12-15-17 Seg 3 Men's Room Takes One More Swing

Friday, December 15th

Emails, Ted vs the FCC, Bad Jokes and the Shot of the Day


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This is dumb men's room. John retired Trent Edwards is the SEC also profile is on the way and bad jokes as well our question within your family. What is the story that will always be told a 44999. Ole I'm glad you I'm great. That's Jews from West Virginia now thing and people really pay millions Baltimore's electable ours and the like they're meant to ruin to a new move. As same thing and I and you got now I mean there's certain areas that are run our door down and mean not all of them. He loses it maybe I'll live with the very broad there's users who boot. To a yea yea yes exactly like that now is nothing like that I'd certainly like that is something like that it is something like that gets something like what made it worse things you say there on the tail now. I think might even Korea now I guess that I am about hey absolutely cannot how they run instant messenger. And they sent to their picture is that how well yeah you act aren't all pretty good and so are you know you can't granular related. Yeah it's I mean haven't you ever met anybody that just looks like late. Themselves their family yes I don't I don't like I've met invite me and you really ID kits it is the person they are my head I would think. She's really nice she really cool she looks like she'd be my cousin. Come back kid that's a mountain. Right below the bottom of the wanted to stop calling me. When did your family when as the story the boys he told a 449990. Look it's not you it's me as an overtime they aren't even though the too much lately here and we can akin to other drug related. Things are gonna go south like an average rating review. Regis great week. Hello tailored to welcome to the men's room. Ol' ball over. Yeah. So all our stories our family all of stating that all day it is Walt the Pentagon. All all of you walk off walk out if your decision. Although it has Arafat is also they'll always rural almost also Orioles are are about getting our. And it although situation I would love story where the end all of its its long ball well. Now and all of it all all all. Audit that at all that while there are all the political upon oral some they're. Or like it up on but what we've always followed. Until all that ball. Oh yeah all. Vote their local woke up it won't follow a little bit. She's at an all that they won't either won't. Or shouldn't I. Salute until we're gonna all right. Well both ball is what it is all over the world or you. Don't vote and vote. And call on back are on the bottle openers and they're not oh on. Often are staying all the talk about. All the details that can borrow. All it's pretty frequently mention my grade I didn't know it was just I didn't all. They can't get back on the bottom out. At what is it and then in believing that first Ouattara called at all. I'm home grown. At all. Quote local our. Little resolved quickly Gentex everybody would send pictures and named him. We'll models. Didn't stop exports. Yeah so is he is doing because he was just messing around thirty and I realize you were still back there. On the ball and I didn't want that all options are that if Alex okay good ball with all the while I'm out of probable if they can always get over. Both the political offensive blue dog group movement that urged both. And gentle all young urban challenge vulnerable. What do you been shot. Did the job well done BB gun already shot at was shot it was shot number that was over my head just right there Al the way to jump to probably would drive away 100% effective pain in my experience you're fired gun on the in the air because I'm on your property I will have activated your prime that's not a good places were gunshots have been shot but never physically shocked I got shot poorly. I took one in the jugular in the Adam's apple with a paint ball on time LX. Are. Generally Adam Hall manual no pain and even hit square in the Adam's apple does the weirdest place for things like. If it's almost like liked is he when you're eating you trust all the a lawyer for Beth bloom. I. On. An enemy like it's just so hard to do out of the worst for him in depth in Texas yeah I mean you just have to sort through Hewlett three days later how happy you are swallow again. I don't always even Beirut June dude dude flowed through good group like we know it happens all of them will have exact thing to wipe it sucks that political sore throat we know within your family what does a story you'll always be told a 449990. My. Hello Linda welcome to the man. Hi hey. Mom. I'm okay I'm horse settled or is it a long arms and my haven't oh. My my I don't want about. Fifty even better about 17 am legally live and Wyoming and any idiot that we locker and I have mom used to work and. I don't start and does she would bring home might help a