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Monday, November 6th

Emails, Your Guess is As Good As Mine is between Celebrity Presidents and Championship Cities! Plus Ask the Mens Room and the Shot of the Day!


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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. Classic classic 844999. Ella. I was a lifeguard know on my cock was a was a lifeguard their for about a week or so. But when I was a lifeguard I was a lifeguard in lake. And you can literally do it every one to a nobody saw anything that you did anomaly that there was no adults from kids swim or anything like that but I do know this. And I really it and this this this takes me off more than the fact that he grouped in the pool. Farms in my you weren't for the golf however doesn't what bothers me about the pool life because he said that you know every ten to fifteen minutes an hour. You get adults wet short and know something that I always grow up with an eye Quentin goal proved time I equated to your 21 birthday. When you go on you're joint first birthday you have your ID decision 21. No bouncer asked for your ID that night it's highly disappointing you because you wanna show that idea like I'm here I'm I'm in its official. It's the same thing with being a kid you always want that one point in time in your life when you could take advantage of adult swim ashore now since the time that I have been legal adult. I've been many pools I have never had the opportunity to swim and adults would. On Iraq because they've never had one any time I've ever gone anyplace with a pool. They've never had adult swim and (%expletive) me off because I was like now skills like you know and only do an adult. And just keep on slowed. I'm just gonna keep doing I had anymore no plea and out of the one hour that seed Mary you're such a bad lifeguard could have been no I think those guy went wrong with the strategy of whooping and pulled and I divided the strategy as far as starting complaint which is just. If there's kids in the pool that's the time to prove from the pool because no matter what they're going to blame it on the kids right. I know some heart would just don't give as much like I have proven pulled dribbles in we've proven pool I might even get arrested at. But if a tipped boots and poll they talk about to be in the kids and open to your kids return kids report I got a pool but I get the boy I'm blew open a pool. There's gonna assume that scans I Johnny you filthy little kid might have had John and I just don't know how you all closed for half an hour. Gaffe perturbed thermal lemon jelly need to know about those chemicals needed. Reason west. Where were you when you put yourself Edmonton international airport their pre boarding screeners have filed hundreds of grievances about the later miss breaks. They union officials say has resulted in at least four staffers. Soiling themselves. Although workers are supposed to present him he's a very very machine Sarid sorry two or three half hour breaks a day depending on the length of their shift. That has not been happening. We've had a couple of officers who've actually soiled themselves one in particular in front of all of the passengers because she could not get to the washroom in time. He said then later clarified it actually does a seven with four of our workers. One woman was off work because she was too embarrassed to face or co workers and face management who failed to letter go to the bathroom. One person alone has put in 28. Grievances. Morales low esteem is is is not high. Yeah other improvements on a place to work right now the Edmonton members have filed more than and I aimed at pondering the grievances about going to the bathroom alone. That's insane. There really take a bathroom break is the Edmonton airport vet busy. I don't tell me what is it like to. What does. You have the JFK's inaugural here's the Edmonton airport I can imagine. There are so many customers that you kill these people take a break and no offense once the home ground caps themselves all right. Maybe go all right that's just Ted Ted Putin's. And then a week later okay well miles is proved himself at some point you go guys we have to rethink the policy because again. Our employees are whooping themselves and ember public rationale. And their friends friend I don't know if there's any sport that people can pick who. I feel like the employees the man says. Yeah hope. Hello Kelly welcome to the men's room. Hail a lot of thought wow that they're yelling for. Your dollars every. NASDAQ. Up here today that. Silliness goes and how much. How much they don't call him you know miners as. Say it. I don't think they've stage at this clinic thinks my text and play I think there's like I had hundred dollar less. So was an expensive and got a phone we have. Well let. They're going to visit pretty cell phone. I mean yeah yeah I mean it works at the Smart that's screen just. Very basic. Okay and that's that's fair enough I assume you don't you don't whole lot of stock in having the newest greatest phone and all that crap for an unknown right break and match how many phones we've been through. So. Need MIA. I can't say he used to get me like olive they're Blake 01 cluster plucked whiners. I'm Belichick exclude they've only like certain people are getting invited to get at and I think I had that went through week. Asked how he dropped out of its cage and then on the board had been and how badly Gorilla Glass or you can still touch it and you can. So your your fiance gets you the fancy phone and that won't breaks of the phone you're using now is when your