11-08-17 Seg 2 Mens Room Gives 'em The Chair

Wednesday, November 8th

Mens Room Question: Who attacked who, and with what?


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This is dumb men's room. Drama the ambulance updates come your way with what you don't need to know right before we drink it tells for the shot today who sucks less is also coming up. And our question today who attacked two and likable stories it would be robber. In say most. He attacked clarkin threatened to use his dog. In the meantime a neighborly dispute led to one neighbor going over to his neighbor's home. And for armor he decided to duct tape himself in adult pornography magazines as a little sum it picked up his prison days I went over with two knives and hand and he was probably arrested on alert for Terry crews in Friday. Well they are good holes out he didn't prevent its that the third with that Friday after next to next Friday. One of those two yeah I had a question who attacked two and look what 844999. Cola they'll go to prison miles you know what's the right TV shows. It some comments came into my you don't touch up my alcohol man. You gotta watch TV he's got to play today and you got a very pretty airline only could that pretty yeah. You shaved your head so quick as. Miles of that here and won't until May break my nose dude making we ugly. So would folks have heard it. Let's see I think miles an anti Riggio we gotta click out and get talked to threat I got it if I irreverent and Verizon I'm sorry my boys it. I thought they drew saying as far as assault goes and in the dollar and and unless maybe decade. Where everything's assault and I would say did you get over the spit ball it's assaulted you pour a glass of water on some amateur drew the salt so. Some comments that say this is true I got a fourth degree assault for throwing an empty too bitter model across the bus in an Arab peninsula. My question is why are you throwing an empty two liter probably trying to hit someone else and and accidentally. Just because they were done with the drama loves why are you storing it anyway you finish it it's also across the bottle we do it otherwise and got your from literate and understand that ball whatever and then as far as the question goes. Who attacked two and watched. So the brought my high school girlfriend home to be my mom. First and my mom says Stewart is. I do using birth control. Moments later my mother throws a chair at me. Now is why the wholesome welcome we stay together been married twenty plus years she mom is that as crazy as ever pull a towns Iowa jail that's also yes that's. The riveting story. Hello bread and welcome to the men's room. Alone until it yeah. Are. That very that it. There's no. My job but I'm glad to export the bears. And then what we had ordered by side. And the buy out lead. Peek at our. In the back yet you guys help me. That is pretty big guy admit Orman but lots. This girl she attacked it pretty I think it big guy had a crush soccer. It would happen look. In order to get the middle aged are. They're pretty low Arctic and tightly ads you know I'll bet that BYE 300 power at a depressed about 08 is that both. Come about pretty day and put him in that initiate an outside of the vote. And I had figured out a way to lock my aunt or failed and taken up in front of me just walk over and drop down here. Not a very big guys' efforts by it what they do whatever. I had some pretty good or are sort an oddity. Well this big guy but he would go out or a good spirits and you'd need thing that he felt down he's very humble and around it could hang onto it. And the girl's article that. Apparently. Apparently the you either like to be left them away. Well really anybody I don't know eat crap like a great big all of it looked like a dam and but it all over an. Like hay maker did cancel out there with exit. Only argue unmanned well that's gonna really get his weight or hard. Yeah debt that's got to a point oh how bad it was she damaged. Arctic how bad we she damaged. She actually wasn't damaged good I mean. You know put it pretty good well on the side of it they love their cheap really read. But he did basically. Took off running right. And we kind of fair got between the two of the way it is what they tell you about calmed down. All they decide they're gonna fire him immediately and reluctantly broke and I don't go that Ed land. Between the can. That room we lock in and Eric and we got up oh about seven day but I. What do those that I don't like by the way. Are they what are those seven days lies and he got beat number I mean at some point got to open the door during that week that you got to block and yeah. OK so when you're locked down like you can't meeker and tell everybody gone and he knew it. Amounting heat they charge you 435 dollar a day earlier or. I believe by the time he got out that both he owed the company not. But he is they and there are no no more trouble afterward. Oh no I didn't I'm not that now now he gets back Ian back to Seattle. And he somehow you do it my name is cola company and find out when I looked in her right in Seattle. And then. He he went down there and I don't know what he was planning but the cops had it figured out. Somehow somebody knew that he was. Come and after he was an idiot but I don't know what are the cops knocked