the bag or make down the hall you know it's that's bogus so far reach my target among all one remember those did you look absolutely yeah bandied hit ordered it looks like a Hitler not. But it's a mandate and the only story need to know about the relationship has blank before. Or 999 cola. Hello Mike welcome to the men's room. Are always laugh. All they know our relationship is there. I'm married Ted I carried it out I saw this posted on what about what. I doesn't sound creepy at all. How how old are you when you were a teacher. Oh arched I was I also they are just a bad day so I. Don't stock exchange right or eight iron and a I didn't know I wish I don't thicker ice. I actually shorten my rental car and storage are. She's actually my body younger sister so I can't say to each other on out there actually appreciate it did so appear to help her and I really. Grew up a little bit Logitech. All bull by the ocean had a crush on me that's all I'm I didn't know she looked at. And then once they're out a little doubt about baseball and I was also sister. You all up I got. She's got a child. I should get her out and yeah check pursuit a couple of months. What would you say the age difference was nine years cited by five guys and other night I was fourteen Elian now when you get older bigger it gets even more ridiculous it doesn't matter. Last April though sounds bad you and through that but we we did is we worked with a guy in his recently divorced. Nicest guys know me is what he had his wife would make a woman to commute but anyway it was. Hey how did you guys meet and respecting the Folsom store it in applause but he says RO. I used to be your baby sit. Listen man that's that's not just throw them yeah. Yeah yeah yeah OJ. Men's room like question the only story that you need to know about the relationship is like a four point 999 hole. Pull the library calls coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Salty. Rob Henry that again and as you can order they come from although they'll drop the name on our men's or blank was a mile story need to know about the relationship is blank look sizzle again. This is a girl's. Well woman now Amos page we'll call her friend of the show could she seems bent all right it. She essentially road in 77 grade the popular kids thought it would be super funny. The hottest dance school last strap she says you know because I was the quote ugly fat kid. All the while they sat together snicker but guess who didn't gain fifty pounds is happily married and lives in Hawaii now. Things sees. I'm. Paves assault clearly lie. That's when it's all about yes they are our glass in LA story need to know about the relationship was blank before Ford 999 Nolan. Hello bad note welcome to the men's room. Avago underling on. All right so much period I met my wife and a bar and I picture up beating any gift of future beyond me dang how you do it. Did you walk on tour and played. The death. I say it would kind of in the middle of the Barnett I guess any cable or break you can just have gone athletic on the counter. They give the plan seemed that the and it looked at the meeting go OK okay. Belt the management are expensive and you guys hit it off after that. Immediately after us that jerk I got to do it big pictures. You think her two younger it probably when did you start getting of the loser team sure when you're in school we're like oh yeah are you dig teachers as an adult. He noted the obvious because my current ejected. Yeah I don't know I'm just kind of like back. And see that guys that future state and now. What's now a division teach we had different teachers man this under when I go to my Rolodex of memory and third grade out across from my teacher to shore other than that it is I'm gonna throw a name out there and you tell me whether or not you think. These people attracted and he's a realty group ahead ms. Berkowitz now apple or not. Men's and grown to more now okay they looked the way the remains sound. Those are the teachers I had I've never had a Democrat how we had wanted to see it is just this car tomorrow. She's done chief medical history teacher and very good how long even dating. Three bowler Larry now which. Out or years in jail and I got congratulations. On the very good I'm happy to be there is gonna be on the way in not having the sex. Our book how much this drink as a result of doing the high school kids although it. She surprised really conservative wrote another thing she she doesn't really go out a lot though. Especially the argument that you were kind of you to swing at that night with their friend and out swinging at any. Yeah actually tell you that you're the teacher after teacher kind of started playing in my has no place here is that this is the one man that you don't want them and I'm definitely. I carry out there I'm shocked that bear her being a teacher she wanted to have kids are my own thing that would do the exact up to me. I you know you network in a McDonald's is not wrong with a big MacKey just don't want one meant right. Yeah I mean. And it can happen I mean moreover very excited about it we'll curled congratulation that. Men's or my question the only story need to know about the relationship has blanket 449990. A lot of positive stories today. Yeah you're only as good as there are those going to be there going to be a bunch of crap I mean other than pay morning why Florida has it on my car you know there was some snot noses is weird. And I'm really doing something wrong we really are man and has done a nice out today easy does everything's wonderful. You bring up the debris of anal sex toys are facing you know we relationship right now and the potential to keep in my heart I did for George Riviera they were Mary now let's all the today. Hello Russell welcome to the men's room. Arnott. And Angela are arousal guillotine you know about our relationship is a dirty dirt then copy engaged. Tomas. And look up how did this work because the doesn't even good thing for me instead. Couldn't accept it. No I thought I would do really well on that it worked out of our. Over fifty air out duplicate women my age and older super hot bought shipped out. And she's you know thirty ivory sold didn't she didn't where's that she's just you know smoker aren't so but it tissue mr. Byrd. So I'd want to do it from Hamburg Germany so I started or not all about audio. All that much it's subtle though she had no idea. How would you know there with the comedy and then next DOC tragic act I'm not sure been I think emperor New York. Yeah. I think it's going to be a good day notice that the. I'm engaged I love her work to get married right throughout the buffalo acutely goat named it jealousy or fifteen years younger than be very dating and execute it it went dot cement. It's just try to be funny about budge got a wild eat it. You know I used a couple of yeah you have done but you might well. You quoted and our dog man's dirty Germans go woman who's not determining anything in how you didn't know I could even sure if I ask us what the hell that is whale what is is old people web site anyway if he's old people who are going to play into that PlayStation. Dual but might it force everything. Thumbnail lower. The job he can catch a fish we don't think that's true that's true. The the only story that you need to know about your relationship is blank 844999. Cola. The show and many games continue on the men's room radio network.