ex got to. It came. So loses the businesses the worst part of bringing on this guy not getting married is your lack of free phones. I'm now. I mean it's either no rain getting you and I key and I I am not like it technology and GAAP. Okay but you're you're actually break it did you know getting married till now right. Yeah okay it was a because of all the broken bones. Probably actually can be key everytime he did say that he wasn't gonna get me another Iraq. I I think you're an IQ is there it acted. It did he break up with you after that though the broken phone and that's why you're not getting married. You know not commit a broken bat we didn't talk throw out is really mad diet it now in the mutual. It was because he's mad he broke the real expensive. Exclusive. And Alberto prayers like I even had like at Google. I'm Dan rather takes solar my act okay. And our who break give me some you know you slamming them. You're just not dominate dropping like weird angle where Blake and not only get back to rock that had happened to be angled at gonna shatter my screen. I didn't keep giving new phones if you. If obviously you're going to destroy them I mean that's been established why would you keep buying something but he knows in the end it's just money in the wind right. Well yeah I don't really there. Like around three Obama and that's finely Egypt matters to act like over a hundred out of it again. Red and now that's why you still have met in appellant that he not talk to you after you broke that one vote. We a couple of days like and I would even got back together and often found in check off and it cherica that's really all I wanted to not bound Mubarak to skate take tests. Yeah okay I'd well I'm glad that I'm sorry that your relationship to work out we picked idea for an incumbent. I don't think that's a record deal and I like songs you know like like I hear of my daughters who have an African film and they won't you pay for the phone you like you religion. You have to be on this payment plan now love both my provider or what the deals like when you won't let you lose my house now right just pay for the phone like you gonna pay installments like 7080 bucks a month until the life. Basically by the time this phones paid for sure how broken it or overwhelmed new phone run or it's going to be at that point yet I don't get what's going on there. Other reason we asked how much was your phone thieves outside of San Francisco. Stole more than the 300. Thousand dollars. 300000. Dollars guessing 300 phone worth of new iphones from a truck conceive that is the answer the question I was looking for how real phones do you believe the Dow was. That were. 300000. Dollars and 30300. Apple iPhone exudes a 300 phones were stolen from a UPS truck in San Francisco before the newest models launched. That is 300. Feet. Thousand. Dollars. Worth of loot the thieves have yet to be Todd broke into the truck Wallace driver have been making a delivery. Where the expo and retailing of between 999. And 1150. In the US. The value of the goods 300000 dollars police looking for three suspects in hooded sweatshirt who drove a white dodge van. That purportedly occurred between 11 AM and 1115. They're saying the value could be over 370000. Are not sure of everything. It was launched the sale of more than fifty markets including US China in UK that is a thousand dollar phone and otherwise you think it hasn't got a GPS tracker on. You think to be something in a phone that would allow you to know that phone went. May we may know something I don't I'm sure the something you can do to deconstruct about it yet I would they don't want to activate the phone. And long Canada delay would you use the phone and activated you build attract a right just like this I mean nobody was doing in buying a phone and as I know people basically use a phone around with a computer so I get that they calls that modules are personal battered and laugh. But when I hit a phone is just because one of mine that's another reason to get rid ago in the U go to the store. And I don't know why this process takes so long I really don't it just seems like I should go and make a here's. Here's my dying or dead for eagle and an upgrade. Here's a phone I'm gonna bias in this your phone over here I feel like I should just give you money right. You can transfer my pictures of what our relatives of people do. Why does this process take place and don't have to out even longer what is that that's happening within my command line you are playing a foam would. I'm not changing my number you can drag from a current contacts and all and even if you can't. I don't care why. Does this take so long and for me. I don't get anything on the phone and ultimately pay them for. Government more dollars commander does this illness and it's not because of cheap it's that I don't do any thing on my phone goes on I guy I know when he gets me is just transfer and over the contacts and stuff why isn't always strong. I I don't know if I play good and my computer the computer sucks and I'm my phone instantly my. Let's just not even urine tell us why am I thought why don't I have the my name when I walk in and they're street people there and then they take my name union input into the iPad and it's it's a movie with you shortly. Well I'm the only one in there are losing on women. Some kind of waiting and I'm waiting and I'm waiting in and one of the dude who's actually part of the three that ask me for my name. Like after five to ten minutes of them just talking then he's the guy who turns around comes over in December and also connect. Yet know the guy he was talking to but