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This is the men's room. It's. A result they are standing by we'll take color nine and 844999. Hole and you'll play profile this in this. Hello I'm a loyal one hour from now first place check in the my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is. Not working on. Got a new McDonald's in Chicago's gonna have a rotating menu of things they sell a McDonald's in other countries. Asked I know it was my REIT months ago I finished for years for at least what I said was. Look every month just feature one item that you served from around the world. That way everyone gets a chance to taste you might not like Kim she but I'd like to try to get GE you know there's more until 11 item every month they can do that. They are your Chicago for the are Great Britain but. Chicago flow through Tokyo right. Am I bet it and not gonna do it than some telling us which is serve and other countries to have the time like that sounds excellent. They they do spam and eggs analyze that no we don't need that. Wolf producing only of our stand is pretty pretty taste. And SF I want to work with us I don't remember the meal that he never did keep me. But he had me try it yes my response it was a positive response but my exact words were. That's tasty his exact quote out of Memphis you look we deadly I'd give his big southern North Carolina action. So I might. Dog essence tasty is a good or is it better I don't play you know what you're absolutely right. It's good thank someone realized that if you search for the terms dog meat or cat meat on yell. It pulled up results for Asian restaurants. Yeah it does surprise me some names don't yell fixing yesterday so it shouldn't happen anymore. Might have been because they were using those phrases in there negative reviews. What do you remember a couple of years ago and I've thought it was funny it was cool but if you who will play. White people stealing cars. Google responded with did you mean black people's feeling god almighty god you don't remember I have no idea once that I want to got a little hit ounce ultimately minute you think that because I examined blood. I needed a racist Google. A woman and England was walking your dog reasonably and thought a dug up a potato so he took it home. Turned out to be an old grenade. Okay here's where are you walking the golf in India and but why would you take him home to tangle. That's my dog big sums it up and I think it's an old potato I'm not thinking who you know why I'm gonna take the old potato hole. Now that underground my dog dog like why eighth I'm glad they do being grenade because now owns interest. Then I've seen old English grenades and a look at it like potatoes at this time. It just to make you said the old school round months. That's a pineapple like that I guard just circles yeah I don't know look man she thought it was a yeah potato looks old they always locals know why would you want something that you identified as an old potato. Like this looks old for potato my adult dog and on the ground why you bring it home I'm corner taken home. Why. I candidate and it may be their hungry for your real hungry I did my can still fly united eastern gulf. So on both that a vote online at they checked into their air B&B and there was a giant ball of wait for it molded their microwaves. All roughly the size of a football fool all of us it's a thing left in there yeah I had to Baghdad and nobody I mean your job man that's accident have refused. More the size of both the size of football. A molds and it's only luck I think miles actually on that pledge. Israel they have something in there whenever. Break whatever amount that they're the mold was the size of the football I think whatever was molding was covered in smoke and grew to the size of what the exact could have been an orange or whatever you think reasonably Smart grid and power and can you irradiate the thing. And drama which should make and I think so because then you did not molding here and here here every NB. Great idea how mold how mild hot warm mole update in the fence about it ladies it doesn't like I'll take him back it's. Add yea yea yea yet doesn't like spoiled why it's okay. She's sixty through the dog digs up stuff if Stewart in the Baghdad that I belittling imitate alleges that Iraq look so it'll weigh why do you take you know exactly. Well the potato Iraq. It doesn't make any damn sense all right you've all heard of helicopter parents yes yes now now there's a new term called helicopter children. Where instead of trying to control your kids every move you do with your elderly parents. Yeah that's been drawn upon for the willow. Yeah I well to certain generation. How this happened for years. I know there is outnumbered those are important yet so the kids liked I hope right. Though this is the helicopter kids learned safe. Think the kids sleep I think kids are always gonna be really attached to one parent to the other story for them they just certain age you kind of that aren't you gotta go do stuff. University haven't done. The university do you judges got a cry closet installed in the library. Mistake they've had more student source