Monday, November 6th


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Afternoon she'll stroke Mikey. And on 98 rock in 98 Rockwell of give you sixty seconds inside my keys head. I. Better than. Why he's just you and keep you in your son was within her daughter would know when she's with you by yeah. He isn't really that difficult for you. It is because here's here's my probably got you a grocery shop late you know once about once a week. I just I got to just figure out a better way to do it if I write a list I forget my list at home on the list on my phone I forget I made a list in my own. Most are by and all this crap and I come home and I have all this crap that I already have just not good at. Terrible I thought your league das is a once told me that she got the app and advised things delivered 20 yeah I do I like to get things limited but even then I'm not good at it. Because usually this kind of led that comes on the laziness because then I don't glut and so I'm so lazy that and wanna get up from the living room and walk into the case and go to my category aren't I mean that I mean that I try to do golf memory. So like ours from the sad these things for the card and I already have office. You show the staff and they had all that's now living look at all the discharge your feet. Well they get they do they charge like twenty dollars per item or no it's not that much one car got. I swear there's nothing to examine the idea for like four months it was eight dollars on our depends. And where you shop yeah I mean I guess is a little bit more but to me is lazy as I am in his in his horrible it's shopping I am part of the problem too bad by the way is that I don't. Eye socket picking off route. But I don't know what is good fruit and what's not good fruit again like on a column on god you're gonna YouTube moment there's a bit about guaranteed there's a video blog I don't walk around health foods you. Good videos drive round pick up the best fruit you probably should I got a geared to YouTube's got some stupid video iPods I girlfriend did to help me do what you can do that. People do that but or you could help contribute to or he economy by staying an accountant with somebody shop for you well that's sometimes say like that's gonna try and do. In what I use the app of the may end up being number gimme stuff and Larry have all my gosh there's tons of videos on how to pick our fruit and I'm not much time did tonight. I think he felt OK I'd be paid a watermelon right up I didn't find a guarantee that and I got out again raw fruit. Literally earlier this doesn't he go you know. How to pick the perfect watermelon. It's until he gets in the editorial and second I don't have two minutes toys especially now around the store figure to soundscan grabbed the watermelon welcome Lufthansa doesn't. Guys we're the mighty weird unattractive woman here oh watermelons on the London with that I can I get those translated somehow picture we should hear more Melancon. Once that all day he did I have a friend he does nothing to watch videos on how to like I'm on my chiropractic techniques and a little bar. And you always do keep up that form we can crack my neck and he charges sport that's actually a pretty damn good idea in general. Really all you learned that there was watching YouTube video and it's he'll go to the L'Oreal cracker. Back that scares me about is having a random person right. I got a marginalized and actual sound very well he can't fit what they here's the thing about that is. You afraid somebody's neck of course if physically hurt you not like that knowing that he can't pull crap I've watched people get killed that way like in movies or. He'll somebody else happened their neck I know that's real. You're an idiot why am I 888 because I've seen I know you can stop somebody's neck that is a real one. Whole television network court TV you know back in the day I guess CBS TVS yeah I can yet be in a trial that would be on the outside. Who they are my guys on those prep meetings on horses trials this chiropractor wanted to you broke some group card to reenact it sounds like a real thing would you could kill somebody that we discussion I'll be practicing cracking people's next the bar. I like super day like to go to YouTube and learn how. Lou you know change our brake pads I don't think that's a general manager ungodly things like that I can tell you how many car problems are fixed by myself just thanks to YouTube. And I think that's so much money I learned so much like you I guess I never really thought about learning how to to take the fruit. From used to be they do I do what flood YouTube videos all right take anyone remember that difficult no I don't think so it's un agencies watermelon as an example sometimes you know legally give them a lot of millions or probably in my opinion at least the hardest routed to define what's good because I don't really understand the economic happen or some Moehler I don't know if you've -- three times and in his violent shake and they put here to elect its it's a siege on the ocean they can hear now. Now I don't see I don't this person Tyson Mikey you're the hippie you know monitored offered no I just need to damn fruit I like fruit was neither did he have to do here is probably okay volatile bruised are as our speed then you're okay that's exactly the person delivering your fairness I'll pick up fur just let them do it. I'm gonna do that we know. And men. They're getting paid Xavier contributing to the economy good for you and and keep sitting on your ass hey I'm. I don't problem being lazy about it trust me that's why I'm totally I embrace the lasers work my ass off the word will come home normal life easy tonight. And live in my throughout the pay somebody to get my fruit I will pay somebody to come my Grasso pay somebody do everything around the house only get one of these presidents Obama's apt to bring me a Rolex gotta do within the peasant sobering my groceries as their app -- some income over and slice the watermelon for you gotta would you hurry so I hope that they have that it's a call that I've peasants