they weren't talking about anything that had anything to do and Nelson just talking. So I realize that has got to. Why would you like duped payment on how do you like what I had to go to the buffer zone in on me like does the tablet assign one of those three guys what were what's happening during a period of time. Why didn't we just expedited the process. My given my god damn kidney embargo phone man you don't like it. It takes less time to give blood like they're sucking the blood out of your body it's a medical procedure but. The only high transaction failure let's check the action that takes longer is is an Olga. And out of orbit which units and car did you understand you all the paperwork and it is understood Iraq over the phone there's not a ton of paperwork right to announce that they. With a caller you're waiting for them to improve all the paper component of the phone and I'll order contracts to whacked him whatever store all your information right leg. What else did so god is doing the guy and then followed silicon Harry has as good as my. Irish coming up celebrity presidents and championship cities they would get your emails on our random question question on the way from the men's room Edmonds or live dot com that's all coming up next. You are listening to the inter radio network. John orgasms go to my categories celebrity of presidents and championship cities are guesses as good as mine is a minutes away first. Time for a few emails here for the men's room amends or live dot com. Colorado got here hi guys who knows not technically a birthday beloved judge my new son today after twelve years as his step dad he made the decision. To let me adoptive blobby Austin now from Dave Dave that is the sweetest story. That is awesome but now we're active content area. Treated him I love you twelve years are gonna tell you know get my stepfather and I don't get or pardon should go to Q okay he didn't adopt an adult. I think well I mean area. Or even a V I don't not necessarily saying he's eighteen years old just after twelve years a big step dad you know and into his last name and got do adopt. A run on williams' shot. Yea it's a lovely thing that this is what I always say the kids an adult now could you could still do that perhaps it was very friendly town the last name down I don't monster about so. Our guys and you do birthdays but do you request for the birthday is getting married. No that's an anniversary right it's the ten year anniversary being married to the best moment ever Lisa congratulations that is they another outlook I don't know dirty German for used got a number I peninsula Michigan whose birthday is that no one's day. It's our anniversary we do the birthday song this is not typical we was you know maybe there reference in the song you tell you haven't met with the ten years and that's fantastic that. No shot about it. I have nightmares you and her. I've been dollars and are for about ten years thanks to my son can go as long as Joseph doubles but marriage is all mildly I'm from the Marines will be heading to Japan soon I'm so proud of the young man he has become. Would love and if you guys thing in the birthday song with a kid's face damage and how hitting the window and on what the hell was that brawl. Thanks for the entertainment that from Jackie. Yeah. Yeah crawl only use off the radio gods writing and it was my dear friend Samantha Kelly happy birthday it's her dirty thirty. And she just became a first time homeowners. Outstanding moment and a killer. Killer boasts and boasts and BO SUN. Great friend. I don't know how well LeRoy Jenkins and a second up cupcake. CU bridges on live today that from wildcat will. Yeah. Oh. Homered Tuesday marked my twentieth year on the sun I would love the dirty Germans and maybe some Robyn as well telling me what I should do to my girlfriend to celebrate. That from Josh Afro general of thrills drinking army. And I wanted to say happy how do yeah it's not a message just in your chest. Often have but I think he should these yeah some fun with the funeral but a home provides an agenda does result in all I'm James struggle like. Brutal politicians. Draw extra extras Alicia she's a cheater like drew hostage standoff. I think by a friend McKee says birthday could give an original face damages and dirty dirty German Todd thanks guys that from the lovely Emilia fish sandwich. I do not know you're all familiar with the three fined a monkey but there is no sense. Job and then maybe even come over on this necklace from the now. As they mean by half a veteran Jim. Why isn't our day I don't have very good friend James Adams give up faced sandwich because you're getting old bitch. Abby thirtieth birthday broad announcer less thanks guys that for Mary sandwich rhinoceros. Like that commercial fact. I don't think guys is my 47 Jerry Brown the son on this flat earth and since none of my loser friends will do this. I'm gonna do myself would be awesome view guys would talk dirty dirty dirty German to me thank you from mark. Yum are heavily to float a quick drops due to annual Fuzzy ball. John when people move in my house with super worship and come sandwich. Approved by 2000. All eyes are hoping I get a shout out to my girlfriend Shelby it's her birthday. Could she get a barbershop quartet fish sand wedge and the most dirty Germans to tell her what kind of sausage she'll be getting tonight. Thank you all that from job. Dear is it June movie Laura Suzanne wins. She's a daughter on this. Television I wish ladies do okay see in the morning and and you and you and. I'll put a bouquet or create new substance called upon that in. Yeah show