ethic. You and I on the same wave length there. Let him maybe I'll be right back in my shoes and you drive and only itself. Sarah girl do her own tears owns yeah I got through on the hot hot hot hot the thanks how many crack an egg McKenzie yell. Yeah. Oh yeah it's it's it's it's a it's that it cry room. It is for students source stressed about finals they can plot generic dried out and I do as president I thought I. And are now Becky I didn't know you're already occupied in Israel who she's doing the same thing Zack. Learn he's always trying if you really want to remember your bank's. Eye care professional investors over she's right about now did you. Through it all break up again. Stamps and I don't know back to where but I don't you heard cowardly American and I think there's no back he's in college now Specter. If you're really wanna remember your vacations synthetic vision leading grove Friday miles and you shouldn't draw pictures according to a new study. That's more immersive experience and helps you connect with what you're sit down and. I would guess there from allied draw this this view. I'm sorry I thought I usually I remember. I want to draw this bridge I think you'll remember a better bowl what Jew boy you will but would you also done is to make your friends want to see your pictures even less. Even less than they hoarded 51 indication of a video content that's great how was that it was fun you wanna see pictures and I'm I'm old enough from what I don't. I don't good unit paltry bit again it looks like moment I don't care. Classless yoga pants are now on sale. Defensively you can already see most everything. I'm young kids are pretty tightly out anyway what was going on now honestly see how people grooming them I mean that it's it's already. In the company and the company that makes them is specifically marketing them for sexual purposes but all I know what other grizzly and other partners knew as soon as you know they're gonna do yoga. They love porn titles like yoga instructor for a rabbi tells me stretched thin enough. Mean there's a new men's underwear I don't go movie there's a new men's underwear on cell that has to bounces one to store the Diaz deals way again. And pointed upward and the other that stores the old Mary say sinners and out more that's exactly right now possible towards free better I agree that. I think any little separation between church and state tomorrow. A good natural separation. Again that's inseparable in my entire life it's never gotten so Islamic University there it is never as hang out ripped to close. But man a very resilient and I think they're both I don't know I was in London now like Emeril logo went too long makes an accurate traffic and grab that. I don't know hands are tied around. A one year old man in Georgia who was adopted as a bigger recently found that his biological brother live just fifteen minutes away. Went to the same college and even had the same major. Now they get to hang on a double family most people don't move. Right I mean I mean all he's got to got to do most people just don't move I mean they don't if you do move away you're the weirdo. And Travis Santa's been erected outside of the school in Germany to promote some bad behavior this a Zell about a one hour from now. Thank you might not guidelines are no one hour from now first hit it involves. Street sense. Siva drove targeted police general and how profile this. Is played at Georgia and miles it's as simple game where we share with you a real life. New story something that happened right here on planet earth. Our. And I do listen to the story made some stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make. The last few hundred as you think makes the story a story. Hello Dave welcome to the men's room. Wow. All right did AA didn't stand up your game display. I act bad days I hear his story. A 45 year old woman she was on a delta flight from London. Thank you the United States of America and while they were over the ocean she started sprinting up and down the aisle. This Eudora cup of coffee. I'm half a dozen passengers. And then you've overturned the drink card now it is not clear what prompted it may be she's afraid of flying may be some panic. But luckily there were two air marshals on board to the government controlled made her sit next to them. As he was fine for a wild. But did you want to use the bathroom so that took you need to use the bathroom again. They took for the third time that she went to the bathroom she jumped on the air motion bags and started attacking the sounds amazingly like few tournaments headlines. The other Martha did manage to pull wrong thing Hancock group for the rest of the flight she's raising assault charges and had to undergo a mental health evaluation because there are not sure if she turns it. Abu my question for you is do you believe this woman looming threat held off life partner is black white or Mexican or June. Do you take it won't see him I thought I. Maybe you'd be you won't hit. Didn't it. You put a golf club our day at a time when I think. I think that. I'm missing with the old adage. Why people eat cold food and drink hot liquid. Like people eat hot