27 Days of Christmas- Angie Wishes For VIP Aftershock 2018 Tickets.

Friday, December 22nd


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It is it's 47 days of Christmas today's deal. I'm kind of sad by this but it's the last day I was a lot of fun granting always is that we could grant and some people we are unable to get a hold of blood people hopefully we'll do it again next year. So would need or greed that's what we do add promotion department. They gave us a piece of paper that's my line so let's go. Let's talk too edgy high anti. So edgy EU do you wish your wish is agreed and you're wishing to get VIP tickets to aftershock 2018. Yeah I'm exactly the very grainy greens list. Are you and your husband have gone every year it says but you've never been inside VIP. That's correct. You know via this is pretty awesome that's where we god that's what we do our little son thing right you know about that are. I now I'm only money anymore than he lived not far. You also know had they haven't even announced the show even officially announce anything for the show firfer aftershock. Action and I would wishful thinking I'm about our old age she let me just ask you this. Who are you hoping to see play next year. And cash and how we even when he used for how to bridge to show up whiny parents permits without the option but can never met this year with them to see him back next year. Even though it hasn't been officially announced yet and we can't tell you whose play and so we can meet your guess is getting cars. Why are we don't Wear a beer will be even. Here's the thing we've got some connections. As you are aware I'm sure and we know the people that put to show on our friends over there any women presents like I said the guys have put all these shows on all over the country and aftershocks one of the biggest ones. We reached out to them. We got you for VIP tickets after shock 2018 for you and your husband and whoever else you want to bring with him. Now my cast an Argentine huge flights. And old for you we also getting into epicenter passes so you can coming out on us and can't send the artist interviews about that. And I think great somebody reaching out. So you'll be you'll be in VIP you'll be an episode you'll be mean rock stars and hang with does drink and have a good time we got four tickets for you he is just hang on the line there's gonna get some info. And thank you grows till Monday. For firm for being a part of this every year in helping us make this happen happened. Thousands of ways is a comment and I really wanna make sure that they get the love that they deserve they really are the ones who helped put this on so thank you rose on deck this article have them behind disliking the really is due in.