you see this little Red Sox who she is the job. How come nobody method of providing. There pillows that my father login. Birthday today Elizabeth you guys every single day in as a huge fan. I think you guys take him back to those glory days when he was younger man coming up on five years left I think he's gonna retire. I'm always looking forward to it before he got this job and we like to smoke a little grass so I know he's looking forward to that as you can imagine. So we could get a little kids they salads because it sounds like his granddaughter. One hell of a long Ripley's that would be great as well at a birthday Kevin and have a nice day fellas yours truly. That from Scotty. Guys my 32 term around the sun can I get a little odd dirty German police thanks guys and give our rocket from making. Yeah I was there you have also 300 connected to jump in really big. Hi experts lots of pushing. Pushing through the completely. Yeah you know sometimes you can pull on people out of tonight. This is today's my dad's 49 birthday his name is killed no. Yes with the NH he's a loyal listener and as a bully got me listening as well you don't nears and dirty German talk from thriller dead thanks guys that from Chandler and. I use of the Internet that drum with Google and very bad. Now maybe it needs some batteries. And then they tell you didn't bedroom and compete with guys that did not. Too deep. Through the institute do you best tool DE. Hi guys serial. Okay obviously the it's. Happy and had a lot. Hey David good good I need you bad bad. Doesn't they're two Germans brought. All available through news and world fame on men's lives does come another sign retailers. Who I am trying to apply. Getting uncontested unlike coming up for your guess is as good as my losing Miller nine right now 844999. A look at lectures here. All this is a good man every what you like we we got a couple we we and it's such a nice email. On our last episode we had a a woman who wrote then had to go through a terrible tragedy into their husband's untimely passing. He just one let us know that she was added as you've listened Michelle and it got through some over down time so we appreciate that. Jonathan Reese feel good yeah we've gotten I got a couple of those is people who were saying you know I came and I as far as you know me my dad. There was in the show for years we're together we're on the garage whatever. And then we get some that are like this. Our guys I was disappointed when they replaced that talk radio with all of you but I decided to listen to see what you're all about putrid. The sad thing about it is what miles and rolled don't talk the show is actually entertaining. We feel sorry for the families especially their children. Based on their commentaries both of those men must like a deep sense abort you got good news right talk these dead Smith. And love and fox do all right boomer men anytime there's any doubt and I opened her mouth according to lovely morality. Boy oh boy are we ruin her day Colorado you are rather hello we have but we look now but we we have asked for an address. And as far as we know we're going to send up Melanie back a full refund on her entire subscription so I just know me you and your family will be completely reimbursed for for. Every minute did you listen to the money back guarantee and a money manager do we have a money back guarantee the fact we have the only money back guarantee Arabia the overall money spent to lose and lose program. We will bring him about it it's no problem though doesn't that. During that he could be dented. Yeah I mean it could be I'm glad you could have borne it out it doesn't matter what you did with it if it's like Nordstrom you mean we're gonna take nothing back and we're gonna give you a full refund no question if you even need a receipt that's it does bring it back. You retirements and I am I we we give your money back. I like this one crazy exits out what's going on guys in college when I was a student athlete at ASU there was this girl that was super hot that I was hooking up with. The issue was being Jewish she didn't want anyone to know she was hooking up with a black guy. And I would pat I don't Allen passed. I don't think oh man did you ever think maybe is why does it go I count commotion is Jewish. Means that everything to a Jewish what do what about white men I do the same thing. I would pass on campus with her girlfriends and I would simply say hi and keep our relationship secret but then she would make it negative comment on the more I saw her on campus when other people around the board it's disrespectful she would become. Long story short I ended up with a lot of her bras and panties that she left of my apartment. I didn't went to her sorority house during their monthly meeting. They opened the front door and in front of all her sorority sisters I just call her name and set on returning your property and walked away. Nice by the way Ted add to tell you about our crazy Kennedy years ago it was funny that from Jim that is a great move that is that is an awesome move right there. Okay. Let us together back at that. I guys finally Ivan when it's this idea. She's seen the crazy encounter he had with Kirk agrees Kara had with him crazy ex of crazy encounter with the youth with you all right yeah. It's a guy's nose is trying out a new pumpkin cheesecake recipe this weekend all right and since I didn't have any Graham crackers for the crust I used. Cinnamon toast crunch all my god I have a correction it turned out awesome no thrills big fan of some of those I guess I'm not figured had to pass an uninformed and Andrew in and New Hampshire