him out when the when the boat landed date they wrapped up all the way. Did he have anything on him. Yeah I didn't leading to find out if we are stuck Alicia lead in all. You know without cars and they wouldn't let out the vote. Now that America had a guy got to ask you questions. How long had you been NC at this point. Oh we were probably out. At least two months you're out at sea for two months were there any red flags you this guy you might hear right do this. Here's well he did share some information where VIP. He had been the president elect a lot of people that traditional lap dogs for you're getting beaten up as you know beat up an ex girlfriend boyfriend whit. Oh OK so he. You go forty miles to where you work. He rented a hotel room be so they're towel rack up the bathroom wall. And ticket to where you work and pummeled this it. She's Christ okay how all right so you say you're at sea for two months you gonna all the way down. The coast you finally pull in the Seattle after all this work and all you wanna do is either get drunk. Get delayed and go home sleeping your own bed all whatever the dealers all of that you can get off your boat because this guy's waiting there. Well even when we're out there still have to offload the little what you get there they'll look at a certain. It back on special but both are equally with CEO to ask what's the biggest album you've ever seen. Oh man we probably fifteen or Atlantic. Fifteen feet long. You have probably 88 treat Y that it. Let me be more at how the how old do you think how old do you think that how that's. You know we have got our. Serb or vote she meant a bit about how the web site media. I old. Said don't give those assume it's maybe a hundred years old thing. Yeah probably all right how would that taste. Like how does 100 year old meek is Albert let's face it man it's a one of the best fishermen would still be fresh and in general I know that but I'm still saying it's fertilizer like aged cheeses yeah Asian bond is it better or is it worse. Is it I gotta believe it's better just based on what they do it is urgent I know that you know their shareholders urging our look at 830 Alec they. I. A expo inched away. Yeah I mean you're gonna have obviously merited sturgeon delicious to Mandela the ambassador to the meat is itself awesome it is so good and it's out right now by the way. Are you basically close the eating dinosaur disclosed eating it. On your hands you could possibly down. I am I doing here apparently I don't know how many there are a lot of PGA and I and it could two and with what 8449990. Cover mining keepers yeah hadn't acted as I do naral and the mounds I get to my head let's catch you and me Aaron. Hello John welcome to the men's room. La club wow. Oh my story goes back in 1989 in the amber let's go back to 1989. And little glimmer nods admitted I'm miles an overdraft. Steve you little bit higher Lyles he's a little rule John DV. Most three's company. I had like. Let's get that mattered little the Marine Corps my first beat facial look out there now let's say hello to deal. Oh yeah it was great but I didn't have the maybe I don't know two week. And our company at a party outback behind her Barrett in. Tears flowing and we were able to turn gay teen yeah I got to work you guys who didn't like to go one on what is bald guy that big now bonds and the other one with a big guy who chipped it. Well we all get drunk. The little guy ended up beating the living tar out of the big guy with hand though. Separate them every go to bed. The big and we got in the morning walked into the head looked the man he's its eight swollen. Blood everywhere. And always years since any gloom that did did whose did this. And everybody pointed towards talent so since the point listed bunker though came close and grabbed his Kevlar helmet and grab. And Nash net incited to keep the hell up your head yeah jump up on the top rack straddled him and start punching him in the face with a killer yelling and probably an effort. It's yeah so it is that by the time we pulled him off him it'd split that kids lower lip on three and a half inches further below looked endless chain and how old Dolly yet. But the best part about the whole thing is that king the big guy got thirty gave the break lockquote ranked pay per month. Extra duty global level off well tended to get the break they put him on the same vehicle. So they had everywhere together. They've become friends after that. Ohno okay. Sometimes it is not like the movie has sometimes they get into a fight innovative bygones are bygones it's over with tonight could just move on sometimes sometimes. They ended up and fight in the Philippines who went there. They got to fight Hong Kong I mean it was those who'd. Well they solenoid around the world as they fight around Asian car around a huge moon. They all gone now that kind of fight that Andre plays beautiful man great place to McDoogle vita program alive I Thailand Libyan fight that's the country to do litter on the beaches due until a new you do drop onto the sandy needs fluffy rarely connect an upper cut that did. Our cause a new attack do and look what 844 or not and 990 look there you are hoping for the Ambien and then go umbrella I don't know none lately I don't know if they fought their way through southeast Asia