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Friday, November 17th


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This is done men's room. Listening to. Was thrilled by. The result is sitting about right now for another round the profile this color 94 Ford 999 a little player profile this coming up in minutes. Ahead five Illinois one hour from now first quick check in the my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right a woman in Louisiana was arrested after stealing eighteen bottles about golf from a liquor store. And the surveillance video shows her stuffing the bottles in her purse her pants and even her broad. Thank him operator booms have no idea probably pretty big down doesn't she was thirsty and how Reuters dialogue does it say what kind of liquor. Unknown to us. You know I'm not actually working on that I'm gonna guess he doesn't then might go to work on now again wanted to dive morn that I don't think him a CE NJ was just my guess. Based on who I'm picturing committing this crime. Yeah but he's gotten some random in there to like two bottles of Malibu you have some ground. I think mountain. Coconut and conditioning business economics from street of America. Not all men to sketch one tried to rob the front desk in the motel armed with a rolled up projector screen them to defeat it the government offenders wouldn't give him any money though when he left. I feel like. You're really run and rip a daily if you went to a hotel and maybe they're scared I'm sure they assigned to secure the like a motel let's Burton's gonna stab me with the rusty knife and mail bag and that is when your life on the road and you gotta make. Decision like keep unplug it on for another hour just pull over and stay in the hotel 11:30 and I am I gonna fall asleep in real bad right question UN or to try to put my life on the line by staying there that interprets it. And well I want or dies in a small hotel like six stores on a with a room numbers start like urine room 304. The six rooms even play basic. That's trouble I've stated that hotel. Three in room 304 and has like ten million just played with a group of guys who was again and it's like 35 dollars a night like that seems crazy that you get there to get that there's prostitutes. I. All of while we were there all know it's a guy with the agency who stole our car we were dropped we laughed yup this. I thought I would hope that you hotels are with lake. I hope nobody optimist who tracked all Internet an area. We just have random people knocking on the door on the hotel rooms and everything it at a motel I am at a motel to motel you don't do. It is soon huge check game within five to ten minutes. Hookers knock undergo. Doesn't detect and made it all for you go to quote a good time problem with money in its death ridiculous and I took a road trip all the way down and did the West Coast. And I stood motels all the way there I never got any offers you know that means white I thought oh yeah a hooker and the ugly son of a bit. You think they're even though there might fit with it and you're not down with hookers or drowned pour my chick magna chair and everything man I didn't work. I don't know what went wrong usually conversation starter shark if they were a book about the as a performer in Denmark with playing yeah he has a chicken on her shirt soon. And this whole I don't know your overhead all of the go to Ruth's death grip. She got a candidate and the home side. Just on the bottom are print your. Oh how awful a technical mode of how we could yeah wisdom went it he commended on the does Draper Barbara Denmark with playing VOA the song Wonderwall the other day and it was so bad policeman it'd stop and go home and if it's good. Yeah I just Gallagher who has never relative you guys ever run into the bad street performer. Yeah a conflict the faults. Dude there's a guy on the treadmill singing to every song was headphones on last night at the gym man and he was awful I don't know being realized that he was thinking out loud. Probably now I mean it was just let's think I'll do I don't know if those trying to figure him or what is he saying what is he listening to these on the the elliptical the elliptical area. Seattle rented that on the bus stop I guess yeah post up man and there's this guy just down event with the headphones and in these rapid. Nothing about about what could he rap no OK. But that seems about normal on his picture in a grown man thingy right I'm really at a bus stop is kind of like public karaoke. Does the public bathroom it's public political discourse and you name it. Whatever you want experience it's like Baskin Robbins of human emotions there are 31 emotions you've got an experience where waiting for the bond ultimate sin is one got beat by a bus stop my neighborhood I never seen him on a bus. He's always relentless. Sleepless yet. It seems like he's worried sleeveless yeah. That's we we we work within the half but I never seen that dude get on a bus you think that might vote on the young Kenyan. I'm glad I don't have a conversation a friend said he's cap. A Tony do you're a man and England recently 'cause seen in court and when the judge told to stop swearing he said quote for you to tell me what to do. Confront it and you missed you don't then with avenues he ended up getting two weeks in jail for contempt. Yeah I think it's hurry you at the judge it. I mean there's a lot of places you could say that I guess if you want to surely. A courtroom as deathly not one of them. Courtroom someone else's house late there are certain situations like DA can happen for them. A wealthy couple in the UK is looking for a live in nanny for their