04-23-18 Seg 2 Mens Room Brings In The Creepers

Monday, April 23rd

It's time once again for the Random Question Question


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This is done men's room. Listening to. Those are jumping on I 95 K five is now based classic rock station got to San Jose California hello 99 Iraq in Kansas City. And we have blizzard is a 1057. The X rocking. Peoria Illinois joining us as well random question question day your guess is good as minor categories today will be picnics in honor of national picnic day and husbands and the return as the men's room all coming up. You know you this story you just talked about so there is sold through the stipend and IUD loses by ED IED so I UT TI you do that I usually don't cry don't writer Brian sometime and I ED. I literally hanging out and lose addressing both legs both the I. Thought this I don't know they're trying to Aaron. I. As you do with a lot of men. Or I you days and I've been in Libya is his penis. And festival blown off and they need just four weeks ago got a successful surgery you know this literate but. So anyway come in came and ended I'm short and be temporary but but but think about some sound ridiculous but. The governor penis right if someone else's came from and organ donor you're thankful to have this but there is the reality you know born with a slump and the guy says man. I don't know if I'd be able to Max out master beta I got to transport. He's trying to guys trying did Easter guests are putting us on Austria's I mean I know it's ridiculous this and say now Jordan is your thing but think about if you're in a relationship are so you in your wife do would you guys do abandoned that that's something she loves to do I have this happens you get a pianist transplant news for real you go home. You look orange you glad there's something back but. Do you think she's as it's in early because she's gotten to know. Along with that guy had gone on now I mean like you look and you put a curriculum with someone else is the least if I don't someone I'm not that I wouldn't be working now if you want one you can't PI yeah yeah I'm furious Venus girl doesn't matter like here is hers and I heard there's. I'm saying she cure whatever she wants about me anything grubs I didn't think it would matter through. I usually on your wife doesn't mean she cycle I don't never wanna see ya think inaudible inaudible courses vagina. Right right. You mean like its design known for our deal the more on this because the recipient's own reproductive tissue was destroyed he will not be able to have biological children. He does take testosterone to compensate for the loss of his testicles in is being treated with C Alice to encourage. Erect tile function show. He did say this is interesting that he thought isolated the didn't tell anybody even in the hospital among other wounded soldiers is that cut there's good. There are times when you're hanging out and guys be talking about getting hurt and that's one of the first things when you get blown up. To check down there and they would say things like I lost mine I just kill myself and said I'm sitting there and they didn't know. And I know they didn't mean any offense but it kind of just picture right the guy. But I guess so far so good on that he is a. He's in good shape Brenda Brenda I'm running better fit. Friend might you'll appreciate business came into the comments what do you call a guy would go or no legs he's been shot. And an ambulance miles you Paula Hammond and no you call it's. Hello tiles welcome to the Madrid and still ditches Booth. All right okay. Since you brought that up with goes well when did bad didn't. Go to worse. When a bad situation even turned her story freedom plaza in your life. Automatic I do we Jens yeah that's good example what what what will be sort of senses. Throughout our friend's birthday party it was Saint Patrick's Day. And you resist it was a bad night to begin wedge and I went the wrong way trying to take someone home. And ended up turning around and next thing you know got pulled over by state. Troopers. And how long did now was that a weekend night it was at a weekday night. Illinois Saturday night in happen to be the night we spring forward an hour. Isn't a bad night. Well I did they just one of those good it did and it up a bad night didn't they do you lie and having to go through all that wouldn't. What is all that how long did how much of the calls you and how long did repercussions could experience. Of all of our probation for like two years I didn't do no jail time thankfully. Diluted you know kept my cool a pickup ignited I was and I so what about I don't know how much money. Him after court feed a lawyer prior about five or 6000. He's still claims that are retail that off. A darted paid off party did mine I did like nine months that no driving with a suspended you know had to sit in your life since I didn't drive. Drive mammoth something in Karen yet. Other reason whereas when things go from bad to worse three individuals were hospitalized after a collision between a private vehicle and a Marion County fire department ambulance. The ambulance responded to a bicycle vs a vehicle accident who closed earlier. Paramedics were transporting the injured bicycle list in the ambulance when a car hit the ambulance. 