food and drink cold but based on the fact that she threw coffee which is hot liquid. White people love confident they love's tee they love. Long podshock. But don't. Ito approved plate when she using crack. Which is ridiculous OK sorry the fact that Shiite do you all think nobody writes in a coffee in her hand which means that she was drinking hot beverage. Told me clearly there's no other option than this being a white woman possibly a Jewish descent. But no based on the percentages this is clearly a white woman sir I guess my theory and I'm going on one word here. And it's flat. Because they did not say she was running. Think she was sprinting. How easily the meat you just let them and they didn't arrive there without you being bounced back. The differently yeah not disciplined and a gunslinger. Kind of since the fall all dead dead dead dead that would what you ate all I can't. Look at it I don't know day what do you think in my unless they're more like. Bullet and all of my gut I got that screen why aren't final answer. We'll add. Horrified ask you a black white Mexican or Jewish next. T you are listening to the men's ready on network. DHL and gentle men's room. Phases of the friendly skies 45 year old woman delta flight who just lost her mind she is a sprinting up and down the aisles. Have a timer live from coffee I'll be able knocking over a beverage cart which by the way heavy hotel under an open man so she is she's wrong. I'm the day we ask you do you believe that this spirited woman on delta flight is black and white makes the or Jewish and in the end that you went white. Yes yeah. So you know I am. Kerry king we're. Home. I was combat present in my it and I'm here with the samba and you know you fire Q whose real fast Sarah thank you. If you pick and elected office results. Now profited off out of average TV tablet days. Countless hours in front of the talking. Presents. It's a shock everybody. Yes yes and hers yes there it is due date I was talking. Well let's talk with some of the geeks here working jas I guess who. Yeah I think you. And they were simple and that there's really two basic averages out so mostly to avenger movies a year in the last flake. Six or eight years they had a bunch of the thing is to be fair I want to say after Disney bought marvel after the bots are or does he says like. Guaranteed money is Marvel Comics over DC and start more write this franchise is you can't. Doesn't matter how bad the movie isn't so gonna do well so maybe thirty plotted on a more sane or from eighteen to twenty of these avenger style movies. Well do so they knew and about based. Everything yet. So like to meet this is no brainer to select look ram we made. So much money and and I don't know these moves calls to make because most of the source they have and they're amassing these are people read making gorgeous and already our own I. Under my only question is like in this is what I was asking gay guys was late. They got a huge sports fan and I have certain limits you know I mean play it like I had a you know like there's certain shows they're trying to make you watch the motorsports and you wanna watch. Our big body up I just saw he was he was out there because you would be the guy I know we are my caucus got an avenger shirt on what I want to buddhism perspective Bedard took two earlier he was like hey man. I'm going to be avengers movie tonight Eddie Sutton and that's cool Eagles while. Assault on Tuesday because I had a prospect as well tonight with boomer thing yeah that's our wallets Coleman's like in an on Saturday envoy to see it again my own mind. Three times a six days until they're taken advantage of geeks now. I have the authority of the story is that good you wanna see a movie. I do remember when a movie was good grown up people would see it come off at double time I would say that I know it's in a movie and there are the moves or find me there I mean I'm an on demand late night whenever. I don't want to but I this particular guy whose opinion I would trust of these things assuming you can see this movie three times in six days she said look. I saw the press release. Thing and he said it was outstanding socialist as Molly is like I'm excited to go again. I'm excited to go Saturday I'd know proms and has so clearly this movie for what it is is very very good and this is coming from the guy that we both know. Would rip the thing to shreds if there's anything wrong. Right well that's don't think I Christmas is again they're really get it yet but anyhow if you grow up watching are you ever seen the Brady Bunch you never have let show opens. So obviously that irony rank so low bass and Jimmy Fallon they had a mature from the avengers and it was he had a marvel to watch. He is slowly. Who is gearing up. World roared through. This story. Okay. Don't fool I had. I'd I cut it off when it's either that's the video yet here that you faced a page are pretty good probably look I've seen the commercial art so I know. The mood and Manhattan's movie stars of movies of vendors had to lose again and they've keep absorbing different characters in do this franchise I get that. How many. Free can marvel characters and because