07-13-18 Seg 4 Mens Room Takes A Walk In The Woods

Friday, July 13th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is dumb men's true. I'm listening to. OK so who is standing by I'll take my 9844999. Hole annual play profile this. Being minutes. I don't know I got away one hour from now first quick check of the Mike Cox for some of the stories and headlines the is. Not working on write a column in a San Diego union Tribune newspaper called dogs parasites based on the theory that the only pretend they like is to get quote. Mean it's safe to say that pretty much all the response on Twitter has strongly and angrily disagree. You know I giggled about it because like come on man who cares of the guys says that he faces I get the basis of something you read like nineteen years I have. And it was they did the scientific study and essentially what they came up where. Was just that love dogs pretend they like you because they realize your source for. It's aren't that I was later that the matter but that doesn't doubt quoting what. People freaked out to grab no one argues that the test you for decent money in your golf somebody who cooks for you. Sure yes also have already like gummy anything anybody any idea your mom in the whoever coach work. I mean there's quite a bit didn't I didn't study what what dogs like an complete it's firming eugenics to McVeigh's we've been Bradley you really went right. And it's I guess they love it when you feed them which he knows who dolls candy your pound medalist. And at the end of the day if they are technically a parasite does that change how you feel about the fathers and they don't feel like you've entered their pack can't look at you know there are a little bit and of their food in Minneapolis yeah there aren't any incidents and I thought I love dogs it's. Right now it's just dog him. And I may be different cities at Seattle like where you go there's always talks hole. There if I mean I don't I think that I was just trying to get around happy people out there isn't a big people got so upset that you really think that this is with the stuff. A 41 year old man near LA because two car crashes then he ran into a nearby business grab an employee forced him outside and tried to turn him in fourth. It's guys not only did he think this didn't think like the employer's gonna say yeah yeah I did this. He told police here I cop the driver of that car for you. But it didn't work what do you know now is also facing kidnapping charges because really kidnapping charges. To Eleanor you've got someone to do is on the road and out of early that's I mean even allies we did that so whenever god turn this but even if you could convince that guy. Fly over to break that there's no chance the whole quirky process he's gonna stick with the lie. That would be Li June the fear view hurting him over like. They didn't like somebody you know be in my car and I'll take a powerful force I think he was I I don't think he thought that far Ted I think he wanted him to get arrested and then he would just. Bail me down that yeah you're right to our bring out treasury the guy's dumb enough that even in this series due to a court trials he's the guy that would show from court zero win. The merger could coast right I think it if you set it. A man your jet had a massive heart attack let's wait a while playing a bunch of planted. Sorry Ling a bunch of sought and his front yard but first responders saved his life god to a hospital and then went back and finish the job for Mike to rule out some grass. That's pretty cool but that's what the guy Anderson is having a hard time at the heart attack beat Catholics thinking I wanna leave Frankie that we gotta get this done that in the firemen fell through the bad they went back he didn't solve the math on tonight I got our our look at those good save others the way the doctor said after a part of that won't go back to as you're Louis here's the thing had he had a heart attack did it he kept working right you run through the candidate then for some reason I guess you got to apply every couldn't do anymore. He called nine Mo money civil and it does happen is it like it had 1520 minutes as to why do you call right away reasons I wanted to get this job done. They're like hey man I know you're having a heart attack he let we need to figure and right now this told me that this is the only sunny day in a long time of them in a very rainy area. We'll finally get well now I'm not getting none of them throwing away more moderate make sure it's happened like whether that's about it doesn't the time of year that he or the suddenly right slightly fewer side and where it looks fade fast Simon did she get to got late. I'm three garlic like crap if I got him I'd want to green got they've learned. Part three today and the average American eats about twenty to thirty pounds of French Fries every year. Which queens we have a medium sized serving of Fries approximately every three to five days sound about right and you've got to be often that. But it is never an average rate by about face today if you go to