broken. Condom back again. Thought she'd put him in the end they're downstairs. Medicine cabinet and so the next. Susan let me say right about eight. At that age you don't edit template tucked away and she goes they all go and direct public crap. Understood sex pretty annoyed. About why that call without Ngo OK I'd got to know what's happening. And he goes. And chemicals don't let me I didn't think she'd like called what happens. Thelma my locker. That's pretty Smart I mean I know it's not the right and then by. No immediate funny bit I used there is he actually jones' own business and eat it he did yeah who's older and enterprising youth with a sense. And you said you met your husband seventy or the man who is your husband you knew him when you're seventy. I did we know each other anchor and high school I met him when he on the go. Eight incoming does that. Wedeman is how it's neat how woozy. You hate it when you're a year apart. Okay you were sixty news that the idea the brother was sent to. Jack he's still married. You actually are happily married wonderful guy at senior show our. Our eleven you'll listen to your show guys and I'm one of those problems and they know I did not do well. Like we'd like. A year later sell the good I dynamics and. I was only confuses agenda item when I was seventeen we did note in his own business to business and how old was is Tuesday in district attorney if it what did your family what does the story will always be told they 44999. No luck. It's O'Brien welcome to the bedroom. All up on Iraq. It is loans and all of this has gone straight radically counting West Virginia got damaged or. Nominates. The my mom's family is a low left Virginia in this story is about my great grandmother my grandmother. And that we were pretty well up most West Virginia darned. Sound but they were both teachers. And they used to go to church every Sunday quite a few people or Walt. This lady made double begs for church every Sunday. Bowl bets double A Deborah guests but would freak everybody out was how smooth they were dropped. You know manipulated are trying to indicate. Saturday you'll take your lender got a lump it Ramirez the league it is a move at least through. A quick smooth. And being. The in itself you know early divulge any regrets either even ask kind of root hello my great grandmother after I don't know 1015 years when we asses woman. And in our view this thing so smooth and she goes well and there and I just lick each one after the house. Often the ethanol. I'm I didn't do grow. It was a smooth as red Saturday you can't. I think it is simple and grow. I have been the only air conditioning weights every single. That turns. If you just baked cookies have been licking and I feel all right then put it devil may north part is. She was so quick answer which you can save fifteen meters of meeting to really double legs you disasters you're an older I think grant with a grandma and great grandmother there's no filter involved borrow them even my grandmother and this was only a few years back and and my wife was there and so my wife is kind of like she doesn't my grandmother that well which is kind of getting to know aren't talking during. So the talking about this one holiday recipe this cage. Are these cookies. That her friend June knicks aren't well unfortunately at this point in time my grandmothers getting up there she's in her ninety's. June is also old and June went through some physical things where this year she was not able to be able to to make the company's June cookies I could make them and they were and that people love dementieva group of people that she needs she took him to every year they demanded and they were so good it was the thing that she did right. So the cookies are there they have arrived while we're there and my mom makes mention of the fact that all. Judy's got music you know. And grandmother because she has no filter it just doesn't care she's like oh no homer you don't want Eagles. And I'm counselor role lineup to that. June he's under the weather she'd infielder again this year she didn't make them hurt her daughter that follow they look the same on them. Oh no no no I do these daughters what they call a retard. She says. Robbie I think that it might. God and Graham although I still got our way you like come on yeah she's I mean she's never been here I mean all there anyway I mean I don't know if she hasn't tried the cookies I don't know if you forgot the baking soda or anything she started we'll do the things is that they're just terrible. They had that I don't know I didn't have one cheese and that they really could shift of the sizes are too much I was wrong what if you look up laws that you know the migrants who shook it off like it was just an entertainer knows you don't really wasn't at all within a problem word perfect but it explained the situation and undermine the that this thank Jesus. Let me get ginnies daughters with a collar