25 minutes after the first collision with a bicycle post was hit by car. A total of three ambulances they say were then dispatched one for the injured cyclists and I won for the driver of the private vehicle and one for the paramedic. The bicycle instead serious injuries and both the driver of the private vehicle and the paramedic had minor injuries. The paramedic had been released from the hospital. No further information was available and it's not funny but I am and I think you get hit by now you've gotten harder and Mike and an eight budget analyst Peter all jacked up the car slams in the air. Don't render only around some. Hello Cody welcome to the men's room. Love and yeah. Good news we got here we're all curious how old you. 1525. Yeah Jackson yeah I think it shocked the dark you're gonna. Tell you what I Cody what does TD if you head. None none that Moya you never asked me if you were thought gee I'm only work close to one. Yeah apparently. Fearing day high school parties I flipped with some girls who pass through these I guess. Glad I've means nothing ever happened nothing ever come up. And you reject that you'd you'd get blood tested your doctor little confirm that positive or not because a lot of times. Especially with a herpes virus didn't know too much about this what you are a carrier without having an actual. Episode yet. So another words like walking through the woods and winners in you don't CD mayors. Her hibernating. Bears they are there just don't know what they're sleeping yet one day though. Her term there will write you least thank you hunting season. Her. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah yeah you know. It's. Now tell Leo Blair I had to I'd get like old blood and that the goal and everything for my insurance demining work they have not been I've never happened. How was so when he goes blood work done. I'm guaranteeing at that moment you thought back to this story of Buena high school girl how much will this undermine there's a waiting for the test results. I mean you haven't really elderly out of the back on my thought about it a little bit but so familiar to. I mean you're safe if that actually have given all of you to know about it. Some gentlemen welcome eleventh I don't know saved segues well the reason we ai has what does TD did you get April is STD awareness month. And general blue monster man you do is I mean no come to nothing got users go wrong though Kathy you can go you can you can new tests there's all kinds of things you can do on here that are that are all very positive things abstinence miles abstinence is a great when Shura. Now we know that. Here's the hardest part about. April being ST the awareness month while won that one of the things are better month for you one of the things they want you to do that solid a shorter month from Donna I think this summer camp summer I think rated spring time hey. Put content they want you to basically come up with the just as a way of understanding what's going on there of doing aid. A family trees so to speak focus on your sexual history. Are they demand a different about soul. For anybody don't do that they believe slapper that is correct that they would like you to document all is enough got a family churned generously on right now there already maybe start to Ancestry.Com. Like they want you to go nuts incest find out all of your you know all of your Brothers and sisters in the world of sex in on him being like. That would be really difficult when it. I think Deborah what you forget if you look about a one nobody eskimo Brothers and sisters would be present at some point late today it's set to save me into the fourth cousins and throat with both slope would see them. The people is were are related to George Washington as opposed to man we both tank we same family life we already brunt of the the hypothetical of your inner room with everyone you've ever kissed. We'll tell you from junior high all the way up into you where you are right now light. You would you even know half these people. And I'm just being honest like maybe you can quality all photos total up from the high school or do you remember the fake like they're funny people I'm sure we've all forgotten right. But when you honey you have your girlfriend you know go oh yeah I remember. I don't Wimbledon I won't broadened the comedy club I didn't like I know are recognized but I can remember the and it's actually no I'm just talking about kiss muscling great yeah. I'll speak. Having established a phone call and I notable you know dirty bastard remember me before remember it's obviously great how did a little better that's when I get out of I. The weirdest thing with the