the leg goes there. If you believe all the entire time at the amid. Don't judge you know and why 844999. Local Lima articles coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Joseph you know has turned the men's room. So John and end on Sunday right before wagering it's also the shot today with what you don't need to know our question today who attacked two and with what 8449990. Law miles by the way you're talking we're talking to the guy who was on fishing in Alaska. Yep there's our talk about how a bit he said that the biggest when he saw was probably over a hundred years old and fifteen feet long and eight feet wide right about a foot they can play good taste good arm. According to some of the comments came menaces how live over sixty pound starts to get real self and not real good but Stacey wander between twenty to thirty pounders that few other comments I go out there I'll hang on those 100 year old. I elevate it taste like crap it's tough international flavor. Jeff Manto. And there was a couple of like it should be this actually Dick. Did you like there was and since no one really went over thirty pounds and I'd start a little army of thirty pounds seem to be the the target but everyone seemed to agree 100 year old elbit. It's not that it's bad it's just not that I go to I think I would recommend for holiday it is he cedar plank and some lemon pepper tall pro listen to news. Just shows no vote well both. And yeah. OK. Okay. Whoa. Where's the I think that recipe that I make that I don't I had somebody else make it that way and it was delicious you can designs. Not a big money won't exactly doing a bloody powerful are 9990. Hello Matt welcome to the men's room. Off. So this words about fifteen years ago. And I was Morgan's ship and a bunch of from the woman from high school I'm a big deal we're all gonna go to Seattle. And so we're I didn't yell and so we're the only on the freeway just south of Tacoma. And you're driving north on I five and the kids driving goes castle mega store because careening off the freeway. And we get there and I'm like autism are at an adult store in public law I'd never been one solar wrote a gold goes. We get inside and I don't know if you've been there but it it's huge avoided gymnasiums. And he used to be like super like trying to heard and might do just we want. Can't call your hoods extort thousands come on down are you could get. Also related illnesses have diseases and everything. And everything answer. All the way down the quarter and all the way down the long walk just covered employers. So just like suicide myself so I'm I'm just wandered around spared everything. And pretty soon to cap on my shoulder and and my friend Jeff. Is Whitney and I turn around just in time to realize I'm being cold across the face with a big huge black rubber marital. That that's why I appreciate you reduce. Later police but I feel it was inaccurate map Brenda and nine was this your friend Jeff who is hurling this that you. Yeah that is elite beating me like he's completed. Jack. That's government job to know the riot control if you look closely and over the odds are designed black mayoral aides. They they could be. So I grabbed the first thing you reach which is another. Angle marital aids. Like excited about Augusta and Adams and grab another. And we we start. Clearly on each other like dirty. Dirty light sabers. Is. Eric cave over huge huge huge grab bulldozed through to the ground drug gets out of there and everywhere ought to come back. And get an enormous strokes we had to sit out there in the parking lot while the girls. Crews there on the council megastores and just sat in the parking lot not out of the car waiting. Inject dirty light sabers are very lights there it's that would change Star Wars put his hood. There are thought to pick one up and it's about a minute I'm not you know what accidents caused front I did she won't get hit in the face with a latex vagina. I wasn't in a fight but it's just the party had gone on nothing of the Christmas party went to someone bought and as a gag gift and and voice those you can pat what point is like a blow pops out cannon like. It'd made the rounds at night but this guy throws them across the room. And just as he gets to destroy this woman steps into the room I mean it's not perfect so the thing is. If hitter on the cheek but it's the genocide out right so you just used our Madonna on her face. But it's kind of like kind of like when a bird it's a windows you imagine playing in hitter phase its stock for second and slowly slid off. The beauty of this aside from the fact it was hilarious was that this was the boss's wife. Oh tall man it's just it's just timed out perfect the thing hitter to face and just slowly slid off and she's like oh Margo who would that be are white. A vagina. Thoratec do and look what 844999. Lola great site no we learned in that moment ball's wife did not have a sense of humor. Not really even not even a little bit of lousy throwing. Lucinda Roy got drunk Mantilla era mean like just don't things were happening Tulsa yeah thorn around he didn't mean to hitters who wasn't in the room when it left his hand she stepped into the room deuces and went to the door. And she saw nothing funny about that hello Nate welcome to the mandrel. And although I Arnott. Tired