I've only seen the commercial and at the into the commercial has got black Panthers fired up his Brothers run land. And Bart Bryant. You look. But then they should let go through rugged each other remark how any got them superheroes are in dismal I was gonna ask you there's store there's Iron Man I don't know the Captain America had a that aren't there we knew I had so we got four black panther iron and went hold on for black Panthers and do I Branson gem. He just had his own that's right. Now he's where Iron Man Captain America black panther Thor of the home crowd the halt. Trash. Hang on hang the little girl answered in this DC always DC who's the out of the little girl has over sort surfer may adapt to strange Hasan and commercial black enough. Black widow thank Jack on the I assume most of all I got the black widow and black panther now she's a white chicks okay so what's images to black. As a black widow. She's woke up I woke widow black the black widow dangerous why would have. Relax. I'm Wendell Wendell white the third guy out lets a Doctor Strange company with commercial division. Vick is immoral about here's a man who is white lady hold their hand out. Would would have chosen their governor out of my hand it looks a little red around her hand federal aussies out that's rosy Palmer. When you have like it is alleged. The Charlotte where the straw that what I. I causes Carlo which is back rarely brought back at this day Garvin we remains are that we're still let me answer your question so it's okay we'll end. Doesn't place Charlotte where it goes to blaze black widow who's the guy with the iPad does he in the band are all well that's that's Samuel Jackson character. Or endorse a lucky guy door as I've mentioned this lahood have authority did not match. Unless you may know what I do know he read our mood he ran with a pencil. When the hammer he did you know. He he he played my family is there's. The next thing you know he's iPad IRA there in this of course I'm talking about avengers infinity war. Greta by the rate that's a B or sailing in movies are good that he caught I just. I feel like I and I just was like these moves they gonna is gonna hear stories are different I just look at it like this. We hope it's about the stuff to move and we all development path and there is human to remove you name and how many human blood. We all sit down and watch thirteen episodes of the exact same show floor and added I'm not there were right. Oh yeah here's my question about that I cannot win that would they have those movies that come on every once a while it's comedy. It seems to have every single famous person who's doing well. At that point in time and they usually have that funny they're normally not that good that's it that's the only thing that I like a black panther we know it to be one or two characters to be the focal point of the movie. This has like seventeen people. On the the page. Or on the on the on the pillar near the different they really got to make it OK I have taught hasn't been running up I talked to geeks today. And Brad put it best and he said he has faced with a view they give you all whole movie. Of somebody's favorite character right to make the right like the weather was Tron or whatever are likely to mean these are the most popular couple and I got a person yet but some of these people I really didn't know you give my whole movie. So you might come your end. And then they make these avenger movies where it's like a plaque that there might only show on cemetery minutes but he gets athletics not well I thought they have their you'll probably go see adventure but here's the thing they put on them blackmail the movie the movie did so well in flight may or whatever hit editing room floor and keep assassin hit as he's marketable but here's the difference in the comedies and had about people. Elise was something like people injured right you're taking 8000 stars 8000 characters you put a man. But though the character you already know than to do so with a comedy movies though you can take these big star but you. You don't know occurred at a going to be with this likely will play is going to plug it in any sort of going to be for whatever catch phrase is I guess he's missing amana hopes gonna smash like. It does phrases that would keep an eye out for him back here. If there. I lost his catch phrase is I'll see you can Marino back now back at. It the iPad store grand opening 12 o'clock Saturday the first fifty people get a free side teachers think Nickelodeon. They're bringing back dish out oh what was it wont to do with the LeSean Jennings. Should now be the story like all I got original creation concept comes from Netflix holy cow thorough you are correct that show with double there double there will get slime tennis and that's a good. Never the little girl that had to get up. Goodell we think the price there's a reason what do I want still yeah the reason why the price is right is never gone away it should not have gone away. Shows like double there were people get slime they're like those shows should still be on and some incarnation I don't care there's a new host or whatever the dealers is like. They were