kissing opinions you've seen people in there that's that that. Has explained that. You know these people just like oh crap I forgot we got drunk that one. That's on sale like an interim data regulated like midnight or whatever girls grading has two years all the time miles that's lying that's my lot in my I don't I mean you gotta be young young young you know and any of my game and not our good old or it's got to be New Year's right so the liked stale old. No no no you'll think there'd be a lot of people and you remember. I'm saying maybe in the head and hurting and I would not reason not does is just kissing some just yet don't hasn't had a right yeah you don't I don't Franken no man and can. That is needed jolt people you've just know what well out with the Jonas say no way it could've it could've just been as innocent as it gets. But you didn't sleep with them but you just these the people that you've kissed in your life to. Maybe you made out and we've been with you he didn't remembers that he had sex with. Certainly didn't spark the release of the movie three and I'll remember it's our data remember any aspect I have met you kissed her to. Maybe go on he has the world yet little bright memorable fight. Job random question question the 844999. All. Mario golf Ghana as well as your guest is gonna try to categories are going to be picnics and now husbands that is all the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Joseph you know have gentle men's room during a dove with a shot of the day the return of mass men's room is coming up and be random question question 844. Or 999 old friend ran down hello Graham you know well into the men's room. Do you news oh and yeah senator Gregg. Don't work there on the thing you know. Trails go low this question here what what seemingly keeps happening to you what does avenue more often than another. I'm wondering I know it's like this whenever I know my buddies that are my wife and I always seem to get it on a wasted than. Some nights and OK with the drama that are you getting hit on by doing this are they playing you give tip. Who knows we didn't plan it and glad it. I was there all the good afterwards so what matter. I'm a do you think of yourself as a good looking guy or it's that you and is it specifically just waitresses and and I get a double waiters here and there are good I'm proud owner I he did. It could be good looking pumpkins and maybe like I know you're saying is browser combat. It's like waitresses and I'm like they think you're okay. We have Mike Ellis and it's just today easily and I mean of course there the big and I all of the jokes are funny all of this delay it the whole growth and why. Did you gonna tell it better I will say in his defense I've been with them or anything that waitress is that. I mean yeah are actually a pilot like me well and because there was apparently the only like girls that are really picked up at their place of employment. As a waitress. I don't know. And that's your green maybe we're just have more contact the arts are everywhere I think I. I think that's what we are I think that's where we swim more you know me like that error on the part of it sure don't and that kind of our natural everywhere pool I think you know many lag eventually and a that it's a chlorine on us probably. The reason whereas what keeps on happening view this is a crazy story. I've Dylan Mick Williams. Does not believe that old saw they say about lightning never striking twice. Not after he was attacked by a shark on Thursdays in the waters of YE. Less than a year after he was mauled and dragged by a black bear in the wilds of Colorado and certainly not after he was written by rattlesnake in you talk. A little less than three years ago he puts himself in these situations aces I don't know what it's all about and either really lucky or really unlucky. Maryland this is twenty years old he spends more time outdoors than most folks again this is the pool he's webs and he's a former tree Trimmer ranch hand and survival training instructor who loves extended journeys into the will learn this in the outdoors. Then she norm and how is survivalist expert he gives it its fat but he survives here's the thing about coli survival as I mean Indian survivalist like look. We can't do anything about the situation that. Happens we are now this year to help you not dive forever without so these survivalist can be attacked by a bear today but in the end Manila look this is why you do know that's not like I have been in not that. Cool why is an unbelievable island its is probably one of the more remote type of violence and liked about the sharks. If that's the thing right there are chickens and roosters all over this island but nothing that really. Can tear you up so you did. Mother nature can kill you you could fall off a cliff there you could do you could go hiking in the weather can kill you but there's no animal. In Hawaii they can attack on you really encore. Until you get into the water ride on