retard. Like kind of like home yeah grandpa and grandma. Off as well all our opponents decent overall I'd gotten you don't have it and that's why they don't care we illusions that dead. You know to me away and take constantly and dar has apparently played football all. Dad he was blatantly racist. Entity trying to write it we were at their restaurant he was talking market may have. An examination. On the backs Obama Allan Ray Lewis yes right right so use that and keep in mind this is a restaurant there's. 6000 that the tables a pretty popular restaurant but he is jam. So the idea that test new liberal out why am Mexicans that the big fingers. I don't hug hole. Right leak I think it's kill them threatening you can rekindle my thoughts at the and what is it they don't take no pride that you never know what I don't ever said that. It it it. What did your ballet it's what is the story they'll always be till we get your emails on the way from the men's room mad men's or my dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. Don't come away then vs the FCC coming up to our question within your family what's. Is this story there'll always be told and here come your emails in the men's room and and survived doc option. Overzealous lawyer kids my little sister had a dull the sang a ring around the Rosie when you held both of its fans because it had like a little context of bombs through your room for bruises. And and have batteries and you can replace a one finally died it started bleaching out. My older sister was coming home from school when she came running to the front door screaming that there was something in the garbage cans. My dad put out there are the baseball bat thinking the doors some sort of creature in the can mourning over the led all he saw was the absolutely. A Larry is ring around the Rosie doll singing it's tune in a demonic sounding guttural slow voice. It was absolutely hilarious we still get my older sister cram for almost twenty years later shuttle to Jay's lovely little sister that. From mom like credit situation like that in years ago when Nissan Maxima first came out. Follow the ball one and does this car was swanky portals for cars talk to hear it so one of them was please turn off the lights and it was its slate. The same we should yarn and elevated to the same wishing you were normal Blake whoever that person as she was the voice on the commercial. Please turn off the nights you don't institute pray everything's plus and so my father's out of town on business or whatever the hell and I'm with my mother will drive and home. We had a pothole or something so a sergeant with you a little bit below what so. We parked car garage we turn all flights for now she won't stop sank. Eastern tonight eastern tonight and I'm a young kid Super Bowl doing what we can try to make it's not. Finally she gives up calls my father my father says. Enough that I can do about just just let it run the torch to the next morning we got our search of the garage and an injured approaching the garage liquid you're going up to the door even though we knows the callers. Users should lose all of. It's a Mike I really don't want nobody knows you're dead battery it was a it was a little weird. I got my dad is a surgeon's assistant swell the story he always tells Intel's the family he had a patient that was getting something done was Colin. And they told the patient not to eat anything for 24 hours he was a big guy and I guess he couldn't wait that long so he ate. My dad in the surgeon had no idea well they start the procedure and the guy cramped everywhere. Apparently the surgeon was standing of the danger zones and he got blasted my dad said there was a silhouettes of the surgeon on the walls. He said he couldn't stop laughing at have a good guys the guys are gram balls dad dead senior. Yes they're both Ted Theodore actually my Greg Graham talk had a crush on my Grandpa's brother's wife. Mike gray Graham Paul stole his son's wife married her and had two boys with her. So my great grandma was my hands at one points and she went from my grandpa law's sister in law. To being his step mom my grandma and my grandma grandma and us kids were the only ones who visited great Graham ball and Haley. We never Calder great grandma I'm happy holidays guys that from the violate double as and struggling to them 47 more than a crush next. The camera if you actually now over the many Germans are my back job. All of it is it's my studded Johnnie muffin faces birthday today don't worry I'll do my job and given what he really wants for his birthday. Of fifth and house from the kids for the night. You're swear they hardwood flooring company so could you please give men and grow penis and some extra dirty Germans thanks guys you rock that from V. Lovely Sean drop. And broke Ian is. You know what he treats me like an astronaut to leave me and. Yeah I think you'd done it seconds of the. I did my body belly grows his