11-08-17 Seg 1 Mens Room Must Defend

Wednesday, November 8th

Mens Room Question: Who attacked who, and with what?


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You what you're about to hear is real. Brazil this radio program I assume. Trying to look. Offend anyone. Invited to join the party. This is. Other than secrecy. It is now. They say. Radio more than three times. And Jordan. As. I don't go look at this number 2700. YO. Along with Stephen Drew hill. Do tents and bar. The my guitar. Yeah and amend Breaux a that there during the boom Sox less. An ambulance updates with. What you don't need to know. Get ready to play profile list plus headlines about their job of the day fumble listener emails and everyone's favorite TV time would take place clapping during an intern ideally go FaceBook asks users to go ahead and I think your news in the so you won't be a victim. Of revenge form. Has our situation in Canada especially 25 kidnapping victims wearing what they were when they were born. I saw her star inserting instructor killed by lightning while catching the wave survey says 250 preschoolers. Are suspended every day because they don't behave. And German bank gets into a fight. But the python in the states and it's all coming on today's very special episode of the men's road. Here's a question. All I've read his good days do you and your all right one thing that most of us can agree on. Isn't this all could be improvisation almost say what phase of conflict for example. And I attempted to rob a gas station is weapons of intimidation. His dog. That was the thing about this is even neighbor walked into the gas station with is that he demanded money. Cashier said no he said I'll be right back I'm going to get my dog my dog will attempt search. Many of them against both the left goddamn dog had so in the end it didn't work out form but that was as weapons. Yesterday we talked briefly about before the woman. So she's faced a bouncer at a bar and she attacks him with the twelve pack the past who were. I tried he's about what details on her she grabbed her drawbacks and crash some weapons and then there's a guy named Donald Gaither is from Oklahoma. Now when it comes to his choice of weapons Donald local woman traditionalist he used knives however when it comes to protecting themselves. He's a little out there and recent conflict of his neighbor celebrated body armor for himself by duct tape being porn magazines to about. A fantastic picture to get the chance to see it is as an amendment to move on learn imprisoned he said he was a survival and here's the thing. Conflict happens whether took another human being if you're trying to fend off an animal and a good seems led desperate. Different things can be used as weapons different things are used as shields. Maybe not the intended to do so today it's question is this who attacked two. And with what Cipro they shall call 844999. Hole you can Mike commands are on FaceBook follows on what are meant to live. And in those emails to the men's room mad men's or live dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. With smiles. It's all bad audio image on overtures. To get to the hospital if you needed to go because as we know. It seems like the ambulance rides are getting more more expensive your time so and we know that's a huge expense of all we get a bit. A certain scenarios. Basically. They have figured out are more of app for you to want to drive and more apt for you to want to ride in an ambulance. And this comes from a hospital who did research and a study that is incredibly. Reputable and people coming in in an ambulance oh yeah urgency room. All the time self that is coming out of what you don't need to know so should I drive myself to the area hospital or should I called I'm a month. And get an ambulance and we'll do that right before the shot of the day profile those coming up and our question today who attacked 20 and with what 8449990. Look. I think one thing that we have definitely figured out it's some. I wanna say the last ten to fifteen years maybe twenty years. As far as the aversion of assaults go that you read. If you hit anybody with any thing I don't believe that the this Houston necessarily be the case it was not the know well back in the day may be legally was but nobody got char Bob ball up the ball paper. And third in your head in seventh grade nature in the back and had no damage is done to death. Technically it was assault but no one amber got charged for anything if I T even if it's a spit ball well whatever the deal as it is his if you have somebody with something if it's going to be assault if you. If you touched it counts mustache. That is when we found out dials back the cup to learn touches mustang Isiah thing is glorious the reduction. And finally as well listen man its assault on police officer if you don't from a how close yet I didn't know until you the kidney that I was are. Go ahead still I know I know you're a good job of just let me dead in my tracks there I think you're probably there longer than the copy anticipated anyone to going through this one question death he knowing how he was he Obama and not find my feelings of music in the least in the least. Bit on the I want to know what does so yeah yeah hey look if we got to fight him any theory as I was a freshman that took a couple kernels about that example popcorn and routing of its assault it's assault right everything I mean I can throw cotton candy a wisp of cotton candy that you would hit you with a antihistamine that's assault cotton ball it's attempted assault if you miss if I throw a feathered it somehow have to just be able to get there and touch you it technically is assault. But now open golden time