the hood attack against the one way he's going to there's an analytic because there's no snakes if there was thinks he need all the chickens right there be any kind of natural president of the really isn't one I mean I'm not saying there's not an animal that can hurt you to be stung by something whatever maybe that's the case and that doesn't scare them it's gonna kill you man I mean the only way it's gonna happen as you get into the water and that's exactly what he did rent on a Bluetooth like half a sealed he said he discovered a beautiful land square escape of vocalize last year when he backpack solo around the island. He came back for another two week back bagging door but ended up on the North Shore helping distressed residents clean up and move trees there's some bad storms Arum yeah. He was in the money coastal waters. He's in hoses. They are under a brown water advisory. But usually do at the moment are I guess say that's true then I guess when the water turns brown which neither knows the sharks who cover up there we know that. They use what I right I don't ride it has a that was the water turned browns aren't aren't really can't wrap Davidson that shocks you did today advocate I guess if you look at where you're amid a tributary flows into an ocean. Or any of those areas were or waters change in doubt there's. There's no reason predators there. I make sense focuses cloudy any they can't see you you can't see them they've got better senses I don't care about predators and you don't say it's awful to be pray yeah I mean that's why I think lines that the Xoom so cool so I'm like yup because he's may and so he he was itching to get in the water any founded it should break beach in I think it's called a point who are cuckoo I can't remember a bit of their reports and where the rodents. Primarily was in the water it was clear and blue and inviting with three to five foot waves there were a handful of others enjoying the surf. He entered the water is boogie board and around 7:30 in the morning and hottest first wave. As he was headed back out another wave knocked off his board and fifteen feet of water about thirty yards from shore but that's when he fell to the searing pain in his right calf. They're first I'd panic he said I didn't know if I'd lost my leg or what. Williams had beneath him was was looked to be an eight foot tiger shark. All right we usually any news with king of their lungs and into a desperate swim to shore. That was the scariest part time I don't know worry was nice to know he's gonna come back. On the beaches calls for help or hurt by a woman who came to us Agee called authorities and as he sat on the beach is like turning a blind. He realizes injuries there have been a lot of hurt paramedics didn't come down and took him to the hospital. It's sad disease should be okay but yes. I've got to remember this the same guy got nine stables on his scalp after a 280 pound black bear welcome of these slipped out doors of those staff members of the summer camp going to be picked him seat. If they see you all picked him drag him by the back and ahead twelve feet he remembers waking up to the sound of the crunching of his skull. And as he was being drug away he instinctively fought back throwing punches and poking the bear in the eyeballs. We yeah money. Huge obvious in a zealots of the eyeballs he said the bear stomped on and I've read this there for awhile now and finally saw Glen Ridge as other camp staffers came to the rescue no one likes hadn't gone to the rescue they did not gone to the rescue. He's in mind if I push on as one spot it still hurts a little. That he scars are still there with a claw marks on his forehead have faded somewhere just nice that I guess those just in the wrong spot at the wrong time. And then of course there was an hour ago lag those other people who bear. The bear had an option of which person is going to be tasty as in pig you and it was just three and half years ago when a pygmy defeated rattlesnake surprised him. As he was hiking and canyon so brash talk turns out it was what they call a drive but which gave him only enough venom to make you ill for a day or two. My parents are grateful I'm still alive views of little lower unit died it would have been a full on yeah rattlesnakes are known for surprising people venerable rattle and it's by the way miles it was boarded the trains. They want to let you know hey I don't want messenger gummery. Other things for her I'm in Kauai right as far as animals that could kill you ever won a single wild boar all get wild boar using huge wild boy all right doesn't turn out sure you don't think they duty to hell out of the chickens. He doesn't seem like an easy Mark Bryant. They do. They have great lunch meats I mean that's that's one thing to those animals are great for the lunch reasonably. Coalition against although the bourses are all guys know. I think I could have ordered an album via a Lulu yeah we monitored and unique brand more than that good numbers