any restaurant but not super prince. That's fraud and really gave this option he wants troops out of Fries I'm I don't know rescue them offensive question to get reprise what are some high end places in a Fries accomplishments of duck fat Fries and all the stuff. Yeah but but I understand like. I don't now I need a lot of friends I love French Fries and he'd eat until boom like I don't eat from Colombia for the label. Frye three to have the week I don't either time but of the kids go out today and then inevitably whenever they get them the Fries and I them eating about half featureless. These guys are delicious is that I think it might be national front Friday. They're cut my teeth that I've heard American cheese. Fringe for a I would say it's like seven different days it was a Wednesday as it right what card do ice and the love and theft thanks donor day at a package she's French Fries drilled seamless a repeat it a matter of practice. According owners surveyed the real quick. How many have you in here have eaten an entire pint of ice cream in one sitting up I inspired idea that a bit and Jerry sigh yes I have so almost. And you probably had no mandatory only within reason that 24 hours 40% of people had been a nice even an entire point once and it. And 100% about 40% were alone. Yes Cuba and fighting the cold feet and there's other people regular girls are gonna put this away I don't think about his. A lot of them if you don't play unless they have their own and vice promoted to bring people as the flavor that you knocked out. Me again all man we know it was Ben and Jerry's it was that seminal. Our guys that are allotted I that are going to be the agreement I salted caramel. Half baked. There gals even those are harder to knock on the whole thing that is under rich how he's got what is an African. You're right you want this. Wanton and ninety adult it gives you keeping going and when that ice cream study 9% have cried while they were eating ice cream are not alone got to be act like a break right gassed it if I hope it is totally Ted just a breakout 7% of people have canceled plans to stay at home and eat it. I I am and that's and I. What would you invite into the habit of good I mean he challenge you're targeting innocent or something like people get together on a Sunday and it was just like. I'd rather cynical when he extremists on the eve of how much or are you weren't right through how much were you looking forward to that one of ice cream how much was that on your brain. If he had been on the brink of sixty all right brother if he is third down and invited to a party of brands like our. Our media advisories there are staring mentally at that ice cream in the freezer you know exactly or go to dinner like this presidential yesterday out of finding ice cream. You bet your ass I walked up to download books in new flavor that's what most thought the book out. You do have a weird if you could regulate it needs new food product right of the things injuries my chicken and rice and all of a healthy stuff yeah. What did you bring have been bad food they get to merged or Tesla oh that damn am I absolutely yeah they know I have another terrible habit of looking in other people's car 2000 holes. Nice. You don't really weird with the we hear that. If Ted if you buy into a hero and this is what it he will be in your fridge not to even think would Mosul and that's what this guy go if you have any what I like is instead as the new questions does that still one and so I know. I want to give them the confidant. Tony what ethical I don't enforce that a Wall Street ranked the fifty biggest product flops of all time and Google's class is number or sorry lose the last is number one of them got about that there's some really bad for the fly zone was clear path snow mass yes and subs and and I am now organized I wasn't done that I had nice catch him and how about Google last going to be a fit what Mosul that we put him on latency topples them when they get I Smart glasses things like and that's not exciting and I made you would identify a building if you look at it would say Empire State Building what to do things like that it's crazy. No what I let this play through it and look at it neat I think on your screen you can pull off what my FaceBook in this match you know I don't want there was it is cruel and a new survey don't know would use that for anything good a new survey family meals are more likely to post deceptive photos that make their vacation seemed better than it was just to make their friends jealous. Millennial. Everybody got everybody does that everybody does that everyone's always the only difference of the colonials haven't won the super disadvantage you were the first generation we're technologies everything yes to everything you knew every gets mad at you believe that Poland is is a different way of doing what we've always done that I'll come over I think pictures of my vacation injurious large over trust me. That that crappy pictures they would take an adult here's there's many young with the grandkids. Right it's not bear a