for man down them would go in for. Yet through further and do know that summertime pour salt. Well it's like this basically that's also someone who love them but I don't ask do it when I'm in for you ask you what they convicted me one. What happens is when the S hits the fan and it is the closest thing that you have in your proximity at the time if you so choose them over and other than your presence of weapons. So that your you can defend yourself with a little bit unwelcome mat it doesn't matter to me and there's something to grab gonna grab it rhymes that I mean look either block call Monday and there's that big thick as. Phone book signature door to elect Cobb dotted yellow pages again might. It's it's it's huge no other way to the people they drop those off. You can do this all favored you'd just opened directly to recycle jerk and he set a brother an awful hard for imports now need to recycle forty unfortunately it's it's a once coming up behind you or your home and and they're going to try to rob do you walk in your door to get a faced Obama pick up Obama comment is right to the face and finally that things weren't crashing. Finally it has a practical application and you say thank you all look people. For that you on the off chance that you're about to be assaulted in the front of your own home. And they just drop off this otherwise usual while the garbage now it's useful yet so you can thank you dollars whatever you got close of which are gonna grab and go and hits a moment that was always the big thing on the shields. Right he was a bad detective or whatever. So like even cops have worked out and be in a bad cop for like all right you get in there interrogate him he'd bring in the phone book and racer death death is a panorama that phone book that's what I saw was kind of a a group fight that happened the party and the party was at at at the house that I lived and the two people who got into a fight I kind of knew but didn't know real well but anyway one of his friends got the fights now there's like three or four guys involved in the fight. And a one of the things I loved about this house was in the back of the house. We had a pretty good sized backyard of the fence yet and of course after drinking and everything else it was a group of younger guys will go back airplay will football now this one yes we have two of ball that letter the one do grabs a workable baton Kenny takes it any stars swing and a distant. And the detective. It's it's a little to look upon the knocking her room with a ball back to start swinging this football bad guys just like taken into standards stared have been just be disaster for this guy and live like three times the level about is that you gotta get me. And then proceeded to just killed. What do make ports owns a huge dam fist in a little ball back get right labeled with a ball that's the only other thing like. Don't use the with the ball don't throw that little ball at me I'm gonna check that out here. Do I saw one at that like we were like in high school we were at a college party and so we're sitting on like their late like brick wall like kind of before you go into a building yet sort of sit nature and people were dropped as they're walking by right. So my friend the one guy walks by with a pocket and he knows what's in the pocket here's some have somebody up at this news and oh yeah and in the dude clocked him right over the head. My pocket ticket and that's what's always that was already. The into the that it did you heard. It stuck dump a guy you know what the bucket right down if I didn't I think you'll just more fun to be hit with a bucket our body kind of fell. We go and. There's there's an anonymous woman of the budget. Or you don't own but it's it's backlit. And even begin to guitars. Contact you and look what 844999. All hello Josh welcome to the men's room. All the chaos. Well the salute back in my day which are searching day it's not Diego port. I was staying with my buddy band at a time and and his mother. And elude me bed and his Brothers of passion and nobody ants ought to we're all basically live and place. And I was trying to apply to jog you know get my act together. And one mate Sebastian Ben's brother goes. Emily Gloria and so casual like oh you know there's still quite if I go to rectify them. It looked earlier what happened. Your packet all your stuff we're gonna throw hand and then you're gonna leak. I let. OK okay got you go to out of blue really early look at that point I really didn't understand what was going on out okay well. I guess I'm not wanted here for whatever reason. And so the next morning. A packed up my stuff. Emma but he can't sort of thing go do what you know it likely go it. A leg they man I you know all I do try to help out right here and I'm clearly not appreciated so I'm I'm I'm taking off and actually. The Pashtun duke. Burst into her room do steaming mad. And and he is audit met that is true that in there. And then it goes into our New York market as. You look we're gonna it would look Obama in order to go outside right now we're gonna programs and I'm certain they're looking at it on an hour ago. Yellow packer I like to prepare this could go down like he ever got to back that will. Go back end. We go all right what do you look at some point in your locker fights. Europe were were doing that get out right now I got locked in a fights he goes you under the name to grab me. I get I'm a beauty they're not exceed your Soledad and are bringing in addition I saw him up against the bridge. Start way around a little bit and I get him down and ground. And I go hey are we done now Blake and I just leave in peace we go to now well now you're gonna have to dot and he gets. Thus