tell you. Who are they just do it as far as purposes yet pastrami everything. You can never know because I'm good man that whatever you're Turkey good job man Robin who's this young hipster band is playing out beside us in the a lot of you know. Good job lives. I mean it's about it listen to whatever studio setup the right they live performance there. And he'd almost radio. Those are some proof ours is not one of the swing new studio city and think about now. Small. Hello Brandon welcome to the men's room. Colleges. And and I thought Donald Howard granted. I'm not a dead end value we're doing great we're doing great all right we see Leo there is resilience and now this new. How long are you hiding Brandon why were you hiding and who were you hiding it from. Oh. More. Let's see I don't let slip to collect talent you know we're harder and harder look at starlet that would. What are you magazines dvds computer what. Well fear of the day like my dad really enjoyed pornography so he always had like that the the descriptions of Orange Bowl but they didn't know that I didn't go to Turkey people as well and doesn't is on all the buzz and do it up until that point I would do it. I don't know what it is how you are a young man and you realtors born and I don't care if you put in his safety deposit box if you put it on the computer we become code breakers that we know nor are certain we know the booms. On the other side of an obstacle hanjour puzzled toward troll girl Canada and he will decrypt this thing and how did you throughout the code how did you figure out the code. Our birthday. It was his birthday okay it would be funny I don't know I don't know that it daylight you really didn't charge you are. It goes your birds they wouldn't be there that's an act so long I had to make it I didn't. What. Did you do it hit it edit everything. I'm how did you hide I mean didn't get a read from you log in watching the slow. And I Omar and a logo are did you hide this I mean did it logged in the near record every time you win and to watch porn. No it would like to pay per view channel like he'd bought it like per month so as long as you paid for it Obama and surgeons like yeah. Adult program that aren't. Well you know HBO you go watch it on the they've got to be like kids have a lot easier now on you'll always hear that statement every generation. But I do believe as far as hiding your porn consumption it's got to be tougher now because before you get your own phone. Or your own I badly anything you do. And how's Anna Mae and the histories they are so look if you're surfing porn and a dozen red we do think you did to erase that. Your parents probably know you're surfing porn these profiles that was just Hydro magazines and you started your mattress to get busted try the quasi give possible miles you've got to the point would say yeah. The plastic bags buried in the woods by endless commute element communal thing is I don't either really any need plastic bags of pages were so glossy. And hello there hi I want to pass those echoes a match on the we had we get all the Crowley and I cherries in the world this is what I bat look in the world of porn magazines and you we got a real cheap ones but this is how we're gonna report and a friend in the real cheap clothes it wants from England Richmond really only remembered huge boobs that that would Evernote jugs Mayfair all yet. It's a good golly real love us but in every wants a while someone got their hands on one that was high gloss and you know this new high school also led. Dirty here. Still fear you could go much more explicit and man all my family just in commercials that back all mark dar they were about a little polish your you know there was those those they. Those aid that was a primary. News standard newspaper distribution senator that was very very close to where we live to avoid time and we knew the people who work there because. They would take the trucks and they would drive to the covers a grocery stores in the world the seven elevenths when they had magazine racks all that stuff and they Woodstock all those places. Well obviously everything doesn't sell itself was Sports Illustrated okay if last week's issue did not sell. It's still not on the stand do you go there and you put the new magazine you take all the old ones alone Miller put a hole punch through or daycare owner of some value terror off the top part of the name and then they send that back to Sports Illustrated and they get reimbursed for the issues didn't sell. Coincidentally they might not put as many Sports Illustrated in the into that store they might run it may really get 101015. Joist bring back five what are the dealers but. Then they would dump all these magazines in the back Alley to be thrown away. So he didn't matter what it was a giving guns and ammo it can and we dug for all the pornography course which was pretty easy to find those in the bad shape because all that stuff was. Pre wrapped even own rules is on away. So we have a thing