woman at Georgia left a window of an event open while visiting a patient and came back to find an unexpected passenger. Jose a tale about a one hour from now tell you I got headlines a runaway one hour from now the first game. Precepts. He's throwing early to police several on how profile this is playing well I short ten miles into civil game where we share with you real life news story something that happened right here. I'm planet earth. And as you listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believe to be true people. And the decisions that people make well less Hewitt it is you databases story a story. Hello sir I welcome to the men's room. Oh all I. Sarah yet or stand out mr. Davis play. Nailed fantastic my heart touch on the story only moments ago the worth revisiting a 41 girl man responsible for two he would run branches in Santa Ana California. It left four people seriously injured. Mike didn't bring up part on good you really was not working. But he crashed into one car that he started chasing someone who witnessed it and called to be the worst crash that ball to other cars and the guy on a bike. Luckily no warms guild. But then after the sudden grabbed the guy ran into the nearby ice cream distributors speaking about the stream grab the random employee. And forced the guy outside at the top for arriving tried to give him. To say that he was the one driving as you might imagine. The guy really was not gonna say that and as mice the guy literally sent here I call the driver of that car forward. Turns out this guy was on drugs so that booked him for driving under the influence resisting arrest. Kidnapping and felony hit and run my question is do you believe the genius is black and white makes he or Asian. How many hot talk express ad in the house mess. Like that term we use our message rest natural that we. Let drug why. It did not they were drug was a decided was on drugs he stayed around to tell the cops say this to do sort of hits it far so we witnessed that he's trying to drive that person down calls the worst crash into got a bite. Runs into the ice cream parlors and call it. Grabs a guy's name allows Ford do Dell's name. Ought to Iglesias morale is the sport news is trying to serve optimize their music lazy is trying to I'd added. But I do not they were kind of drugs she was well. I'm gonna go low Southern California. And Canada but ultimately. The amazing final answer sir. I mean look at a billion there aren't gonna. Find out if he was black white Mexican or Asia next fat with a tease you are listening to the men's or radio network. Listen miles. Twelve out of Texas to Los Ang Lee's California and we have the 41 year old man. Who cost to car crashes leading brand to a nearby business. He grabbed an employee you force that employee outside and he tried to turn him in for what he did. Turns out it didn't work in while the company worked detectives they managed to piece that together without a lot of investigation. But Sarah we ask you did you believe this guy was black and white a makes you're agent is settling in Southern California I'm gonna hazard a guess and say makes it. Okay. All I allowed white. I view it it and I'll yet but we know yet what about the what when somebody else for your profits. Things that make the car. Now for our videos are now is our TV talent thin. In case you're pathetic life. Countless hours in front of a talking again in the men's room presents. So there's shop called Build-A-Bear. Yeah we get honest with you I have not been in a mall and a long time outside of eaten at the establishment that is really reinforced Catholic who. Yeah so I was not positive to build a bears are still playing I live once I went to a Build-A-Bear and you know I went to Stevie was built one for his girlfriend I've been I've I've I've had birthday parties my kids there. Out OK you know brother pardon go through your irons and I'm stupid things like that American girl store where they serve. Will not quite that deep and they don't charge is much but it. It's a great idea can that the kid they can build from Barack and so learn how to do and obviously you do birthday and. Give them the a little bit of a deal depending on how many people we have and you bring your own stuff so if you wanna bring indicate you bring in your own cake shall provide adult table rings and I need. You bring your own drinks and don't serve any food you're allowed to bring in a couple things bag of chips metal part. I feel like these were back in the day mission the issue eighty I out front might Build-A-Bear on a reverse. What's crazy is Build-A-Bear so you have. And particularly about OK so did you cheaper and it's real you know that they stuff that they are actually in the back I I've seen in a watch that happened I mean they they put off. The Foreman yeah lately or whatever stuff I think it's I guess suck at the beginning with stuff the bid there cellphone inside of mrs. Islamic stuffing their scouting but it's almost up and say they they've they've they've put the bear together. And then there's an entire store of clothes