the grass twelve inch kitchen night all over all yak yeah pulled out the kitchen knife that's when I don't doubt in his boxers and like. What it is going aren't used to bash is with petition nice to choke choke out up against both of them. And I had the extra the back sliding glass door open at bat that I could. And I'd jump about you know like to retreat fences. I'm running around the course this is all happening here not matter who put up on a bombshell. And and I don't like you know like little kids on the street like waiting for the bus and hears me. Just this this. Dude with a shaved head and steel toed boots on just running around like running frantically looking looking and alteration to keep the Psycho is chasing yell at night. So I make my way down this the one street. And actually it's a cul-de-sac storm track. And I turn around at various security people came right at me just believe brick with this. He has changed view with the children can live this entire time. They're not so okay so basically. And then touched his brother choking up against the other and I've bail out back pork chop over you fences make a mixed turn around streak. And at this point I'd like out of breath totally abreast you know I'm a smoker I'm totally out of shape. And I'm cannon air. And I realize I'm typical show actually took any turnaround and literally at I turn around. Apple staff and of the bulk of sacks and he got no it's it's really got another two gold. He got out which local zones my concern you still have been mired in it and an at this point is running for sprint at. So I turn around with everything I got and I run up to this random house I served banging on the door. And in return the looked and he's running in the opposite direction. I don't know why he was right it was the closest thing. And I have never experienced that to be considered like divine intervention you know like pulp fiction where mr. through some act news of a miracle all. Well now Macedonia by men and actually an act as the dude want instead Unifirst plays go play. There was nothing lucky about this most of us do not deal was when I was so your friend and wants is that if you report this incident or did you just move out. Oh yeah so I mean basically. Come at a house but I knocked on this lady lake. So what you want it now late K and I don't think trying to argue or anything I didn't need you looked well and we can at least a shooter on. I call the cops and do the cops came and kicked me out. In that cul-de-sac. Probably back and house animals you don't sit in the car karma got me you know Erica do you just think if they you know are for some reason I'm. I'm guilty as well which Stein and I'm uncomfortable looking around you know all nervous you're gonna try to know where to look over and the other squad car she's giving the most. Cool stare. I'd ever seen in my life like it just gives me chills. When you have no idea why this guy determined that he hated. I I've come in my mind I come to a conclusion that it must attend. To our I just I try to be really felt for I was putting their you don't try to clean it on the that word all the stops and I think you lose just like I need to get this guy out here is making me look bad. Oh OK I'm. And other world Kevin and I know Anita track and he brownie points with my mom did that's one thing Mandela well miles goes above and beyond the word content and I always thread number twelve times and asked. I was happy eating catchy kittles we got stabbed I do need some asked him who he's. He would have liked the look like it's. Wannabe can't predict it LLE. I. It's not yeah. C yeah I really did there duty did or its. Yeah yeah yeah yeah what do you do now analysts. What do you do now let alone without what do you do now. Oh I'm the technician. I have all what batteries that we're talking like the right thing but I can back it up. I got together definitely doing pretty well the hardened. I when they left they are I love are all right there it might stay you know and. I just go I don't knock on the door. Actually and and a key opens up the door installed at boxers like Johnny white nothing even happened. And what came and you're okay. Ago. And I can only get myself to like having come on and like she just totally unfazed by this situation. Barely knows his brother. I Baghdad I wanna didn't realize right that's a guy who's not gonna freak out and now this Dylan was martian moon moon started drugs that do. Who attacked two and was lucky for Ford 999 hole. It's easy bath seat facts. Hello Marc welcome to the men's room. I thought wow. Good no. Matter Kern orange. It's and several like a Big Brother lover it didn't want to damp dark portion. Bottom of my ex wife actually attacked beaten. Jewel will not be up about side blocked certain. This is about sixty almost seventy years you'll automated appear word I bet you know that daddy I left turn. All these jackets in watching the little guy there. It's always a doctor and after I travel it won't it will hurt. Yeah I love to travel fifty feet or so other like you were getting a divorce you are through laughter. You know we're getting into I didn't hold early bird and I both it's you who's paying my girlfriend to babysit targeted. You've got to be good days earlier without going broke it. It. I don't know move to yours down with the baby sitter. That checkbook let's just do need it wasn't like it was that there. Now I know definitely saying you can't start the video that crazy enough the ex wife and a half. The baby sitter and you've moved into gorgeous gowns at home so I. Know you know it but it usually individually this story you may distort his only you were so incidental of this that the oh the irony of like almost