porn. If you got a poor and your body it was still like in a sealed plastic regular. This is going to be good stuff scouts can be real real my adult life joint thing I really used to hide was just a my kids are young. Was marijuana. Yeah I dare you want to resolve it and stuff let's at all and now that it's legalize my kids are older I just leave it out and what about dogs. That I chocolate stuff. I don't yeah yeah absolutely have absolutely no reason as well re hiding we go to ironically enough Jamaica New York. In Iraq Joseph pounder had John F. Kennedy International Airport did not enjoy happy hour is US Customs and Border Protection officers seized her illegal cocktail. On April 8. Miss stepped Lisa Miller a Jamaican citizen arrived on a flight from Kingston Jamaica to Japan today inspected a duty free box she was caring that contained to Bailey's bottles with a plastic bag inside digit free. At those were run cream by the way. Ms. Miller went to a private room where the bottles were examined revealing a bag of white powder that tested positive for cocaine. The weight of the car. Can't season. Was approximately six pounds hey I'll read value of 110. Thousand dollars she'd also flown that airport ten times over the last four months just to visit my you don't think they're gonna pay attention to that memo on the floor from Kingston Scalia knows is a different on all this is a daycare worker who built the elaborate a project in. I can say this if it's set aside a YMCA laundry room I cabinet. Where she hit dared to smoke math while on the job were all right infants she okay he's in Alabama right that picture looms like a woman who did exactly alleged actions by the worker autumn CN Heinz would do a positive test for math contamination in every room of the facility. In Missoula Montana town. Specifically including the infant's room. She's being held in the jail on felony charges of criminal endangerment of a child yeah in a plea in the end in the and the daycare air Oman and she basically set up her own drug debt and are different stake beyond the alma derby smoke crack continued not smoke crack why you want to the kid my. Randall on Randolph and do run down Randall on my friend Brandon Roy and I think we're back again. Hello Anthony welcome to the men drew around. As many things and he. I. And you'll pay a rent enclosures you women give you an inappropriate question. It literally you could see a. An appropriate question ends and checked you want to let's see here you can. Anthony here is your inappropriate question. Where is the most public place that you've had an orgasm. Alleyway in downtown Seattle in an alleyway. Where you buy yourself. That's my own subtle as a man to go the other people where. You might give us the diamond sites in which case you're not proud but you can deal for refueling busted by yourself to me that but dude how bad are things where you with your friend Tom. Little. My lady currently I can Garnett also this now when you knew that this is maybe something that was gonna last for years down the road that. Nothing like got a little fashion and a dark Alley like this is the woman I wanna marry. I mean it is accepting gays say yes means. My buddy always told me that you definitely keep wrap around one. Yeah I mean I'm serious in oil and that's all the judgment day you did why I think the burn an island it is a man didn't play. Aaron was at all and uses a make out session was all the father Leonard and go full on you said earlier organic. And all the sudden we had to make it out of the park as we have people around you. It was the perfect time. We can't you know perfect time anywhere near and an Alley major downtown metropolitan area so those full on sex it any out. Odds to what did it smell like I what was your distract the. You. Know I. It would have smelled bad it wouldn't have been. I mean yeah they're my the Al Alli Alli the smell of the hourly Ali Abdullah about it. She's got airliner that was not. Wow me now I am a little Alley how our traditionally sit down and autos one of the Maryland okay I'm definitely the original route was struggling in the entire he. Yeah I only wanted to how the apple at Eli your girlfriend who goes Google phone I don't look at me my grandma. Stick within those or why do you think that's what I'm talking Lisa yes thanks Cindy had Ali. Guy alleys smell right and worst part of this disease smells like Indian friend also meant notion. I know the I believe probably smells like in contrast brand name and question them make par par 999 telemarketer calls coming up after the break you are listening to the men's or radio networks. I got an orgasm does not come to categories today hazardous national picnic day U Marty knew that only to say that up picnics and husband's gone out with your guest. He is as good as mine in the meantime it is our random question question 844999. Old friends some friends and then you're welcome to the New Zealand friend. I don't vote Barack. Friend I'd better friends for