so. Well about sixteen. One. In the shape up pretty regular about sixteen year old. And how did know my buddies out. Then down you loose currently. In the endeavor you're not true there are so green got. Third. The third while the fight midnight it's also sweep them up there. And and I come in the basement of you whom you date it. Normally don't look I don't know anybody are not an armed rebel base in this. And I got out an argument over to get some. And goes below do. I would like Carly halo shady people look cool. So. What I need to do is to have my back when my other personal problem when you wanted to do it any. Pulled the broad out of his closet but they would stay in Iraq this question. Anybody here I want to die hard in my driveway with this if anything goes down just told not help me out my. Okay. Sounds so weird maturities eighty people that the guys hanging out with anybody. You know we didn't know it turned back then vote for lack of better term he looked like skinhead prospect. Aren't exactly you don't out of high school. And I hope and where we live we live in a very that neighborhood so I would like I'll look. The I'll give him anyway as it's navy. End up so I'm hiding in the driveway. Sadly crumple it up. And they dropped the any new public part of them problem in the moment ended up. Hello our political our total how it. And I'm looking up the driveway and all of a sudden. Just like my buddy but there's got pulled out one of those little. Like. Telescoping baton OK and they'll like hold it and icing my body going the like actually can't. Any swing but they have only hit him across the handler here you know when they hit the ground. Why couldn't run out of our way. The six foot hole it wouldn't hold my some brutal terror the drop Glasscock. It. Until you Harlow that would about a lack innocent go over and other you don't talk my buddies are when you've been with all of our might any sound bite. Let the light sabres don't know what he's. Oh. Blood across the debt and it crap who happens won't around the head and hit in the head clean get Cambodian army did well today we're gonna roll over. They're being let out the most high kicks field I have ever heard from a mail in my life. You'll the bullet you know urban model and an inability. How old are you. But it didn't do lists. And people below problem my blood I'm. Like I said you know it's been handed an event I want to do and I'll. I didn't scream like this do you keep it if it. Could there ever have a say in fact you know it's Eric. Dude dude being spin though he told his base of my buddy my yeah. You know to beat bush very good guy and first let it be great. All the sudden wave IndyCar evening calm like this curtain down the street you went out and they roll out. And it seems it's clearly and he pulled out the double barrel thought up. And it's like. Pilgrim that would let them down do you have a week early in we know my buddy just gives you better believe move like he national problem and I dropped the victims are not important how. This is his parents ousted him. They hit a good parent child yes yes well big oval and on the street and we can even turn around again so my buddy reached outlawed now. Grabbed his dad. I'm thinking double barrel shotgun it's not follow up so if I mean. Or sixteen of them look like it was a long look good on all the Cleveland won without the Portugal Spain swing around. They don't drive away all they were doing was turning around. And then it turned it up and Palestinian Authority are. We'll look broken. Pull them out loud enough you think that. Aramis Jones what's happened is that I don't eat lunch. Pretty glad you. Obama would no doubt look. I left in and I you have so snake day I my body today to introduce you gotta do their little bit Alia a whole lot of it has to purple. They thought ma are you jerk this is. I was treasury Muslim thing as long as it was. Are you are at our government have been like adrenaline I had to go through my body that. Are you yeah it was pretty clearly the fact that ball looked surprised me and tell that story here though is just our you know and actually broke. To know what we're not remain you've SS with the two mainstream. Save them Hornaday factor that's different sound like I'm Susan. Don't judge do and what bloody floor for a 9990 look I've made and those tournaments I want to embed. Okay that means a double life and death decision allows the did address some of the bunch dudes because all of the same impact and they like to wreck I think it was tender and a toddler man from front I think I would just welcome to the men's room. All right gentlemen our jobs. I gotta get on Soria MIA and mom and around the time you my little sister was conceived got caught cheating and by my doubt. And she confronted her out on the front porch big drama all the way and I hope everything older you will miss is that. I was two and a half I don't know how old is your how old is your little sister. I she lives and this is right or when she would concede it's okay all right so there is it's a question of paternity. I love we didn't know about but yeah aren't so. He in my TP you know Coulter on the front porch screaming and yelling and lousy perceived to go to his 69 Camaro and pull his own baseball bat out of the back a bit and start beating them. It