successful so they probably should the gauntlet the double their rent from 86 and 93. If you were a child in those days MacDonald there was massive you had to get slime there was a few spin offs. Super sloppy double dare call. We don't there and they would see it sounds like college yeah and then. Family over there. Osama money Virginia Jack at a high Nickelodeon's ordered over forty new episodes tank. Secure rooms. Basically they're saying it's gonna start to people from the earlier years blah blah blah hates it then don't care who's on it. I don't understand what you're up I was a massive double their fame and we have to double their game to play at home in this and that would have an idea slime to numbers. You know what if I remember correctly you really didn't dating to get up on a shrine and I think I think I just I just Bremer more than likely and your brother. For the Simon my sister pregnant merit being an agent like you're in your teens. But your older it's still funny we would get high who watched the show it was still there today there's no word of Summers is hosting its mark Summers by the way not only host double there. You'll watch the Food Network still for network for channel measured channels yet. Used to host the show on how it's meet nearly just take one specific things like say I'm actually cool and it would be in the NFL where where do anyway. Even how to melee inside me in general it is I don't know what it was just about boot. I don't know that they would they would go in they would show you how happy is an Boca or all like just one individual iconic piece of candy. It was pretty fast there's another go baby who was made were like given Terrence bearish ozawa chewing cared in the speeding and and I'll answer that. Yet late give me what is basically that's what was it really was like. Because these these factories the production line like they really only do that won the one iconic thing in my it's all these machine under wraps. That's put on Iraq yeah I got my back right so I can do it to Baltimore right he'd spend half an hour just in the burger cookie factory. Explaining how important all the points on the they have all they did they allow you get near the burden they are the love of blues. He could see how they middle all lose so it that was well below the Okaloosa. Allow clues is while it is a debased marijuana OK out nevertheless. Bottom just look out of it is the Internet that do but they aren't and they don't solo loses it that the law you repeat you want placing a final while the loser right is that designate a site. Gap because they come down to pearl's milk barn we don't know milk I knuckle. You know a couple of remote part of Iraq Al Gore will Kobe Bryant had acknowledged the canned meat imports are commonly enough serves as the yeah that's great putting your hand you've put a lovable loser here. You attend this is a real all of the little rose yeah multi colored yeah that would your brow that's in the good vibe to it until you actually put into your miles to get back at. So long way to go. I would enjoy Jimmy Fallon thank you notes and here's a some fresh out. Thank you. A quiet place and ran case for being too Disney's biggest movies and also great way to describe the lesser administration's. Rain pouring into New York City subways this week. For being the best case scenario for why am I see this way. Shirts with floral designs. For being a real middle finger to bees. Sunlight hitting my computer screen. For reminding me just how sales and I really am. You know. Pizza and mean the only true that's a circle cut into triangles insurgents had a square. You know what I heard athlete that's kind of weird. The open circle Beecham's whereabouts on the front yeah to a lot of shapes it is. Do you teach kids seeing through quicker than love pizza and if not it's a triangle. Like video of this boat to give us an icebox breathless voice box like the slice box forms to decide to this place the pizza and then pension makes a good week for Halloween. Although no kidding and you spray then they yellow they knew they can do so did you Wear it for the kids where. You what's ahead there. I did you hear that about as Marley you bore that shouldn't be kind of a pizza slice sure mail into the general as being a senator Levin did the a couple of signals slice of beta now I pulled back got to recycle Lamar argument about. Some of linger he's got damn parents been during that. I mean accidents on at times but one year we we just pain it. Painted over piece of cardboard and brown and then our Hershey's comment and then nearly he's. Just well you're saying it would like war and the board is maturing between the two workers southern art and I would be a threat it's a broke I asked him and that is that some ghetto at this. I mean. And it's somebody else in my family just we cut out became cardboard buoyant. And then we painted red and put an MO it about that Eminem but we lived in Maryland who's according to the Merrill interprets the leaders they were tough times and they're really tough times are we are more like your parents had to be really really create. And had to be in the mood than not you just had a