birthday today the thirty and 31 times are on the big ball of gas gonna get a real raw. All right Jay Gibbons and some dirty German please thanks guys keep on rocking that from Sean the great salad. We. Don't know for your book the looming so romantic movie together called every squads the most social rules bones and I would give you longer. Think it's gonna look at delicious you know cafe oh yeah. It's icy blanket. Until I'm 32 which makes me to do the fifth hour or 101000 and binary notation. Gonna you know drop the be followed by a day sandwiches and dirty Germans telling me about their boat made thanks guys have from George probably. Fish sandwich and I both need to improve blue. Who drink on the ball and lets you drink from my corona if you look to and from. For us. So when we make love to Houston. And at the end of the 2000. Hello I'm Louis to have a 32 birthday to my wife Betty in addition to the birthday song gonna give an original faced sandwich. And some dirty German talk thanks a bunch them from and he's lucky husband sent fish sandwich. Not going to the most can yeah you can watch your polish. I'm the most welcome. Ali only three things got. Guys thanks very awesome show I never miss it will you please wish my handsome husband Tyler a very happy birthday today is his 35 trip around the sun. How little grudge against Sarah Palin handled turtle sacks thanks guys that from Jan in Corpus Christi, Texas yeah. Who. So that's my target 36 birthday today John as a funny and a huge pain in the ass guy among the hardest workers I know. Provides wealth for his family fifteen year old stepson hunter in two year old Johnny dash. Loves amend or read and listen you guys every day so John. Happy birthday baby Stanley and the receivers tonight go regularly grudge against which they Montgomery. I love you honey had a birthday thank you that from June day. Moving. I. Today is that could be a birthday on my father logjam or Jim bought as well as on gulls and I'd like to wish may had a birthday he's a pretty awesome dad and grandpa is also always talking crap or saying something inappropriate but for some reason no one ever takes offense to it it just gets laughed off. Coming original face and we didn't throw instead talking dirty German banks from his favorite son in law. Fish sandwich. Yeah I'd love who can look like well I hope you're looking person and you can go apply. Yeah this. Just think about how big kids about their tiny little. Or go meet measures as much that the third trip around the yellow orbit this guy I'd like to hear European as is too small and some Ozzie Ted. That from these steam punk Scott's. And steady if not then get that from Melvin. What do you make no let us Australians feel like a sex like a pizza they eat and you okay. Hi guys serial. Happy to have it's. Yeah yeah have you learned hey happy happy happy. I call 800 good group. Big day is young as a did you Germans brought by men's. So available through these we'll stay on men's line doesn't come another sign retailers. Oh sorry about that and meal. Memo addressed. Shrine try to I do lose you cannot kill more here record Holland dinosaurs new time listener from Massachusetts love they show thank you they're listening on the WA AF in Boston I'm guessing. Regarding other fact the Mike Hough has never been a fight. I believe that you should take him to an adult store and have his first fight. With a long penis he thing like a light Saber and yes thrill you can be Samuel Jackson with a purple one. Thank already in the lancet and go to guy thank you for Jesse's got a tight ends month. And event were drawn. Here's you don't end up with a hammer throw. Rendered their elusive and expected subjects combining many months all the solos I just had a revelation. Hey why not combine your love of adult diapers Chucky cheese and Reno into one big loser party. Imagine if you will being in Reno to bed out at chuck. Cheers guys that from Lance. We did we did run into one slight hook up we're not sure exactly how would be handled by yeah. And we're all on the main how far and with so we can talk about this all right select or or or a couple of episodes away from our hearing spectacular and which party repeat. And basically we're gonna play for you the best that we with a we have book from the year okay nobody dared to repeat of our past but we thought you know like would this be the right time. On our year in spectacular to do the adult diaper challenge. Where halfway through the shelves Stephen either decide to start drinking a bunch of lesion engine merger red. And we see how Long Will take us to use the bathroom and are Democrats right now what you understand is. Where our studios are situated. There is a rather large area which is just outside of the kitchen from what we understand and the holiday party. We'll be taking place in that exact same time. Outside of these very windows. And one of the law I mean it's like if it giant