and yet as you dressed so that you dress disparity could be fired American football player American differences bear mean you name it they have got a theme for a and kids go Olympic defeat human and they put those clothes on and bam they are happy and kids love it yet of course to Build-A-Bear what's happened. Approaches. Where basically you build the Payer and the the cost that they would be your age solves a lot of people brought their young children. I'm just I read this and I thought okay when it comes to Build-A-Bear I have a seven and after owns a natural. Or call 313 dollar fifty cents. That's cheaper than any of the time I can do it our interest that I would do. Nobody and nobody is getting a bear built is over the age of probably twelve. Sue you know play none of the adults who showed overbuilding or for themselves I'm 49 guess what I'm not doing as he made 49 dollars for bear and Priceline. Yeah well that the thing is though I don't think Build-A-Bear realized how excited people are going to be and the result was chaos. Yeah. And yeah yeah. Oh oh hole and black although our work that's another pill oh little handers another way the whole video and article about that on the manager based on page or check additional during your 92 year old grandmother to builder that it's still barely knew we had to know that everyone's going to bring your kids and there's nothing worse than ten lead and you're did something that they get excited about and that it can't be delivered. Right I mean had to play so good kid doesn't really good deal for five dollars but they don't know that that is hey mom being cool mom shows of these kids man and it's like well Build-A-Bear arms to god man. My guess that you know the prices low can this designed for children. I Abby and I'm going to spend an average less than ten dollars per kid well and I'm out of the loop but even for me I like. It shocked me and obviously Build-A-Bear wasn't ready I read something they had like close restore order with the basic just like our were shut down for the day. But we did not expect that I feel bad for the import oh yeah no it's not their idea but you're still the ones who takes the heat. Well look I mean you got to get better write that way I got thumbs you break it up all the time you seen any animal kingdom quite. A bunch of angry parents briefings on your neck crazy and I like that is not that is not a fun time and their goal on the same side remember that. Every pared back some the other when users deli there's no one's saying. Has relaxed its then get the Bay Area. And you know some poor teenagers like Charlie. We should state the Crocs kiosk and it's never what happened I told you so glad not a lot of action meant to be going element for eight. People come into lidge is what had tonight third adults and as ideal as having to refereeing a youth basketball game. February do all man baseball you name it soccer. My I guess I am that choice I have been in this position miles you've been here when you're when you're wrapping anything or umpire anything you can kind of intense with the kids involved so like I have a cousin it still does assisting right but he does that'd be great school he went to and there's a mean old lady that runs the gym. That lady is so stern to this day I'm on seven before she got yelled at honestly away yeah issue I crossed the courts say hi to somebody you looked out. Clark Kyle man. When my brother first start raping writes he's always been Baghdad but he got out of college now professional Raff. And that's been pretty paid that is an official in the in the NFL right which is great but when you first started. Here's the thing about notes some high school ref all of a school where you think about Dolan and he lives in an expensive suburb outside of DC company to be there is like. Are more and inner city DC. Now. If you know my brother. Either very mild mannered individual I don't think he's ever actually been in a physical fight of the meat. And as life and it even my apparent slide. Yeah yeah commanders are you sure there are absolutely might. By the time we moved you've already out of high school so I would high school Baltimore city and then as far as behavior goes numbers have been the DC right yet animal rights. May and you might really one worth it. Should respond so yeah I guess he nearly three or four game today however hello works out. And after his first recent. Huge crush it. Redundant stare at that I told Juba and it's it's the parents it is you know it doesn't enter my own candidacy and in a city it's its dues yet there is senators that thank you couldn't be beat there was no Friday Night Lights in DC is two fights yet on and tired or not the problem there and 30 you were kinda talking about this earlier today before the show for it maybe stop yes. Star Wars and Star Trek. Are two different things yes they are both nerdy. But two different things different kinds of birds cats. And and if you messed with the tracking and you know he is someone is Koroma. So Zachary quick to note from Star Trek was on Good Morning America