plastic mascot like the primary battle and I could you gotta like hills that Kmart. This got a strange story that former Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown tissues approach by Charlie Rose are eight. Charlie Rose of course he knew him from PBS for years and then CBS that I news show in the morning. He lost his job during the meat to movement but here's yapping. Charlie Rose of the approached her endlessly the first people when I interview are Matt Lauer in Louie CK. Who who were right to also have. That's who we wanted to end. You can't really when you went out showing solidarity that what was next on your future you're watching the pedophile channel and my guess is this just goes a little bit more it's like the problem with this whole thing I know Michael Jack of all concert there's multiple problems of one of the deep rooted problem is likely she says late. Another planet come acts. But at no point and they didn't seem like sat around thought about under what they got trouble force like. Yeah let's get back. That connect gate and I'm gonna get up and asked again debt. You know go read a time gone by people distracted by outside the average are rare. And Michelle get another job and another town and we already know that in although those and and because nothing is more sincere than a tweet it's for us or those and other treats you know and my hiatus from being in the public I have done got to thank him about all the women Arab world and our ultimate was but what I would tell you this. I'm a changed person I want Obama doesn't go by this special and the fallen to a higher place in Iraq better situation. We'll lose cicadas comedy boots and there's there's comedy concert every city it's absolutely no but yeah I do think. I could be wrong I do you think for Matt Lauer that is a very tough come back well now as lauer Matt Lauer. And I was he doesn't matter as much of these molest and bird yeah touching people but also format one hour you get the impression he was not a very nice individual people it's girl Kristen Mikey impugn. I didn't like him before they knew he was to believe they're not they're used to be a time before the computer where they would have theaters there were a little bit under the you know. They're xxx theaters chore and people who go to them and they would watch her Bullock's movies and wax poetic and they would wax poetic and those kind of what people are in movies and yeah I knew would go on these little dead Digi places and you watch one. They would have stings they're really wants a while because of that because of complaints. Peewee Herman was in one of those places you brought him up earlier death there was one other person in the theater they did not know that Peewee Herman also was in the theater because it was dark and they could not see him. When police busted Peewee Herman with a sand says bands who was doing exactly what you think he was doing sure he was masturbating in a xxx theater. He had to go away for decades and decades. Decades these are people. All he was doing was masturbating in any place that encourage you to master page of Joseph the die was one of the largest. Huff post for eight children show he wants. Burglaries and he had to go away and it will back to what you said as a social media angle one of the advantage of the social media appears scumbag is that. This stuff happens in you get thorn under the Boston's and you are harassed by everybody but one of the beauties of social media to school of fish sole. But she went one direction Mosul and happens I'm a dime an oil shipment. He didn't have that luxury of other distractions because back then before social media whatever you did wrong that's the last thing we knew about you. Four years or so of social media Merrill you've done some good or you've made him Andrew if you. Wanna send out your phony ass tweet about whenever they're birds a lot of things you can dude gonna improve your static. And the garments like this is the last thing we heard so the only taste in our mouth. Is that you sit movie they. Resume and handle your belly rose men still little poor taste to come back when those guys and none of them but but there's a whole crew of social media can get to the point where like what you do as far as your job. Has nothing to do with what you did on social media to get taking you from your job ya like Laura Ingram who mysteriously went away for a week's vacation all responsible. Patricia the stupid guys have a great then all of a sudden now the reverse mechanism of that and now because of that you lost their job. But also Julia and her career SharePoint over the money for that something like you somehow end up falling off my back houses happen falling out. Maybe we should just go in on almost are slaughtering goats. Not been known for him I don't know there'll be like once the 25 continents. I denigrates I know that the woman out there the balls of goldfish and every goldfish unbelievable finish after the members of the show that I'm not bitter. But I dorm say Marleau who fish killed throw the finish. Then killed the other girl fish and killed Ted that you are some of a bitch that's right. So if this. Thank