living room lit window overlooking your friend you have to remember there's a stagger from Ford of radio stations 55 and going to be insane so we're trying to determine whether this is gonna be a good idea or not. Yeah I'm OK with it. I'm not sure Laura what I think he should do it well now that's okay we're talking about doing content to sit and man looked just you guys know up. The gross link right there to look all the thousands of there there might be some people from outside of the market nearly all of this kind of stuff. Brian nowadays and did seem to be indicating like so before you deputy yourself unfold new Barbara when you just might want to think about it and I did Adam talk again. What rank castle drug charges here are in a management here or couple of those away from our years spectacular aren't. Well we wanted to do was we want to do the adults. Diaper challenge yet I think it's great idea which halfway through the show star dream into red and then were eventually going to try to use the bathroom in the said diapers. From what we understand it is psychologically. As an adult it is very difficult. For you to go to the bathroom but I don't buy it in your pen and I think yet the can I say I think Ted would probably have an issue because tennis. How are just that brought all your Archie goodnight and went out and throw have no problem at all yeah I'm here here's the wildcard here the problems that's Ryan is that from what we understand. The holiday party. We'll be take a guess right outside of these yet knows it the same exact I think of a better time to do with. Thank you very much all I thought I won all their coworkers a waste of time I may or may not be deprecating in my hands as a look yet we yeah I'm glad I don't know I'll contact. All drunk and a half if you are at like this quarter are carting out tacked next week and Andy's point I look out of the studio and I maintain your eye contact. A blue moon and I don't know what's going to be that I look at and that is what I want you travel deuce is still. No it does sound ridiculous I mean that you know your dear I. And because we're the only adult diapers challenge and to me that that's always apparently believe it or not I've had someone make eye contact with with me while they were proving before you I'm all the lawyers because you are in this well now all I doubt it who knew it was about three year old but it was hysterical could be getting stopped like mid sentence in the hallway because I gave me this look. Are you coping right now I just. Yeah and. Aga. Public ship with all of our money I once went up for a few drinks unique experience. Look at a bar after dinner in and of smoking weed within albino shelf unassailable while listening to ultra patriotic Canadian wrapped. He told us about scaring all people who tried to board is votes and Robin in the middle of the night. Which is technically like fending off pirates that was pretty unusual now from Trevor in Las Vegas. Patriotic rap about Canada and I would love to hear there's more a little routine until the thirteenth by you guys are talking about eggs on pizza in Australia yeah yeah. As in burgers and pizza are very popular in Spain and other countries in Europe. It sounds gross but it is so yummy I had a sunny side egg on a burger twice in Spain. And it quickly became my favorite now for Michelle look look at him I know we're burgers. Unleaded regular numbers yeah it's been a topic brunch and yeah I as far as who's sucks less old Angeles. So I think you know throw me into the last two sucks less segments I and they did my terminally ill momma out of my home she was out of the home she was living in. She dives nearly seven days later. There's a lot of reasons I didn't do this and my mom was not mad about it but I still feel like a total piece of dog excrement it was the toughest decision I ever had to make black I'm Taylor. Damn man has pretty. And Jen and here are joining the gallows here again I think we need to go back in time to last time we played to vs the FCC so if a good let's go back into and. He guru prevailing pickled pepper rarely. Prince Haiti. Rick's picks like pretty Rick's. Picked. Lightning packed Peters Erica Lee. Pickled Patrick says that beats percolate pickle pepper rarely picked. Pretty Rick's picks they pretty quick pick look legs. To peak. Peter's. Job. War we'll try to get. Three. Boy oh yeah. Yeah well you. Scored this is the FCC. Last time. They we will have to do this all year they'll all night bill that the whole Kenya part of Amanda are counselor in mesa man army as regards Richard yes the answer right now. We got a lot of effort dead birds live disease. They got to give me parties throughout party that hard it's a town first or for a oh yeah not only commands I don't really have a the well one don't want to do your Steve's dad is critically needed. Oh you just cannot seriously and goodies you can function is pretty good stuff