with George. Scuffle up against and go you gotta help a lot and Elvis took effect at at this and George got a confused. Zamboni alone oh no he did. I think when did you know when this spot from Star Wars guys lecturer on start trash it's okay. Elements need more like. Call me right now I had gotten out of that us. Well we've got our Barbara honestly is there. There's not a citizen. Today I don't think it is. George screwed the pooch on that one hand I think it was announced I think it is Spock I don't know I I don't know that I've ever watch Star Trek I know he's from. Little pockets of star track the only bars and another intense limits is Doug Fister glove did you and it lets you go to. But you'd I think he are mostly flood. Yeah. You do it can do electorate agonized through new laugh about it George buffalo up against their life that's not his deal I think he got out of it I'm out of the batteries or stuff a look at this map out. He's got to get that hate. Oh what a funny as. What we discovered your alleged domestic sports Steve people mostly viewed in the mid tell you'd better hope your team goes down it's tonight's give and take with the start fresh star or people and his. It is paragraphs. And Star Wars is late mainstream. I could track he's the kind of still out there on the fringe a little bit. You gotta relies on sensors only get Star Wars is back heavy right now is eat eat eat it is yeah point where people are getting angry they're getting mad as hell I mean. Jar jar banks talks about death threats that he got. Every guy that the actor not a Star Wars movie that was the most popular he's the least most popular character all Star Wars but really just a lot of so seriously that he honestly got death threats they taught us about it and bug depression studio suicidal thoughts on just how bad. An actor's point of view of things uses. They gave me the script the director or director meat they wrote the story of trying to execute terror to they have they want and in the end of mad at me. But until we get that I would threaten it I know is I want to thank you I served a hamburger and you know numb now. Somebody else they want me to give Dolan and not my ass is on the line rag at Arlington just give us hammered that governor okay but it doesn't look for literature. Yet the tenth and it adds a bit much I think it's very important public Q you played no role a bra and get project. Yeah yeah and how did you get a little movie theaters to start horse track was available on TV there was there was still is yeah. I milder is always a series somewhere. Well lit heyday for us in the did start traffic for three the original one disappears forever long to come back and Star Trek the next generation. That did very well then they did two or three spin off from man and that that was there any day that we kind of faded away and I another something. Some onliners streaming servers they're producers or something but he hit it at a mass of data in NC in the doubles a lot of trick he's already been Greg he's before the next generation and spot is such a I mean I know letters anymore what's Erica. You know an inning by getting out and that's a big what. MS up the turkeys at Iowa don't break your forum both storing the reverently welcome our man. It. Let's see unfortunately we've talked a lot about this kind of stuff going on right now with people I didn't you know. Rightfully so getting called out but Kevin Spacey obviously had to do was fired from house of cards. So finally it's his costar rom right. She finally was on The Today Show mechanic asked her like eight did you see UNICEF and give its bases is like now but we were co workers really. Thank you had to think if Kevin Spacey. Number one with a closeted homosexual fears in the number two was like a predator on people like I doubt he invited out to co stars to do take it. Yeah I would of known me like he'd I would imagine he probably did a lot of the sleazy stuff on his own back I don't blame her like she's just like. Is that look we work together in between takes we had some labs Philly basically. There was drop dead we showed up. And get a call what is kind of weird to these people of this Conway if not we are just just how society works and what they did in but the idea of where's Matt Lauer like where in the world is Matt Lauer did not say when like that that's that's back to really be a segment now. You know slice goes down I'm I think the it's it's gonna be divorce court probably so yeah you know. Louie CK. You do so many was initially started a new you realize they've just you know they're they've they've dropped off. Rightly so PR guys as an angle away. Go way we'll see you next year or Jimmy or getting gay rightly ugly Oberto and I doubt I did stood at. I'll be curious to see how they try to spin this back around at that those people ever come back. Because you know everything else goes overtime you know. I mean there's an idea I think it's I think the best they can do is stay behind the camera and maybe write some stuff or producer of but nobody gonna put him in front of the camera. It's just gotten. Yet like the sound horrible but sadly like Paula Deen could go away and come back. It is she's a racial epic patent she went away long enough people forgave her but. Bombing that president turn a little break everybody agrees predators suck wrecked editing regulators started nobody seems like black people so it's okay. 