as. You know leave them the exact Maria oh good yes I can now that I know bags of one of the circumstance than your wife your ex wife traveled to greatness altitude doors and in the tactics. Washington Post doubted our old doubt. I was you know pick up the last of my stuff my computer my router into and at least eighty Q Jim obviously somebody that it allows you might want to out. It's his right. You're serious movie you're normally I'd hope to I was done. Sure it's going but due blink all. Aspect right now. Do you normally we don't even quite gotten used car also a girl what. You're out. My wallet. In hand to run the other and a thousand women veterans over her shoulder to grab it. And I punch and are grim but it must better didn't do it served its scale. Let's just didn't like our actually it's pitches. I'd pull out of bagged. An actual field what is she did you choose your computer stuff they're bright now. Or Els Colin hello quite the important didn't. Go to die or anybody says that you didn't see it's getting beaten. I did not boy that sure that our neighbors are standing outside what can. Work at boulder area. Sure sure they'll be due to assert itself to the ground ball straight at midnight but what I'm Jacqui in my vehicle diligent in daylight. What did you want with this site jumped. The water and onto the babysitters. Sardine and may not. Us. Did you did you see it taken away or did it was just. So this looked like sixteen years deals could it matter what a woman to do a guy. You know oh they just they look oh you should have been there. So it's a result of ownership caps issued through what I. You know that she threw the ball please report. This as an NBA notes about what you get lucky once the president let me ask you this it's okay. Did you have any further incidents based on the fact of being two doors down after the Dow much longer did you live two doors apart. I didn't take long after Libya do you charge 200 hold down my good guard. Yeah car was a double under. You make it sound like that's under and we can all relate to let you know let us now dead rubber down the car there are also on the ground. The man yeah. You looked up surprised at all she's flat not in general idea have you had any contact whether since that. It didn't until well after I re married would not be better by the minute I was and why did. All juiced up well it might current White Stripes did predator because I played great hit the other. A bit of its own not bad news that god so we sit here moving to Arizona she's sold out everything you got Luke Arizona. The giants got beat bogeyed in my group so this is now thoroughly thought Libby Arizona. Because it's exhausting was gonna get the best viewing good and Arizona to be close. It is hot out there you know I didn't you don't want it. Intent that's exactly so that presents itself you're moving to Arizona and they're not moved to Arizona. Just Ian or not to do but you probably really enjoys Arizona. I am I in this. That's sort of is entertaining there's there's many things wrong with that story that we just are like most others in all of it really but somehow I was so entertain them openly when. You start banging to babysit my get a you're the same page but the thing of it is a living she lives two doors away look in a three moved. In the senate the white was still pain in the baby sitter to babysit. I don't know I'm I don't know man that. Everything about those starters left up but I enjoyed depth gamba and luck and especially children while Rory rightly he shouldn't have violence but. I don't know he moved to doorstep I have to who don't let. You're just asking for trouble it's like look maybe you don't wanna get to fight and if you were to say hey man I don't wanna get to fight the question and ask you is that why did you spend in that person's face could move into a door down to me it's. It's kinda like that. Yeah dances like the big middle finger to. He said that Donald gave her an ongoing disagreement with his neighbor Troy Bagley gave reportedly thought Baddeley had gotten kicked out of the mobile home park there. Things game go ahead when gators showed the badly someone yelled come out and gets down. Gave there was reportedly holding two knives and two more security there's ways he also had a large weight attached to a land your. And had created a manmade armor of sorts comprised of adult porn magazines that were taped to his body. He appears to be intoxicated someone's guilty then comply with the officer when he ordered into the ground at gunpoint and he was holding knives and both fans whenever the deputy confront them. Either reportedly told deputies that he was in survival mode and had been imprisoned and knew what to do to protect himself including taking porn magazines to his entire body. Here reportedly had previously gone to jail for charges of assault battery robbery possession sole property blah blah blah. Yeah even over a tag is never but he was wearing and armor of porn magazine states conducting if you get the chance to see the picture of it it's actually pretty impressive. Orszag do and look what they four point 9990 LaMarr your calls coming up you are listening to amend your radio network. Par par 999 all out to attack July we had to say Los. They would be robber used the dog to try to hold up a quick trip early on Monday morning but turned tail. Yet today I didn't mean when they clerk activated the alarm. In his face to escape he left the dog behind. The man who is 321 entered the quick trip shortly after midnight according to the sheriff's office. He tried to cash personal check that was turned down even demanding cash from the register according to a press release card didn't and over any money and