that would be right. That didn't. That's a stunning and let me just call me I'll come over fee income you're watermelon you can be my cousin who mileage helped pay the price is right I. I'm totally different I love gross out or would you dressy around your food non drowsy and in my house. I love. Everybody here out are not going to help with. He's got to stay away from where I live I remember what universe are you really nice and in a really good mood and I got late the night before and you keep it in my house sometimes I don't remember them. Hi Carolyn Blair told the enormity most of them high and I. Thank you rely on it and you can use at my house there. There and I think he's afraid I won't leave him he's got caught on video got. He's saying that and others don't believe that it's true I'm pretty sure that has paid off now I don't know. I qualify as you said it well. I'm surprised I sent into what actually did the terms or log my daughter's not there and yet every other week is I guess all I remember now yeah I was I mean that the. Did you get just listen and imitation just because you never want to hide the tigers is out. And thank you. He retracted that statement completely yes. But I've heard it's funny if it could hug gosh. We're gonna call letters. Not just a letter not wandering a couple of and there we got a couple love people who leave be talked the other talkback feature we have on the money Iraq after a yeah message you can do that and we've got some of those who get to top first won this election from the talkback let's see what they had to say. Afternoon show oh yeah definitely shows we again. In Sacramento I'm pretty sure it yeah lyrics got us where it's brother around the dinner and dad middleman that I am radioed back. A police and the video yeah. Larry looking at Nestle is brother and I don't but I wanna see this video would love to see that yes Serb police and enjoys is well loved to check in outside next one. Why the hell they call it ham burner. If traditionally its name with ground beef. Undergo a rights other. Eight was I had yeah they do these two Lara and even debated on Friday if you remember about that amber is in the sandwich because is the definition of the sandwich is less than between Brad and dale. Basically what this is the items between two pieces of bread so he went a little further and said hey I'm. Yeah I think it was in the that's on the to a Germany like the good things like ham ham steak or something that I. Added I think so in my hamburger when it became americanized. Yeah they got this from Germany I think sell our wall more from these talkback all of this today. I get an idea for news show named as usual cause mighty stroke meaning and get it now. Thank god I'm never that far I think we said that was one of the first things we ever said how vital work when you for six years and never heard a joke. I don't know but he put my name in between anybody else's name and just count it changes everything makes it very piano. That's funny in his roast where that Ameren when Dick was gonna work with a song yeah whatever happened that guy I guess you never showed up. How do you not so wanted to do the job we completed the jingle everything also work career is gonna be had a lead and the name of the show I think was going to be every stroke I think in the afternoon yeah. Put a hole picked out by the millions and he didn't show up so that we're like I don't Allen and we breached how we don't even on the name of the show so we don't know what happened. We don't know and here's an email game and that hey guys I've tried for years to become a professional entertainer. But when you dance like Hillary Clinton what I do magic get a I'm. Love that may be about 250 bucks a week I know it's that is maligned I am a wife and a two year old son my wife once we find a better paying job but magic. Had to my passion for years in order to develop any of you being in the entertainment business. Have had a relationship problem because of your wife husband girlfriend boyfriend didn't understand why you do what you do on the magic. Listen man. Can eat you did not do a masters week. Guys the guys go to the way again they have they have been resolved coordinating care as famine that's one thing but there's a week and I gig and he enjoys a magical and I might even more on the great traditions ever you can't believe it they what do you mean. Isn't passing and he loves that he loves and whatever he can't he can't just come to stop doing it but yeah I did answer his actual question. I'm pretty sure all three of us in his room probably had some well some some issues in relationships being in this business you know our dear yeah because what we talk about on the show and talk about on the shows who worked on the passively and always everything's an open but yeah I mean I've amid gone out on dates are met somebody who like I heard you talking about that thing. Or whatever you set on here why do you think that way or why do you say they like this. They are the if you're going to be in an industry where you're entertaining and you put yourself out there I don't know how magicians put himself out there that much. But you just that's just on the have to deal with here he comes with a man he's got to embrace that life. Especially being you know I don't know what it's like being a magician. Sock it to be honest with what you don't need to stand up like argue they're all kinds act as if you're good and it's now. I'm maybe not this guy got married lot of hello I have a relationship problems with the mother my kid because I was doing jokes about. Her and him and when she broke out at me as the initial issue might try to jokes about her I thought wow that sucks but the jokes I tell you now we're gonna get so much better. That's just part of the business though so we do we want our life is contents it is and you might do you think they disappeared not disappear Byrd Ted -- I did like she had to it's it's tough just don't think just in there and I'm just by the cannot. Are not a nice Angel Betty Africa. Comedy club on the weekends and I just point out