four kids. Driven as it comes with a salary of 100 in 40000. Dollars how bad your kids. How many kids 44 kids it's a fulltime job yet it's nonstop man I had to be honest with the F style. If you did that job he'd say you know what I need more money. How much champagne might 128000. Dollar though dollar nuts one year watching for kids every single morning 120000. The autumn a lot of money the minute jump starts at 6 AM. And it ends at like eleven and it gets better out so why now. You get to use their pork. Yup contribute in federal court I mentioned that a life is seven days a week 24 hours a day like it's that job of you don't even go home go to bed again I know I do it for free right exactly where hundreds won a grand I would think the job while the one thing to be true it's anyone other than my kids they listened this hour yet. Your meals are cooked by Michelin star chef. All. That makes things easier with the pressure cooker cookbook I have a a one Michelin star Asia Michelin star Shia. These people have money. They're paying you a 128000. Dollars and I'll I know they have money right it. Recently won powerball it's also a tax write off and finally you get the split time between London. Atlanta. South Africa and bar bade pounded Miami getting to them that that's exactly what I thought side but Atlanta Barbados in South Africa. And London. I know that those three I can see a connection. London seems to be the odd one you don't wanna get away why yeah why does Atlanta would make the cut I don't know London I'm just assuming. I was glad I noticed a couple of people aren't equal I go to Barbados right Atlanta on Hollywood talk about African big dance yeah okay. We landed at the moment when it was a bunch of white people who went we should call the heartland the rebel. It's typical apple apple and a couple of awful and awful. We will fill a book you can do better than I am I have and we'll have our own merit. And finally a USPS mercker went to the extreme to get out of work sweated out a tale about a one hour from now they might not headlines are coming up one hour from now part of their bills on. Street sense. This is prohibited police tell everyone how profile this is played I'd start Dan miles it's a simple game where we share with you will like new story something that happened right here. I'll blame her. Or her and as you listen to the story based on the stereotype you believed to be true people. And the decisions that people make well lest you would it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Max welcome to the men were allow. Yeah. Thank you understand how the game is played thank you fantastic and a quick side note Max you over brother nameless. And I do not that would mess from his mind. So good you were twins this is match so this is the last. And an insult to you are tall. The sun Powell's you live up to good to be named Max man you can't suck at life you know. All the pressure Israel. Think the pressure pressure Israel are massive presence under now man this is your story. There's a 23 year old guy connected he was sentenced to nine months in jail for larceny lasted. He stole car bombs sort of and when the cops tracked him down the open final stop on the car that he stole during a string of other burglaries really did have time he was getting up this month. The than the guard who is escorting him out of prison told him quote don't come back. Which if you like me I take that as a compliment now that hey man if it's up to me on the oversee gang murder but instead this guy. They responded by spinning around and punching the guard in the face. Well several other guards ran and pepper spray them the drag him back to the Feldman to pulled out of couldn't even make it outside. Debris got arrested now's not clear how much more jail time and did. Facing charges for assault on a public safety officer 32 peas in a bird with an officer and disorderly conduct. Do you believe this genius who did his nine month. Walking out of the jail decided to punch the garden said don't come back. Is black white to match you were age. Who'll. I think just my instincts. Narrow that down to. Make the all white. And prison consultants standing by these seem intrigued isolation I guess. You know I you is that we got lieutenant had you loan nominee. Were you gone. For whatever reason. I have an in my head the most prison guards and officials are wiped. Time. For whatever reason I would assume. Although I'm probably not true on this. They don't white guy if that's what is said he maybe not got such a hard. But and I've been treated real real good imprisoned him but he wasn't treated. Lennon and wants to get the hell out of there. This guy had a problem with that particular officer that was different than anything else so bad guys whites I would assume. But the guys still the car is black or Mexican. Not why it's okay I think guards don't you why and I'm just you know we white people what people have ruled until budget. Is a little unknown group. So Arizona bar. That helps you can I'm thinking. That it was now thinking that it was definitely a white guy clinching a black card. Now that could have been through to it's it's going to be one side or the other my version though. Is this not be too black you punching each other they're going to be too white able punching each other's gonna one side or the other I would say that I believe the guard is always going to be wide because of the president are. Just seemed to that stereotype I mean that the guy punch in either black or mixed with. Great up in my have to do with it was Baltimore play. From my experience is operas and hunts are for half a mile down that I don't know