on the front porch could he refuses to hit a woman. He goes into the house flocks are out she's screaming and breaking all the windows on the house there and what about just going crazy and he packed a bag and he goes to leave and before you get back out my mom has split his 67 Camaro on hot air. Why Powell. Yeah since I heard them by growing up and you know it was just a thing that would like a funny story and then insularity two years later a guy comes out of the woodwork looking for my sister saying I think my dear father. And wasn't. Now we don't know yet we're still waiting. While I noticed that Simpson has just happened. Yeah yeah so how long ago how long are how much longer do you have to wait do you think to find out if this dude is your sister's biological father. Like six weeks are a lot of threes and did you grow up with your Motley duke where your parents together when you have a growing up. You know my parents split up back shortly after my sister was born in my mom was. By poll where are not alcoholic she died young but she was crazy I mean crazy crazy. A lot but stuff like that we had bikers driving cars and driving motorcycles and her living room and. I did does see is that did the guy did you get a chance to see the guy. I know I've never met him I just stopped someone I'm okay I'm received decently as far as conversations I had. Do you think you can click and I think a night that's kinda thing that's really that they is there he hadn't and then all these years they he was her father but that my Richard and my thing to do it and then he page output port that it California Kirk. Eighteen years so that's why you coming out of the woodwork and let increase for eighteen years but your. Mom. Still let your little sister know that the that your father was her father. Yeah we always believed in my Ottawa or soccer so I never never any questions about your father still a rapidly as your father still around. Yeah and he remembers everything when I told me that the guy cannot deliver egos out the I don't know that as I know exactly who that is that strongly that the incidentally mom burned up my car. Yeah that's crazy why I'm Rashid had turned down his car. Yeah we go about the double whammy are they gonna wait until the tests come back before you determine whether you're gonna meet up is another girl. Yeah yeah our gonna wait find out and then you know I think he is an hour and a buyout and don't need them brazile we all that I'm. He's and you can't and my doctors here in Washington. What about now how about your father how does he feel about all of the unity raise your sister as his own as well he should have but. Just the idea and now he might find out that biologically or does he care doesn't matter. I was really surprised he actually literally like one cheer felony gets honey you're my kid and I don't care what any cash as so they do it you gotta do that to find out you know but you know no matter what annoys you can't present your beloved. Gas well let's see that's what guys do RM one can understand we we went one tier that would give them. That's always good we do morning though we become a blow over let present we don't want to set move hey if you can as some kind of woman like that in that tier for dude it's kind of like when your nose run threat. Any doubt long Hangartner mouse Robert you can suck it back and like we did when your outlook and we saw that here back up to use at a later date them like little people letter but we don't want to talk that's all things all you gotta do once a guy he sheds eighteen years. Don't tend to. Reggie Larsen said moving the crime ridden. It's just I want to announce on not did you say anything wouldn't lucrative projects go and look what a 44999. Cola that is after government. Shia may god damn bravely he got his ass beat eventually burned his car. Because she cheated on him Emily doesn't know all of his daughter of biologically is now 32 years later. Here's the guy in Al and all he wanted to do was leave. Yeah about a confrontation and he's not gonna hit a woman so. He got what was coming to a modest. Hello Jess welcome to the bedroom. Oh are on top. The road so. I got a bar fight story aren't. Happy procedural woolly about two hours north to Seattle and and that you might render walking down the street where about forty tweed sport with fighters all the time. And this is the bar that we go to Austin and we actually. Went to high school with the bartender we've known her for a long time and then there's a guy outside you you're one of us. Ever seen before you smoke a cigarette he's wearing a Fedora hat he's got a sweater vest on. More attention on my grandma's. Got the it's it's good to see. Had no maps no man oh man I'm just here on the contempt. Exactly and so we're already beginning this kind of weird specially for the town that we are and and that silly EU socialist as Milwaukee that he he says that we don't look cold enough to be in the party starts and they give an Acxiom asks right. And that so we ignore him brush marks we go inside your pitcher of beer are sitting there and by the time he says shouldn't say great can then walk straight up to look at the bar. And he's certainly given us more spray and that the bartender. Like this await permission early scene unit is going on time and that. So