27 Days of Christmas - Brandon Wishes For A Bed For His Son

Tuesday, December 13th

We granted Brandon's wish to get a new bed for his son.


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I'm pat Barton good morning happy always 47 days a crisp was going on thanks you know our friends are rolls on date for making Salma any of these wishes come true to date we've gotten over 171000. Wishes in record number. So a lot of people asking for help I got a guy on the line here are about to call a guy. His name is Brandon he's a single dad. Asking for all little help the saw holiday season the you LaBrandon. We can't hook a real or not. Or the spread hey Brandon how Martin's not the Iraq I am a real men date younger it. Happy holidays happy holidays nice to meet joy over the phone. Yeah it take you here calling in regards my letter you figure that out there and if yes check out the big brain on Brandon yes. Dog situation front we brought recording your letter you're the father of four year old boy right I AM Bentley yeah Bentley while the great men men on yeah. He'll grow to be a country singer so that's why I named him Bentley no way yeah you Easter belly band well you share custody with his mother. We view death. The last couple years have been working out or really challenging but. I didn't have the luxury of having a father and I was young and unfortunately his mom what we can work out for various reasons but I had to be very involved and I knew that I wanted to fight for every single second I could look that kid he's shaped him and change the world and later than ever so. Either blood thing he changed should continue to change my life. Certainly influenced in any way I played that that I never imagined. You wrote to you find yourself giving up your own personal needs to make sure he has everything he needs. Yeah absolutely. In some luxuries they set be able to enjoy. You know just just as simple as you know going home buying assured or wherever. Egypt every last dollar. And because he deserves it. Well you sound like a great dad now you say your mom was a police aid and something happened when you were a kid. Yes. Yeah what one more when our father left I have a twin brother and an older brother as well and when he left she kind of just was stuck in and and really transport and trying to get things back together and so there were. Actually quite a few years where we struggled make them meeting that meant getting out into the luxury of having you know Christmas and remember vividly. The police department Stoudemire opened dropping curtains off and make sure that we had it had a very good Chris and and one that I still remembered Tuesday. While the most and also. Yes there are very much so that brings us to your wish all my wish is simply that I know I really want to get. My son and he has fans that we we we met them couple we can together on he asked for knew that and so certainly one extend that tenants that make sure that he has say Christmas he can remember. Orders ordered to do sleep train mattress senators would like to deliver to you a full size mattress with box spring and frame could deliver a right to your home. Oh no way. Seriously. Brand new business for little belly you yeah well good views so let that thought so let you go out and I really do appreciate that. You're more than welcome my friend Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas to you thank you again you're welcome thanks rules London again thanks to our friends. And the sleep train mattress sinners.