27 Days of Christmas - Adam Wishes For A Stroller

Tuesday, December 6th

RAD granted Adam's wish to get a stroller with a Target gift card.


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I Adam. Or rob anybody Don hello tell us about your wish what's going on in your life old man. Tata yell all about Richard Ortiz and Brett being my first child on who you realize law. So you realize this child. Will be graduating. From high school. When you were 57. Ish years old you're going to be in a wheelchair sir. We'll stay here now maybe walker yeah I've thought about and all I grew excited don't. You know it's going to be. Girl us now mom you at all ansari stopping. Her and when he showed when he she do. Do not make a case so what is your wish. My wish. What the cut down and expenses there's a lot going on so I wanted to chewed cost one off the list and get a baby's stroller. I have a look they're quite what was out there but. I figured if I get knocked something off the list. So great so this isn't. Greed wish it's not like you've got all the money to rays and a child and and you're just asking for gift you actually are trying though like look at expenses and go all man. It's really expensive to raise a kid. There is good if he had been looking at every day you had this Eric talked a lot this is definitely not agreed. And for me and my girl child I have John achieved actually pushed out about it. Yeah. We're excited. You plan on marrying her at some point and I do I do plan on it without Marmol wood or you don't know but. I'll tell you guys been together. We didn't get it six years. For you and you did write your wish the have a full time job but finding out this is it literally what he wrote a Adam writes I am a full time job of finding out Beatty baby items are more expensive than I thought of as. From what I hear my friends that don't you just wait Powell visit and now I want our you are in for a all right so here's what we did. We searched offer top rated strollers because actually specifically asked for. And we found something called the own man. I'm never gonna get this right. The hurt the the protons be Agile be Angel rate Angel. The idea at Giles is so hard at sounding the Agile three travel TV ads dial up and whatever. That's fancy well at targets tags it it retails for 365. Dollars. Yeah and I must be quite the stroll all leaks. What we're gonna loads you up on a target gift cards leaving get whatever the hell this thing is that I just said. As a stroller for your new baby Unger and made it they've they've. You guys aren't that bad. We are. We are and we appreciate you recognize Roosevelt Hyundai is the yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. And united Iraq and you are on bad thank you so much Adam great job and lost. Congratulations. And we Coburn and goes well give us an update maybe since the picture of your dollar give me a baby in the stroller and leveraged. One to seven days of Christmas continues you can send your wish is in the red radio dot.