if you watch it again I don't. I think white white people seem to be you know losing the battle right now so I'm gonna come this date boys. The man only thing I thought yeah. In the light of the battle that they're you know they're gonna get him. Angry angry would you like to see them behind. I was idealism angered by one of them could Annan as the world bring in a prepared wrote some people call for fairness we don't want to leave Mayor Bloomberg and I I think it's line. I was final answer. Pilot white we're gonna find out if he was black light makes the or Asia next. You're listening to the men's or radio network so yeah. Profile offensive to connect to sandy guy get out of jail in dual time for steal the car on the outbound guardians and other things in there from other robberies and he also stalled. Goes to jail does is nine months. He is set to be released on his way out. These security officers that say. Give me a favor don't come back which I would take the compliment this guy then turns around punch them in the face and goes directly to jail. And Max we ask you did you believe this guy was black white necks or Asian. You sort of look white you stop with the lights and in the end. Boyish. Our. Eighties I carrying her. That's the ranks yeah. Okay. The anthrax and then go until I'm Linda what do you know another wanna go back. That got him a bit weird aspect if you let them out of jail they just wanna go back glaucoma. Is one bad Umbria. One ma. Oh boy. The words and how Loko. I don't pro TV news though its content is not good for TV time when Dan. Because you are pathetic life. Countless hours in front of a talking. The president's. Now what would you say it's been dominating the sports world the last two months. Dominating the sports world I'm the Los Angeles Dodgers. Do we go race showing our daughter and I think baseball sometimes actually man I was at a bar last night. And somebody was talking about going to a doctors being mayor elect or the Dodgers any good. Let us. Kids I'm sorry. But it Biden you've all Major League Baseball game he moved that's the question do you get a dog I don't go to the dodger to the air but it is personal right. They might that a record for most wins ever did there all right. And the hot dog is apparently pretty good Judah you know I've always heard about the dodge I know that I've never had gone but they'll be one of the reasons that have to go. You know to the game watch an old storied franchise have a dodger dog in the same part it was plated. Yeah you're right mileage I don't know I went to Billy goat cafe and you know cheeseburger cheeseburger rant all around you got to do all. I went cub cubby do their logos across the street. Yeah power down a government out of a bar but I ethnic and so the kind of McGregor. Flake flake. Do Floyd Mayweather junior fight. Has been digging up a lot of media attention. Obviously everybody's been having a little fun with it to shore. Kind of McGregor is Irish likes to talk Ohio championships. Because this is look at this is not the real O'Connor McGregor okay this is just a fake kind of McGregor. A Mayo weekend update. You sound very confident I am. I'm going to drive me went around to the arena lease and Patrick drove the snakes on a higher end stroke on screen it's a bit about Jesus. It's gonna take me to win is luck. Yeah. I know now that he's Floyd Mayweather is pretty good boxer. Yeah plus I'm Irish. Coming up fighting Irish great gift and beat it down. But then just get back open wander into the public not a half. It puts me whether he's gonna see stop. Arson orange star speak hearts young. And for a limited time only read. If you can oversee the major FaceBook page. You could see the entire clip of that it's pretty good night and gave me a little taste revenue of one point even talking about kicks Colin Joseph think there's no kicking is a guy. I pitched it in ten think that there's no particular and anything. A nightly news and who think that it that there. That's that a lot of people talking about that I think a lot of people Mike and I've been talking about that music you really think he'd kick them. I know I don't because I know there's clauses in that fight that if Jesus. We have local. Jack the zipper but nobody even if it is. That the the the fifth that's and we should hear speaks also. After that you part of rep apartment and yeah it was crowded in there I'll public felt that I had. All right now I think good gonna answer it in the stench. Notes there's been the conversations about would he like throw kick or something but if he does I know there seriously can repercussions money why. But a pretty shortly throws a kick they're just gonna take away like half those personnel via. If only way to convince him not to do it and correct. But what I do see happening and they're you know your big boxing guys sometimes you get in his clutches. I do think the bigger hit a little pissed off for just trying to throw them yet though we did and I see that. A little bit more lately and boxing and for the most part routes gonna let him do. And I'm OK with that the lone dissenter flagrant you understand or cartilage worn out you've been punching each other targets yelled borrowings of one. Mike cross your mind and let's face a man on those guys draw hugged just the the pressure points of debate and elbows and it's not just them hugging each other. Right there hurt me to the underdog and have not yet afraid you'll so many guys are so pissed off when that. The refs got to pull them apart one guy looks a lot Ingrid benevolent. Yet to an elbow bent backward the wrist in a bad place it's like come on its own intention but right McGregor. Just