its good news and hear what's. What celebrity. Would you say that you are most obsession. With celebrity are you most obsession. If there is such that there are. Celebrity would cease. And I'm Mary. We'll a lot of them. Below it. And I think everything comes and goes and phase Olbermann are not miles in my apparel also has already sure. No question yeah. Could walk a little Louie the really big and annihilate William basset amber and. As an American movies that you haven't seen. Don't has grossed four walked in Ben and any movies that you have not seen. Yet consider those are few movies but I mean I'm I've seen a lot of things Blake hit what I do what you put and it. He would way back in the sixties. I don't lose again what is it is acting style his charisma what is it about him. It had its hand that it's a whole it's a whole package can play you got. You got the current he's got the style and he can do a lot of different things you don't need even YouTube isn't mentioned you type Caster director you can do so many different things that. I like a little lobster and all that. No I really love the this afternoon. I'm yeah okay and Grilli. Some Wasilla so Marino left I don't think Seth Green here is that a lot. No he probably dozens I would really love them though he's even got all kinds of vehicle all the wacky things that I love and he's been so many crazy movies. I hear a knock out guys that you it is it true backing them on nursing the company beetle and all that and. Big diesel cemetery and I can't believe that mark phew I don't deny anything I not seen an aura but okay aren't they're coming up. My mother's love Christopher Walken as you really light it's weird man talk data we eat if you like she brings a world. In no context at all. You know we don't you like you're not talking about moving it just amaze you know hey I didn't pass the pat burns is like gruesome for a while other than true romance most out of what am I missing. Like well I know he's been in a lot of different movie than a million movie or something this popular that I should have seen that may be I'm not thinking of right now actually camping and anything other than true romance. I mean old squeaky guillotine in New York. I never saw yeah so let's let him run with him in but the younger guys are like kidnapping people may have a hostage. I don't know those who know him more permanent. Team. Probably ten or fifteen years ago I'm really I'm. Reason I ask what what celebrity are you obsessed with meta man Taylor Swift as she is or you gotta Thomas suckers another unbroken or New York City town home. And took a nap. Police say officers investigating a reported break in found 22 year old Roger Al overall though asleep in the pop star's home. Alvarado of homestead Florida was arrested on charges of stalking burglary criminal mischief and trespassing it's not clear. Whether he has an attorney how they hell he got in there how he got into the bedroom but this is like the third incident that has happened Taylor Swift within the past month Jose yeah. Someone who's. Threw a bag over her fence in another home with. I don't know it's been known this crazy. The music outside of the Beverly Hills home he did get inside but they went into his car manner is. I like rove white masks now how was Taylor Swift speaking to all these nut jobs that does the crazy thing about. They all say the same thing all say that they feel like that she is their girlfriend. If he has taught music. Yes. Yeah how vampires typically you don't wondered why it is that bulletin hey I believe there's making materials swept it seems like there's one among that we present on average twice a year to learn how to do Drake or anybody like I say hey man that's popular songs and happens to Drake. Not like this I mean a dozen well I don't know anyone like it doesn't hurt like he error whoever it late. Do Ursula pretty I'm sure at some point you've read your weird interaction from Matt person night but but with hard man to me this is light. All. But time and my thought Marleau says the student office and opened against her broke from what we've heard about her relationship. We're albums reflect metal and autonomy or did you hear the scrap a Mike. She doesn't sound like the person you want to be in a relationship with apparently she doesn't that's not herded into a restaurant they don't you don't confident. And I saw our how enjoyed her concert I know that's. It was a great show I didn't know any of the music but as far as just the spectacle of the concert at Sakura as far as the entertainment value the dancing choreography all that crap for their little onstage. It was a great shot. If I'd known in the music a crowd would have enjoyed it more or whether it was still let alone that police still enjoyable when you don't know the music and that's right pretty exciting thing that's better everything else. Radicalize or go resonate far far at 99 and nine all out. The show and many things continue on the men's room. Radio network.