we brushing off again we go to a different part of the bar. And then the bartender comes over to us and says look up with a guy over there see you guys are all most PM here in in recent we have no idea he's been given this crap ever since we're outside. And so she kicked him now because she knows it's none of strong content kicks him now. And so few minutes later another guy walks in the bar and he walked up to our table and says. What's what are you it's talking asked to my brother. And my friend get as we sit down at a table at this point my friend goes through your brother. So fifth at eight G with this sweater vest on and before you could almost finish. Saying that they got a punch right frame right EI. And schooled our pitcher of beer I jumped with this guy and that headlock look at the bold and I'm old Montreal and in my friend who just got hit jumps. Goes to hit that guy won't hold them. And then as that happens. I get hit in the years from the back the original guy they got kicked out ran back in Q you saw what was going on the window. And if you wanna hit me so I let go the one guy grab that guy by that time to bounce here there's breaking it. And Dave both give fans flew however long I've never seen guys ever again in my friend got free drinks out of. Good times need they may go silver lining I don't I don't handle what a four point 999 always go more your calls lineup they're ready to go you're listening to the men's or radio network. True with. On the return of lose socks like as our question today who attacked two and with what 8449990. Look. Great comic Kamen says those working for a towing company had to do repo as I was looking car up I was attacked by men Asian woman soaring her babies used I present. I mean amigos yeah. Oh I know my story happened back in Indiana and those seven and this girl was huge huge huge 280 pounds she'd load she's big girl I'm only 511 and add. Aren't picky I've. These guys when Lewis did you guys in the look of her UN. Yeah we heard you know rationally and intra recalled always. Always showed up in an Indiana you've been your again and you show up on your front door you can legally arrest you to PI actually apps like a Masai and might open. So when a notable turnaround. He grabbed me and just a knee jerk reaction I threw an elbow shattered did you all. Both. I blood shuttered or I'm and I guess I freaked out slightest about a lot of sand. 01 and then the other couples change and if I can I can hear and read them I mean I'm turnaround a look at him. And never turn around a look at them and a month and a little kids aren't all lumps underneath. A branch smack into it not diploma out. And that would be. Word in a way to go there are very long three years after that very long three years years yes yeah Max out on. He's only. You and all of a police officer man oh man it's been three years in jail. Yes I guess kind of broke up when your girlfriend that day. I'm always got a little muscle memory and unity you know we're not sure together after that but it yet can match on after that. Yeah yeah yeah interest in man. Now just one of those look into the I would Dario. I just hit him in the right spot yet I'm glad you are should. It's our honoree at a glance showed wanted to do. And I'm very elbows and that's the nose and has made a porcelain my bad doughboy damn man good time. He'll be ready just ran on. Three years. Put Zach Duke and look what 844999. All. I mean I guess we need just broke the jaw a cop but I don't know why it's they're gone so are you still doing that three years the ambassador to make a run for what they're at it. Hello Morgan welcome to the men's room. Okay okay yeah. So. Artillery circular. Are quite out of South America I was in the navy at the time. End up there was me and our two buddies off the ship. We spirit program called the Mitchell Brothers. One guy lose they do light the other one's black and night so and they always hung out worked up governor conservatives call the Mitchell Brothers goes. Same last name and I thought at there was three votes out of bark. And one of them actually spoke Spanish. The other tumors didn't churning out this Bart needs chat now. 01 of local ladies. And it was a sweet little bar that we found those kind of like an American themed dive bar read like baseball on and they did you know soccer. Football stuff like debit everything looks kind of like what they thought an American country bar should look like. And would play pool and everything's slowed us and all the sudden. Apparently this girls boys playing. Comes up and smacks my buddy Mitchell. We had beer bottle actually are not bought the thing over his head. We of course come did Aden. The offending guy got to pull Q smacked across the heads. And we know it it's big picture don't be us Merced the bark is below were obviously not the locals. So. There's probably about fifteen guys in the sparks. He Nina Mitchell Brothers and it jumping behind the bars. Scared off little bartender girl that was back there. And we're just passing anything and everything we had Irwin and people stand by the time Delilah. Hey I'm. I am more of hang out there were no motive and what happened to you in South America still miles South America bar fights out but. The show and many pins continue on the men's room. The radio network.