that sounds fantastic sub dead it's November I'm drinking eggnog and it's delicious. That from Eric Bogle I love the people Fred Thompson and the ignorant if you don't really I don't it was delicious. That's exactly right you know what man didn't let them know you had a overtime give us today nugget is not technically. Christmas season yeah but after Halloween it's Christmas season. During a ball and I you want Iraq is to have mad at my god are there right now this looks as this is from the SI use story where they were though someone who was who being into the washing machines oh yeah did the colleges colleges has guys that went to Southern Illinois University. And hearing the story of the serial Cooper reminded me of several serial proving incidents in the middle school that I teach yet. When he offender was God's eye crappy not. His name was Richard do demand. An off duty men and duty man duty man duty do self fulfilling problem the show guys that frowned not done. Hearts are really your guess is as good as mine it's an easy game to play we get a contested on line to get take from one of two categories and that from there. It's up do you get as many instead category before three strikes. And you're out all right Steve because our contestant ready to play your guess is as good as my. Hello Barbara and welcome to the men's room. Oh okay. I about it look into the program today on your guess is as good as mine we have two exciting gatherers. One of the categories is celebrities. Who people think should run for president of the United States. The next category as the top ten US cities with the most pro sports championships. And what category you wanna go away with your guess is as good as mine. I want to go ahead please celebrities. Celebrities for president created the United States carrier very popular web site went down and they asked to bunch of people like look. What celebrities do you think should run for presidents of the United States should the should the by the way Kevin Spacey was 48. He was then I haven't done. Nonetheless yes and a nobody's gonna drop little but either way there are ten celebrities we was that you know I've. Most people like that guy I like that guy they would make a good president not only guys women are included actually. To give you a little clue. There are two women on the list the other eight are men. They include actors. Talk show hosts. And really that's about it once I just sort of not really. Actually I retract that. A talk show notre not a scientist that's how it is lives we will not I. Doubt so the idea here is. Is Bobby need to get as many correct in the category. Before three strikes and you're out again these are celebrities who people say should run for president of the United States. It. Crist of Walter and Christopher walk that you're gas. Yeah. Now I'm sorry inch. Okay Christopher Walken but as the barbershop my way into work as a sign out front that says walk ins welcome. With a picture of Christopher Walken space. I didn't I didn't Earl Jones. Let's go ahead 20. Yeah I asked him. Present now. Democrats and Jennifer Aniston. And on the list yeah I think a little different things like Oprah ER like that you know the Rockies in the oh era the ride if they went and I like Tom Haynes still nine it was a good call George Clooney I'm coming to people who Ford Emery who mistrust. I feel like I frequently on the list. It's about. It and nobody wants barrel through it was probably won't get that in general. Denzel Washington. Denzel Washington. That would be a great guests bush. Sorry. I think there is there is one black guy on the list. As three strikes now and that I didn't know no Kevin Hart. He's got a hard do I guess all right yeah let me Mario is the first time we ever had three guesses in the in the game Intel and staff. Aren't really the start of the Christopher Walken and real man doing and aren't so arm okay. Guess the rock I'm almost and I really giving guys like blues and rock and Oprah we just think. Not gonna no matter what your first guest the rocket. The rock Dwayne Johnson at number analyst at celebrities who should run for president you're next yes I did you guys fresh start here. Consider you guys get three strikes I've seen Oprah just because there's a lot of good laugh about it Oprah Winfrey number seven on the live got a number five and number seven on the loose correct. There are eight choices remaining and celebrities who should run for president in my houses or somebody on that list that people would want for president but he can't quite make presidency. There is not stick but I know it's dog and others know on the old on the left. What about George Clooney to Philly he talked about politics it rattled. You had the one earlier what's that. It's the site miles into scientific and it's as our bill and I write but it late milligrams Tyson I would guess that he still actually assigned to bright side you have to be built not. Announcing a new progress site Revver once stood sort Obama well bill to grant cited concerns. Yeah bill math build I never tip. Our as a three for three Israeli athletes. Besides the rock I guess. You know. Now now everything else is actors and talk show host we'll show them to think Kobe or maybe there are there's one more female on the list. Year. There I think what's also saluted tiger we Fallon it's not Jon Stewart that's when I was thinking I would tell a story actively. Patrol should look. Little dizzy. Former prior to talk show hosts on the list as well okay. So John's just another reporter yeah celebrities I run for president over slightly slightly edging out the way the rock