'cause all they brought around white it is legal it army later she's seventy said I can't believe it won't surprise my fat woman even butter. Like a mom and they had to know to be that big of a surprise general but we knew Fred deter in the Soviet giving to the Doug dynasty people are raised its get out of here. Ellen coming off guard note. Hornets believe that the yeah. A lot you know obviously he did this day and age he would go anywhere that politics of course Jim draft Jefferies. I spoke the wrong there Mike. And guess what to do and Jeff first. How much did you Jeffrey's very funny comedian he's got to show a hand that he was talking about I think he's got a good idea here first actually. Well who should be the new Supreme Court justice. They're actually almost no complications Fred just as the presidential nominee pretty much yeah. They don't even have to hold Iran degree or be born in the U that adds Clinton good job after this show is canceled. Of occasions debated just does that trump could nominate any. Big changes I've just is like Shelton. I'm Brazilian singer who despite having dealt with nine sexiest man alive. Writing great so why did. Even on the back. There is no justice in the world. It's and in spite of everything I doubt I'll eat it's that the threat ally. But you know a little bit. I think his face these teen grids are fine. I really isn't there a preview release that be an attorney. So I'll get honest until I heard him say that on the show I did not know that he's out and I got systems something good goes but I think judges even on a local level or just appointed positions are similarly a magistrate is elected. A lot of places so yeah. Adds another pecking order of things in our commanders and judges and a magistrate you have to have been a lawyer to the government judge that was a really old and are somehow intertwined than other systems yeah solid states are different. OK right is Louisiana I've back in Louisiana still guilty before proven innocent they use a different kind of law where they used to. I don't know what in front of a magistrate announced a kid it was like you know someone unit and I get out and handed out there you know I don't know about the higher level of a debauchery earned. Man we know you're as a guilty renewed town to come mob some good enough to excuse. You know manipulate. That's like going to court in the neighborhood Grogan as something goes down somebody's house did today Blake. You know one of the four people involved injured you're guilty before Providence. You probably didn't think gas stormy Daniels some. How could help out the state of Florida but Kim looks like it's stormy Daniels had a brush with the law last night she was arrested at. At a strip club in Columbus because she allegedly touched a customer. Who turned out to be an undercover police officer under Ohio State law. Any employee who appears nude or semi nude is prohibited from touching patrons on the premises of the sexually oriented business unless it's a family member that's the law. At the state of Ohio. Shoots past Florida in the race for previous. I'll always kind of in Florida's northern west north Florida really remember the Florida and is crazy wild animals. Very happy people everywhere and they're gonna college football over might look relevant and what a party in. Ohio. Who was balancing out and I got here I might schedule headlines going to be in the Minnesota senator I think the men's or radio network. Swiss miles. Now see what's happening in the real high you know lone star state learn aid. Feuds over reserved seats and a first movie leads to a stabbing. Me while drunk Florida man thanks dominion on the boardwalk while in coherently bladder. Former reality star turned prostitute steal jobs credit card game goes on a spree. And is that a standing forty foot tall squirrel is too big to climate treaty and a plane plunges 21000. Feet. While the pilot tapes it is time for yeah. It's time day death. This. Is Mike cops error that allowed her life in this damn how bad. How market low fuel added to I have to. I'm doing great values are crazy that I in the business benefited but that's right I have nine and only use one top story that we go to Georgia where a nurse left the windows on her car open while checking in on a patient after late als. When she left the home to go back to work car she found a black bear had made its way into the van it's 00 a black man you know to do that boy you've met the Blackberry has the back. That's right. The bear had decibel blunt that she attacked the day and made his way inside eight to luncheons organized sport and check I don't know what word of this happened this happened in Georgia. Stored I didn't realize Georgia had a bear. Right and