the would be Robert all the Clark. He's gonna get as a dog and that that dog was going to attack him. He released him from his vehicle in into the business by then the clerk and activate the alarm call 911 man fled and left the dog behind it appears that no listener. The man was arrested later he was eventually released as police seek warrants for stealing and fraudulent use of a credit device. The animal control took the dog sheriff's department did not identify the Brayton who you of the attack dog there that didn't attack on our questioned. Half court judge you and we'll point 844999. All of its effect on the day. Yeah hello Juan welcome to the man drew yeah I hate saying hello not LO one. Well. My radio down line. Out of the radio are all right how it's time you have hundreds and Madison avenue we get an echo the view we don't know one. But. I don't know but at. Other New Year's Eve party is split apart into my friend jobs. Am actually dad and his brother starts arguing. It's like step away and let that my little brother you know followed evolved. Next thing I turnaround. Admired my brother's friend. Hazmat spread on the ground clutching the crap out of lives. Outside court ticker I spread my out our Brothers. First rather awful that. Pick up my friend start secular mobster relocate. That is his brother hit it across but it with a jet. News is is it's on you at home but your eyesight turnaround like what happened I turn around. And actually began but he just gave me it me you know what our. Law miles. You don't want to talk about it a warhead light against. OK. Okay more okay. Good. These moral behind. You get our god and her story man that was beautifully done a lot of this. I was like a corner kick goal and that was unbelievable. Right in the pocket it. Positive news sticks in mood you're in newsstand on next time you see him in a minute two Beers. I don't bring you one level because it's all I want I know more than airliners thank you. Especially evicted the other time. Validation went up together and let that card to all my brother just brush them. Dust side. They'll up. Ballot yet another act. If if if if if if if if that dividend yield the highlight was of out of and you took a chair to the head man. Now well. There I don't know what what they or aren't gonna buy I think get a bothered that son told you man. Shortly forty lose the last time that you got in reflects how many years goes bad. Yeah. But Jenny adult okay that's not bad I would lonesome Bennett obviously you from the last Hillary did not think. Our National League outright they actually built so I'll try to run outlook I would. I. Off the highway laughed rolled. Lou you okay. Why do you try to run someone also brought food ma'am. How about a piece of equipment. And there's food I had the flash I had that beacon goal at Eric in the duke guard behind me. Start Jeremy and I turn around that's what killed you can go around. It starts to let during the ops plus. I'm an Obama hot air so. You don't yeah. So at that moment out big about it. Whitney went bats that the I do the machine not admit. He's dead option. While I would prefer that. OK time Sorenstam won't okay men don't cross want to you know stay cool brother. It it is it I ten years well now that. Go two weeks ago I did try to run a man off the road but that wasn't a fun food jags do endless flood aid for 49990. My god are you received an airliner carrying an eight miles into violent and I'll tell him. Hello Carlos welcome to the bedroom. And wow. On the court. Ultimately the good food and my day. And they. Married PGA might. I am open to each other Putin did that include you don't have the you know what about my dad he's. As you read. Out. I've been there forever and ever and I'd get one day blue body above it and what are the bad pattern last. I don't. And you know that's so bad luck there a minute now look all of that and art beat you both like plastic with a with a metal legs. Yeah Levy so amateurs on them there although it's hard back. Well used to that that they now I'm what you did that well and you don't man. And like I did member of that aren't blue room. I was required tune yeah sued to slow moving on let's remember adds in did you belong there have been very preliminary deal like that led. I could do too much damage to own web. And then they will not let them both Biden I do like my good chip moves so I had an all bad news. They knew bad move that would be that you got a bit obviously down and then. You have a guy who's despite. Now yeah little blob like. I go men of the movie you know right best of the things that happened I didn't let. Why the senate but the only person over claims that there joking is the person got the worsened the Clinton. I certainly that Darryl was just kidding ya the moment you pick up here is there's three other chairs stability and they if you run of one share than the three or discounted as an odd man out and do you remember who cares you remember those jerseys talk about. I think that it was no big plastic likely are not the classic ones so I really don't probably later in our school lasting career but when you back to elementary school man. Sort of the same steel frame. It but these shares weighed a ton because he said that the seed itself in the background as. They're like he has some battling high density ceramic or song like that they were OK fake in had a man I think he's and that's the share this dude picked up a photograph. And there and that's why he was just kidding just kidding. Silicon the return of who sucks lasso our question. Who attacked two and with 18449990844999. A lot pulled alive Morey calls coming up in just got a second. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.