27 Days of Christmas - Andrew Wishes For A Thanksgiving Dinner

Wednesday, November 22nd

We granted Andrew's wish for a Thanksgiving dinner and a gift card to Toys-R-Us with the help of our friends at Mimi's Cafe. 


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One more time 47 days Christmas. At that brought to Burroughs one day we have a good time sensitive sort of wish your. I. Arnold Thanksgiving and listen mostly Thanksgiving dinner of sorts so it's healing it's and drew a line. I is Sandra yet prepared Andrew's path Marten ID Iraq what's happening and we're not here not adequate erect somewhere where parliament earlier. Yeah you knuckle China call you aren't Oregon number that keeps calling me a fast path that's an idea Iraq. I got your wish in your wife's side just had a baby so congratulations. And thank you. I'm sure things are a little bit hectic over there at the house with a new bambino absolutely. Are rare that and by you know my kids are older now iiroc Griese was. I now barely sleeping in you know it is what time it is. I remember those days man. You have any other us not monkeys in knows miners rug rats are not an eight year old well you an eight year old twos well but it your all almost certainly all out. Blah allow gate congratulations so your wife is a pretty busy with the new kid in your wishes you don't want to have her cooked Thanksgiving dinner right yeah that's correct she's little busy breast feeding and taking care of that little knows minor absolutely you wrote they yield are not very good cook to do Thanksgiving dinner yourself started off and you wanna -- up. Blah I mean it was really this analogy that the Turks and that you guys epic fight are you catering record some place that does that summer after. Think hitting. Andrew as a matter of fact we do. All right you're in lock our friends over at mean these cafe an ardent wanna hook you up with a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner. That's that is awesome I think it's my wife's gonna go nuts. It matters what they're gonna do for your bro they're getting you via Turkey and all the fixings to come with it stuffing potatoes cranberry relish broccoli gravy the war so you guys don't have to cook a thing are you a lot of men mean these they've got to do Thanksgiving man are bad. Now also Andrew in your wish you said you'd like to buy some Christmas presents for the kids money's a little tight with that new baby. Yeah other medical bills and Georgia had the. OK so we like to help you that too we've got a 250 dollar gift card for Toys 'R' Us scroll icon Marciano at our meeting on happy holidays my friend are they so much gas tanks into our friends of Roseville Hyundai and our friends that mean Meese cafe to the.