not being used to that is kind of just a matter of course the net in the course of boxing thing. Who knows what. That happens I also late guy. Yeah a very small amount but it's a boxing and one of the things that my coach it was huge honestly when you get out of the clinch you've got to get get a shot off first you know. Right. So we can practice that he's my coach he actually knows how to fight he. Never hit me like a 100% now think right if you want to be in right civil NBA worst bar and as we get out of that clinched. I hit them right but I think him a little closer to dictate meatballs it just battery actually and he Jack owns. I was kind of woke up a mob but. Did what happened right thing now Bob adequate yet the hot on the button all know exactly easily to him and a curtain of late. Yeah I think they're trying to protect everybody did in the bunker got it could be the I think the blow it because it. But the co op. This. Flood stuff. Box in Athens sounds fun but I say I think everybody independent and I bring out a hectic. It under the overdue we come on down now at strategies I don't get to this day when my good friend that. People last Italian media is all meant I sparred on and gotten bloodied. I had blood coming out of my nose for two days and that's up that now became bud nice but good and it set the tone to. Russia does plan to get you to be close to some. The country needed to look at Billiton and most times when you fight with somebody after that it's it's pretty well settled one way or another you'd done your business you can be friends that went on human alike each other exactly but as you've settled your business if you look at the fight to completion. A lot better in a similar break snobs like. We're going to lose him yet. If you don't do things to completion did you really do know. Like what manned Apollo thirteen against that walked on the moon they sent you to the moon S went wrong he didn't go czar Tom Hanks Kevin Bacon. Garrison these so whoever the other guy was. That was in the Berkman. Out every sneeze guy rap star Kevin Bacon the fly and Tom Hanks is the camp and an older guy it only goes to them crap that you passed away today. Well as LaMont. How everything in its top it's there it's Ed Harris no editor it was ground control man who was then damn Apollo put that he's got booted Kevin Bacon right. All right so all you pitchers there's an eighth yeah but he was on the ground he's a wanted help figure out what they need to do to solve the problem right Bill Paxton. Bill that I know that I thank heroes dead yes he is dead miles up that's instead Christ's day a fun guy out of what effects us now. Don't know I don't know territory daddy had surgery in the had to have been had a heart attack on the table I thank. I miss it yes I don't know yeah yeah yeah that is all that surprised me well almost all the as she hits the practically that you don't want them all the were taken by surprise. With. Seen Apollo thirteen when they're up in space for everybody sitting around eating chicken and corn I don't think it. About. I don't do this I thought I have oh maybe I am just so everything fried chicken and corn pops in my head on the and since it was just fine I met with the unusual fund I got there Apollo thirteen for a technical problem there. That's virtually nothing go talk about like showtime at the Apollo how to break showtime and got my hour at the end to the pitcher to win their unfinished state the families all gathered around the TV years something you know what they normally would they served OK chicken of course. Right may be the appointment astronaut not only kitty chicken consumers got a problem but pretty used to it burst. Oh I'm sorry open at the fab Novak makes a lot that's not my brain went down as fiction a bunch of people sit around. And joining chicken and corn that's kind of what the movie was hoping you take from that. The girl if you remember with a friendly and it didn't they might not an inflated the packet that yeah we got home alive at. But did you notice that they were ratchet is home. I don't care who you are nobody does know what I perjury in court. Let's forget about ticket my husband mad bad base path drumstick. She didn't compute the he said I gotta brag I don't Brahma at all hostels on these were prepared. And so nervous right now and scared for them on this and flower that's checking the problem guys that have been involved in the other people when god. And my what a five. We're at at the court should give the let's switch to the beat. Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel no longer have months no really. I have might be the greatest thing ever that I can lend a hand that was aftermath is all that also stated that. So basically you remember back in 2010. Kimmel went on the short lived Jay Leno show and basically eat clam the crap out of home event for doing the job from coated. But basically blind sided you milky heat attack. That's the most enquirer humor and I inside and humiliate him. Oh. And he now he was not happy. He did mention that he thought he had a mean streak that keeps keeps him down that rate. Oh. You know I am. I've got blind that you really Catholic and the music Bill Bennett. That's right everything that. Anyhow so basically somebody caught up with him all they asked about he said after he had opened up about his importance on health problems. I called me is very nice can't argue with his success his longevity I would say I was in high. I would say when I was in high school going to college she was one of my all time favorite comedians. But the work is done the usually I discussed about far. No way but it didn't get his