that this guy has a wife and kid and he's a magician that's magic right there. Okay you're pulling I was a girl and to cut a backstage would you like hey maybe I do magic and the next thing you know child how did you get your act. The point and I'll be into Joe's gonna come and hi Joseph go ahead. So he said this guy may be the greatest magician ever if you what you would be working for 250 a week or weeks yet. Pointed out no jury heard me wrong and he may he may be one day he gets it it's a talent you developing might be because every idol. Zain it's like saying you work for soft rock station from eleven due to rip 2 AM and Albuquerque you're the greatest DJ ever. Opposing coach and ask why you might work in Albuquerque NMI do you start out your career who knows where you can go. Pessimistic person the day these. He got me the job when he meets certain kind of went zero how are you listen to him if you start if you have a talent you start somewhere you don't always go to the top of the guys really good he's talented it'll payoff in the longer I'm with you on this one yeah. You gotta you gotta work it out you got to become something in you never know where this guy's he be he could be confident saying it could be the next Criss Angel I don't I. I don't know three years on the scene he's going to be until he's that talented it'll work itself well. Of a moderate this guy's dream and passion go for you ever think this is he's a magician more the last time you heard a match shows a metallic they're. Shall ever in the U got or I don't I'm not in the magic stuff I. When I go to Vegas and I see these big headliners that you see there are these guys are making more than were making I was gonna say those guys in Vegas or make gonna tell them and they just they probably started not do it for glory are few bucks. On the street somewhere collecting change from there they walk by man you gotta go call your dream look at three of us worthwhile fallen monetary and have you Rondo and follow my niece is here this. The American nightmare. You can leave doors are of Paramount is forcing you to be here stroke. This one right here's this guy is an ass you ready here. I have built my girl for three years only first start out she weighed a 105 pounds that tiny pretty small yeah. Well now she weighs 135 pounds I don't know what to do I don't want her feelings so why is she let yourself go I'm really fresh. Drake on god almighty god. Our Michael didn't really. That's not even may well. I'm not even though I mean I will say this the dawn from 105 to wonder as a thirty pound weight gain by. That's not very big in west if she's pretty issue short though like this that the blood cell policy is now detained and there are so nice and I there's no justification there's got to be an addictive come on man no 10 my does not make no will be so shallow. They might be pertinent question for Al cult she might be we don't know. Yeah no matter what you know nothing about any of this. Other than what he just said OK don't be so quick to judge Bob and he made sweet how can we not he made himself look like a shallow did it by just saying this he wait a certain amount and now she's gained this weight and he doesn't know what to do not TE decently well basically said he wants morals why not your job I'm Bob when women can be just the shallowest Bobby here you know what I want to happen to fall in love with that number -- -- you know what this guy shallow in and there are a lot of people who have medical condition would wait are there are -- personal there's lazy people that have medical conditions and if people -- you can do it right right now all of drop another five not on my wife last night work and this month blues five pounds. You can do out there again today and I double a lot of weight in my life and I had made its case just picked up more look you as a money that's they can go way uneasy I can't yeah I'm the same way it's. I just have been a big weekend I became a ten pound yeah it sucks he had one of those people that you're re in May catch up with the download hill. We'll say one day but I listened to Bob Bob if you're listening to artists want to go and it colored my Mitt maybe. Many suggest. This you can afford to lose if you cats are okay I volunteered to go to the gym with her or do whatever you want to arms is get onto these 24 you can you can't defend yourself. I'm Bob Carmichael dude terrible idea. Do not take eons feisty guy I don't think you can never approach a woman about her weight out of Egypt really should be approaching anybody about the way as a man though I'd be probably okay within just. I think women are may be below the more sense and don't let. You play your point 22 Damon right now ready. Ian is it is it okay if you had your date a woman on her birthday would you marry a woman on her birthday a vacuum cleaners and okay ever. Her place I did messy yes no matter Johansson. And that's that's that's not so let's say hey this place sucks. He never buy a woman and a vacuum cleaner now he'd be the type of god her birthday and they would give her the died he did this take an Ayatollah. You know very thirsty here's a diet or gym membership yeah. Mom I enjoy for mama mom how much what do you gained. Maybe maybe you work out every day I don't know maybe maybe it it may be pops gain weight to a yeah. It's male yeah I know is that it was a man they're very they're real real. I was the world they're real they're they're a hold basically they they they want the woman he did certain size yeah and they don't even look at America's fast death in a bit and keep on their end of the bargain yeah. Just me if I'm with a woman as she is too much weight she will now are still only on the line yet your stuff Obama. You and god knows that what we knew we don't they have Milan. You know one in that simple stuff posited that the londoners don't bomb on my soul year I said away and not. You know this is this then there is a concrete reality and it'll happen one day maybe a garage and I'm sorry for the moment I feel bad fortune I hope she do Bob Hope she leaves you I really do I mean that.