05.30.17 RAD Paper Or Plastic - 730am PPM.mp3

Tuesday, May 30th

Derik from Yerington


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Let's get the paper or plastic color eighteen is Derek he'll Derek. Fine by me this is a front newswire friends are Roseville Hyundai will you are caller eighteen in a moment you get to choose paper or plastic we have to go all the way back to last Friday and a Memorial Day weekend. And this time on Friday morning we had just in from Roseville California choose paper. Caddie shows on plastic he would have gotten 37 dollars and stages paper got 375 dash. Then at 830 memory every China some passes and she chose plastic. She could've had 515. Dollars in paper. TF five dollars and 73 cent. And plastic avoid the game continues locally in Sacramento California on our flagship station nine you've rocketed 11:45 AM on Friday Don from Fair Oaks chose paper. Had Don shows and plastic 299 bucks instead of 89 dollars they'll play. Colors yeah. And then Peter. From Israel for fifteen shows paper had chosen plastic 484 bucks instead four dollars fifty cents. How the game works Derek do you have any type of system and that you're using you for a terribly irresponsible for us. No I didn't say they're promoting yeah here it is always better try yeah. Like they wanted to see. Call me I look now they get ABC alone looks. Move. And you Joes and plastic. You would have won 777. Dollars the and 88 cents up all you know so you just pay bird on. You get 77. He and he wore around. The studies at a more bloodshed you know you are right thank you are friends a rose on Monday we'll play again. In about an hour and a good chance you recall reaching in paper. Or plastic.