thoughts are. I long long. Estimate for an. It's good to hear yes. No matter yeah I mean ultimately if reset up my kid he was very night I really think Colin mock you cinema genes ones. You see you're putting with the numbers the Canadian tuxedo with all of them off with that today he takes it. Then Montana did that on them which by the way I feel like it's coming back and aren't. I think Jay Leno Jimmy Kimmel I think also everybody was just such good friends with Tony and stuff. I do think Kimmel widget with Vista Jay Leno and only have a back to you wind you don't have a date back to the David Letterman screwed up so like junior and and he's everybody's idol in the world to some neutral so. Mean that's a small world. Right like if you Rick and we've at all if you're like a heart surgeon I have to imagine the city there's only if you see notre. Subpoena late night talk show host. Isn't a very long commute sourcing network Milliken a surprise what goes on behind the scenes are planning guests that are. Scheduling and between each other when blockbuster movies come out. What would days against going to be on Friday is the worst day because most people repeat and well they're not they're not at home you know not watching television 1130 they're out doing their thing where the Thursday night guests and we can release it's better time more people see it more people records of the movie on Friday night. So those people who might. You know. They might be at the movies. And your promoting a movie so they they've they Jacki for all those different stuff as far as gas and everything else they do for an hour and a one. Interview people like two weeks after the movie came out. They're aware of Matt Damon on its last blockbuster that got him two weeks and it didn't I don't they only growth like London million it's an energy what did you bring you know. I had let's break down this clip and figure Alice movie sucks about that it is. It is awkward sometimes ECB interview. Like the movies come out and it's like a replay or replace a repeat. Write it down there talking about the drought ended up at Hewlett ma'am not talking about anybody specifically picked action and Jeffs remain well yeah expect I think they'll. Who was the other guy Matt goes I saw him on The Daily Show. And a two days for the movie came out and they showed a clip in the clip was funny. The guys when I'm mama mama is a yeah Amanda got the role and get a good for the guy and India I think I made more money than that moved all the women who were in ghostbusters they were up on their doing their thing and I'm sure that did well domestically but. Tunnel yet. Yeah well tough to remind us how much money you spend verses how much money you back baton they had to do well in India money back and he went to undergo them. Like most people would you do if you won a giant line. Oh Dion cocaine yeah professional voters the whole thing I might might you what to make it rain at a club. On the ice bath and kept my we'll get you the gun man they have gone to Vegas they do that shoot out on our one dollar bills. Yemen but now a full clip is like a hundred bucks that expects to play with his gun and I went powerball we've got it and reported some people quit their job this is made this. One that shore but anyhow she won the powerball the end it's kind of funny she lets you know what she thinks about work now. I just happen to find out what our I think part of my feet and Kylie was. This guy Iran's particularly if I am and we just haven't walked out before I think she's always wanted to yeah birthday isn't much. Yeah I don't is that yeah immediately. I was glad he's getting these numbers and I caught my eye out. I. Haven't let them do that ticket because you just want you felt it. Please just. Drive anywhere I can do that. And he followed me options that stately homes. Today hasn't gotten here and select this feature was happy. And and that okay. Why can't we aren't. I'd call him. I like that. Dean Baker data call work and a guy I've done definitively find it between an outcome what are my favorite clips ever and Maybin and I don't remember but. Everyone's been at the mercy of the fake lottery tickets and they have a camera Rolen won over the cases and it looks like. If anything does and as Thomas salespeople worse calls and whatever but everyone's kind of next to each other and sky gets louder taken scratches at all and buy into things and he won ten million dollars this dude instantly what you're seeing Ghana. Brought it hasn't Cohen is recklessly museum like brushing crumbs well placed in five seconds. He rockets out of his chair he is now on top of his best day in but to make it worse like he starts so everyone he doesn't like what they can do. Thank you. And that's not a real lot to. Given that the video kind events I don't know be kept his job or not might moo. Moo that's. Awkward really like about that lady I think every power powerball Mega Millions whatever every Lotto winners and do it yeah it was unexpected effect but you see somebody get up there Billick. I've got these numbers I knew they were the numbers. Did try to call my lawyer last night. I was ready duty and rightly adding he caught that it's the truth like I don't think anybody's prepared to win. Hundreds of millions of no use our chance to buy a ticket. And then quit your job a while she didn't like anything it's that says passed on that happened. I wealth though here's let him win no I don't play out that you bought the ticket I did I just forgot the agent yet. Is. And can I thought by a lot of chicken and corn that much money the most that you dead air I gotta get your headlines on the way with my cock