you Delaware Bridget a guy and I don't know what Mike did minutes you are listening to the men's or radio network. Lisa and Swiss smiles. I'll see what's happening in the real. Hi Sarah Germany where new sidebars motorists that does Smartphones on these could be near. We stay in Germany has got to barge in on a bondage collapsed off to an eyeful of rear. Ford says it is no longer going to be the whole car thing yet. In Pennsylvania duct tape utility poles hanging on by a string and a father turns it inside that breeze toll tops gun. That is a true story it is time for your headline. It's Sunday it's. Scares. Mike Cox. Hash out star in Germany and in traffic sign has been erected outside of the school that had a pair of silhouettes of people walking into traffic with their eyes glued to their Smartphones. What does a visit Seattle. Yeah pretty much. The news that our Amazon campus in south lake union that's from this site the new quote unquote Smartphone zombie warning signs actually artificial and in our the product of a prankster in Baltimore to signs that say please come here civilian steal your phone. I think motor breaks by god boy you're known Ali I can do a wave your wallet in the air like you just don't care. He's good. Around the world we go to item that is that is new stats. Sure we're pleased for responding to a call about possible domestic battery happening in an apartment that's not good police arrived on the scene and busted into the door to find that they had barn dinner. On a voluntary Japanese bond each class. As ground that is also cool a now voluntary. Act. You hit that I thank god brings if you really don't. Don't always all of those involuntary bond is classes aren't you happy to exact you accredited bomb early that haven't ran off when Al rounded up and at a drunk. Hillary don't wanna be there is there a feeling that maybe have been the last hours of your life. In originally and it held a two men were abusing a half naked woman but found the doubled because India in a good mood enjoying their ICF seven at Dutch. That's usually where you can't beat a dead man that's it the the dungeon I wanna be a month. It's tidbit into next few NB a negative term vowed not so much out of my own. In other news in Houston a father was having a conversation with a son unfazed Tom when he learned some shocking news about his side. During the conversation his son admitted to a broken into hundreds of cars and even admitted to breaking into a police officer's car and stealing his gun. The bottle was then wasted no time in turning his son into the authorities and he was arrested and now faces and. We'll charge you now wanna be very clear about something before we get about it and if these are my cynical theories of the human race there was Sully the landed the plane in the Hudson right after the had a decent he sees government and people on the point. And I'm always ready argument like look that it's fantastic be glad that he was your pilot. At no point did any of those passengers crosses my he'd wanted to bath to exactly right. The guy that broke off the you Waffle House shooting death Theodore with a few arms toward according euros set. I did these are his words I do this because themselves. I didn't wanna back. It has if it happened disabled people that's fantastic so with his father and I think the deal once you're a kid tells you this. Accessories I. I'm call new authority does many of you to hold me right this is about my actively going to veil that's why gold cup. Yes he says that he came on they're just joking about it how he'd broken and had hundreds of cars in the last week you just gotta be jumping snowing just sort of shown a bunch of guns it is still not yeah say hey how widespread this I think there are found in Gaza and I mean do you have a real friend Mike when they start to tell his story make a man seriously. Do not fan I don't want to know with sixteen minute you doesn't it exposes brown are all right I don't wanna love those now I don't have those fashion AFC there. Now now now you can't and a whole foods and then one drink together and got a hold. Live in the Bay Area woman was working customer service back in 2051 summit turn now locket that they had found they loved ones' ashes inside. After ninety days nobody claimed the locket and the woman didn't feel right about throwing it away so she took it home and just recently rediscovered it. That's is on the look out for the owner of blockage posted up on FaceBook and saying hey come get me miles ashe's tummies are dead. First memo to the scrapie what if it was just like play dead and no compliment both gone. Which is going to be hanging on the back for a while that was gonna go to the dark since his. It's about human fashion fast and I got a lot better. I don't think how many wallets cell phones and everything else like I. As a grandmother that my guy. Do next time they tonight for the return of Denver says the FCC bad jokes and we will during Intel's once again. With these shots of the day he does indeed that is all true or so I think if I wasn't listening. We shall return until then please clue what to do maths and 40 lead this thing it's. Diane. We.