Johnson you guys are four for four of their six possible remaining celebrities who should run. For president on the list. But we're still looking for our current talk show host. But I Anderson Coopers and the news. Miles we know this isn't a right leaning or roughly list this is Hollywood. So are there are a laugh there there are. There are two right leaning candidates on the list both their old. George in the rest are another three go three older. It's Wendy's would the American remember he ran in town for a while. Yeah quickly and easily put it put numbers next half hour by an act for five. And I did it celebrities that should run for president there are five remaining at this credit now may feature to talk show hosts. Two actors. One guy who was in act juror. A bit more of kind of just like. Hasselhoff type gap. If in that realm of being famous. He had no dude he's more legendary. Than he is only famous are based on his own talent that matter that is the kind of a close guests. Who else is like domestic K this guy is more guys more fabricated in Rio. Any hasn't done anything to earn any of that other than just be himself. It's gonna kill room here. So we'll have two more talk show guest one black man to talk show host. The US troops on the blackboard and write narrowed down to get a guy I'm doing okay there is your monitor and unveil their may bills sent out to the black dude do something else and just be black. Oh he doesn't know enough yet he does he does voice overs all right thank you think that the he's black in his voice over Detroit on Morgan Freeman. It flew. Meyer a little wrong we've eliminated the black actor and now we have to talk show host and two actors. Alan most popular Ellen number two oil at. It's like oh my god you guys have no strikes a three remaining. There are two actors and one talk show hosts left to go Coburn I don't know. Gamble their number re doing here too long guys is what matters to actors one kind of an actor one legit. Legit actor that everyone loves that rely on that back. And removing. Now now played Auburn and had action and one strike the tiger hates iMac all. You gotta one look out of Iraq are running out of time Timberlake of Timberlake no that's two strikes this guy Shannon. Pulled an all around the new human big. Things they say he's. Yeah Lorraine thought I did close the stars John you know. And soon as you. There's hardly great Jon Stewart went right Johnson Clint Eastwood Opus Dei typical Americans Chuck Norris bill Nye. The ten celebrities and people like to see run for president. I got older it does his job today the return of as the men's room is coming up next you are listening to commend your radio network. I'm did you know you don't have enjoyed the men's room about that Saleh and wandering in the toaster Andrea tells with a shouted thank Allah the men's reverse. It's been said that there are no stupid questions. We disagree. Because you'll keep us get over. Why is this guy. STD. Round yeah. Is my mom more questions that need answers and yes. This is as. Got a budget brass met them to shoot us an email to amend German men's remind our economy the subject as commander we are short sometimes are attracted to one. Hi guys this isn't kind of stone to punish our thoughts of if that's equals less than muscle. And generations are gaining more fat and evolution shows climate adjustments to physique. Good fat people be fit to live in a water world because they flow real well I thought about this for a solid ten minute's thought I ask you guys that from jet. Well that's where your mind wanders why were in the shower I mean you would have to think that have been turned into a water world. The fan are you are the more bully UV right I don't. Is that true. We are fed clothed male and gentlemen think about it when you if you don't avoid breaking Greece into water and then even in the safe in only big explosive tough start. Yeah we'll do. Well more. When you guys come back to my got a break can you guys are laughing like crazy maybe think of somebody to ask. Have you guys ever yelled the F bomber anything containing the seven dirty words right before going live yeah that from Jamison affairs your gallery absolutely basically 'cause right up until into the vice commander of that is back to being that the nice guys we are far. Oh read during that somebody else their desires to be ready. Men's room knows just. You're dead and then as usual we had to be great desk as Steve its oil to find out nortel's yes indeed today we chose to nineteen year old series downtown city of Chicago Illinois that's all you need to know. He decided to rob the original Maxwell street polish long story short it's hot dog stand on the south side Chicago pulled scarf over based pulled out of physical demanding cash from the register our heels and stole the wallet and the cell phone with the cashier eating hot dogs and now but up for grabs all the trying to stay you've got to do pockets that's when he shot himself from the five. Then he shot himself again but this time he shot himself in the penis in front to the hospital and now faces two counts of armed robbery with a fire. He went around a hot dog stand zones open winner Brad Berenson a great amount of Byron into that right that's because Chicago doctors think. And wind keeps up and pay this. Travertine kind of leveraging those very good moral and we drink this booze because when they get DNA yeah back so all of the tongue and down the road Jim Hardy. In our economy is down hard guy big John Guy. To get doesn't want to probe by the stellar 98449990. La. The shenanigans continues on the men's room radio network.