you are listening to the beds are radio network. And Swiss. I'll see what's happening in the real arterial Georgia school bus driver and mother feel arrested for driving drunk where 31 kids on board. You are Hummer is involved in a high speed chase with a coffin strapped to the top with a court. To Louisiana or woman busted after stealing boos of course by helpful that's what I do. Who drunken Denver serves up cocaine for their customers to at a virtual tells high school students of leggings and make them look that it is time for your headline. It's Sunday it's. Next. Is Mike and shout out and roared up and Arora Colorado. Rorer dammit I hope in Aurora yeah he's the in Aurora Colorado a US BS postal worker didn't wanna go into work just so she took drastic measures to the day up I'm having a ton mr. Beck. She told a new working Glenn that he had been diagnosed with cancer in the regular news story in my thoughts and so this is aware that said. To claim that he had been diagnosed with cancer was too we don't work well the plumber in the figured out that she was lying pool. Two over and do won't work the next day we really much about Q all right the miracle of the cure for cancer works but just. I tried to find it to see what any kind of logic there would be but there was none in the start I mean. There's so many excuses you can use to get that word the thing I was diagnosed cancer I'm like that's kind of a last resort. Now to be fair the excuse of cancer will get you out of work for the next day. The problem is that you need a follow up to be able to go into work again at some point yet but that's the that's kind of a thing. That's the real trick you know if you wanna quit your job without making them feel bad that's. Right or other world woman Louisiana was arrested after she stole from the liquor store but her attitude toward is what's making headlines. She was caught on camera shedding booze in her handbag underwear brought in hand to blend to care sure too glad to care you plan to care. She went on FaceBook after you and rob the place and posted quote I hustle that's what I do ain't nobody gonna give me ass. Please mind your business and stay out of mines please I'm going to turn myself in Ambon now like I have be far. It should also be noted that's not hustling that's just things that just think it does demonstrate that that's. I mean sorry man there are some Muslims out there that's not costly. Her use of grammar is just atrocious health protective. There was no periods and commas or nothing when all you get a lot of those emails when I'm on to a Baltimore we would have hired that woman has an English teacher. Also says and post this morning she wrote quote it's true what I did and it is what it is it never did I think. It would be it is vague Florida wake up and I got 145. Friend requests. Since its two unrelated news reporters one interview with me. The poll was willing to bond me out in Florida I never would have thought this would end up like this. Yeah that's our athletes do. Just give them small family. That I make a comment there again if you don't have to do that you know everything and they would get it and back in Colorado a Mexican citizen was convicted of selling meth and cocaine from a food truck. According to documents he was to have a large operation that imported and distributed more than 200 pounds of meth in the Denver area. I a lot of math. And it's funny because people on meth and or Coke not really hungry now not alone no not at all they don't want food. Hell no I'm granted the math people to throw the cops off because they immediately start chewing the imaginary sandwiches there's nothing in and out what they're doing. Obama cop may relative who struggled everybody is a consultant who idiocy to someone you know who used to go to girls getting now are well they were skinny now they have a they they've quit coach. If you Guinea then. Then we won't say BB band member over the go through hard times early on in his career as many musicians do and we read. That he he found better time to get healthy. Next I became a much a year later you put on much sixty pound and it took it all off their exercise right. Dank little very rough Sousa just that you have no appetite or just do you not eat you don't have never done standardized you don't need you don't I don't care about that. And yeah. Have no idea what that's like you do your body drinking if it if I could marijuana has the exclusive. Very exclusive rights to eating. As opposed to other for a let's think if I we're gonna sold drugs out of food for a it would be we get like they would drive away and then drive back like I'm also going to make money on the food that I have to get mega chip the I meant to those little mutants and you've got to the last time I thought I chewing invisible sandwiches at the ATM. At a strip club someone in the morning. The a school bus driver in Georgia has been charged with a DUI in sixteen counts of child endangerment after she drunken only dropped 31 students with open containers of vodka and tequila and her fur that's that is not good. Woman numbers over the counter initiative sixteen counts of child endangerment but there are 31 kids in the in the bust out both fifteen of those kids over to life a lot faster. It's an act at the grandmother that my idea. We heard citadel did accept the random question quest in your guess is as good as mine and the return to mens room rule has indeed. It is journal we'd be all all out later vote was like important piece until next time please do what you do best and orally that thing. It's okay. Truman's mandate before a lot. I studio audience who wardrobe makeup provide.