how much debt do I we if I. Confidence under his wedding day you can eat out you could fog should not and here you can yeah yeah. A bundle of only candidate though the losers and endeavors is the FCC's we're gonna go that's what losers first yeah I'm just gonna read comments came in before you share the things we don't know what can be. This instead vs the FCC I think the FCC is gonna win signed my six year old son follow us know. The kids are not the kids got behind on this when why wouldn't talk trash to a kid. Yeah you would you want to miss one now comes from Daniel to know what all the and none Daniels says Ted that's a blog here's one for feds take a stab at in the the subject is Helen Keller. I'm OK okay goes on and my guess is probably isn't I think I feel dirty already about the sort. Helen Keller canned hunt Helen hunt's canned hunts but can't hunt Tiggers. Tiggers snicker at Helen hunt's Bunton knickers Helen hunt's bonds and blondes can kick Tiggers triggers vest of blog the way we do it is one time through and then three. I'm spent. Helen Keller can't hunt. Helen Hunt. And hunt but can't hunt triggers a Tiggers. Tutors snack it Helen hunt's bunt. I can knickers. Helen hunt's bonds and blondes and nick too bearish traders. It doesn't act to Helen Keller can't contact Helen Hunt Canton but Canton diggers tear Snickers Helen Hunt once and knickers. Helen Hunt once and buns in ten Mick Jagger stringer floor and tell us how Helen Keller pin hunt Helen Hunt can punt. Talent but can't hunt triggers. Hitters to get your talent punt punt and knickers do a good putts the important thing well and didn't get it. Jitters traders who poet Keller can't hunt Helen hunt's canned hunt but she can't front pagers. Tiggers security now and I thought they knickers Helen hunt's. Months and months ended. Here's. I don't know where. It's OK okay the only car for a 999 cola. Bad jokes coming up with a drug charge Ryan castle right after this quick break you are listening to the men's or radio network. Jill you don't have enjoyed the men's room. During Gonzales got another shot of the day is the most away first time for bad jokes refers to ensure that bad jokes last for generations to come when we first must bring you these were. Lose this is the official men's room bad jokes rules a bad joke isn't a bad Joseph. Necessarily how dirty joke for instance from a guy walked into a block. We know how that. And yet we all know about the man from Nantucket. And why he didn't do it's all about and as the bad. Not necessarily an offensive one I mean we all know that Jews don't Hollywood. And what's better than winning a gold medal at the Special Olympics. These simple rules in mind. Before you go. Started charger to dig out the bad jokes why do you buy that special somebody a refrigerator for Christmas why do you buy this somebody special refrigerator for Christmas because when they open at their face life. Hello David welcome to bad jokes. Aloha all wow. I call it here here you old. When you go vegetarian. And feel what. Can. Hello Steve welcome the bad jokes always. I. He's got a lot of them do what you got to learn. A lot of life it's still a bit. I'm home I'm tired yeah. Yeah it's it's my personal. What do you do that in polls predict what alert what are you really have two dozen bills but they take one way. They haven't struggled a bit through the brain. Oh yeah. It's a goal of the Jordan if curt hello you know welcome to manage through. All jobs. EU columns. What has more real than flight. What has four wheels and lies. What. I averaged. And logos. Pirated and edited out here. They're still don't get. It's just who it is. It's usually had been betrayed Afghan Siva drawn up to find out nortel's. Oh that benches a real quick addition to our something today guided debut shut out through that's wife. It. The very succinct statement. All right I. Felt that this offer of terror the day we supposed to unidentified man. For northern Lincoln Shire England. Now he showed up in the hospital in what they're saying severe pain. He's played the doctors that he had inserted day doe doe Horry long been receiving end to his rectum and then quote. Lost control because he was drawn now in this case perforated bowel and he was. Ended up getting fitted with a glossary bag to remember who from passing girls colon and he had to be fed through two for nine. Daytona six now the sex toy it was removed along with part of this large intestine and by the way. There's still those thirty inches long it's easy thirty. All into all home home button thirty. Inches. Long rectum and he gave it its its. Would borrow the smooth imagery does moves because we think it's yet and I today. So over the tong and down the world to party in our Tommy's. Our knowledge garbage out laughs. To get a good does the line right to play profile that we'll take color 9844999. Old look. The show and many things continue on the men's room. The radio network.