she having him I would think if I'm the last guy and really get close the window but I feel like in Georgia a mare. There wasn't Georgia I know I just don't think bears in Georgia and Georgia bears tight miles we'll test this will be. If there's mountains and woods there's an error doesn't paradigm or not. If ethic and now coyotes everywhere easy tried setting up the car alarm and banging pots and pans together to try to scare the bear out of the band but to no avail the animal that eventually. He would it doesn't get board made its way out of the man back into the woods to me that's the stranded. I haven't checked in about math right for a keep an eye on it to make sure that it's not just curled up where you can't see when you check back. You imagine back in your car I think in okay very Donovan you take off and now there's a pissed off black I've heard of a star was not a bear and guy stole Holliman. I think this is the cop car but he didn't realize it was that canines are subject to do jumps don't know it did not think well oh no this is what was. Something bad was happening to this woman the cops get there she managed to escape what her problem was but to get away from whatever else was going on. She ran into the cop car for safety. Didn't realize jumped into the bulldogs offer. Who made it worse staff wolf. In other and using Daytona Beach, Florida a minute I think that it. They may no luck along the boardwalk got himself into a fight with a million. Does the element in correct amount is outside a place called general George's on the boardwalk until scrape until someone punches in the news that's pretty. The game but he donated kind of place you pound down like five my ties and an error and had budget mid may want to amend. They do on a Saturday night got coupons of minions. Put a tournament starts they could quite well wait a minute I got pregnant I don't know I was like runs and a million. General darted out on the boardwalk there's someone actually dressed as one of the minions from despicable me franchise. This evidently angered demand because he began MS live and harass the menu. It escalated to the point the man actually slam dominion on the ground and began emerge please follow me the match. No I'm mama I don't know why he's the mass guy's gonna cost you meet kids talk back so why fifth. How did this gets caught him. You don't get paid enough to Wear the mascot outfit didn't ask you though don't you use those guys who poses for a pictures you know on its face well I'm sure Richard Bayer to make people happy. Florida in the and the candidate. The man was arrested but the many and is not pressing charges the customer because I tried. Sydney's opera mini Internet present jarred it probably does the couldn't understand and yes good. It's a combination of like 45 different languages I don't know who doesn't love that they do a brilliant job they do left. Other residents of Pakistan are split on their opinion on a new attraction that have been put up in an art festival. The attraction in question is a forty foot sculpture of this world it has made the steel frame wood and straw. The controversy comes from a being paid with the equivalent of 67000. American dollars of public funds. And a lot of people are calling it a fire hazard while others like look at this world let their kids enjoy looking at the sculpture. The scrolls expected to be leaving the area for the next nine months before moving to a different area that is in case you know somebody doesn't. How would they won't count the same problem the fact that a forty foot tall smoke from squirrels golden attraction. I'll argue and I'm gone down. Don I saw a huge its its it's nice charter day but you will tell them it's I don't know I don't it's less than we've heard about his extensive Boras so I think it's they needed to get back in the in the spotlight tonight and I'm looking at it I like that the drugs are not going to be done and after awhile that's gonna freak some people out man. And it's a girl just in time for Sasha to come back on showtime you know next. An air China flight get living daylights out of passengers on a plane suddenly dropped thousands of feet during the flight. Oxygen masks were deployed during the dropped investors demanded to know why the plane has dropped as they made their way back up 45000 feet. Turned up a one of the pilots used his big hand during the flight with what they're not supposed to do and hit the wrong switch is to try to keep the vapors from spreading into the cabin. The wrong switch is called drop in cabin pressure which forced the drop an altitude the airline apologized profusely and passengers will adopt a zero tolerance policy. On the subject Laura. I got bounced back. Is that if realized that my doctor about. Thank you likely appreciate it we'll see you next time for your guess is as good as mine to random question question the return of the word and men's room rule you have to dean it is all true but in the meantime we've gone about. So a dog next time please do what you do best. And for a leave this that day. Beautiful.