27 Days of Christmas - Brendon Wishes For A Locket For His Girlfriend

Friday, December 9th

With help from Guezzetta Jewelers, RAD granted Brendon's wish to get his girlfriend Stephanie a locket.


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I Brendan. Good man thank you so much for writing I understand your wish is actually ironically after last call about your girlfriend's dog a could you please tell us about Bubba. Hall. They are crucial careers. My girlfriend was an early abusive relationship mentally and physically. Close secured so. And so armed. You know voice almost never around the goes until. And social and other so dog. And he was just the most wonderful. And tragically he got into a culture much runs. Few weeks ago and I are very suddenly. You know with no warn them when you grow beyond still. And he or won't hurt pillows no he was hurt wherever than they were trial. How old was the first of all let what kind of dog was it. It was. Who hold true. And how old was he when he passed were what we're secure now and my understanding from your wish is this literally unfortunately happen like. When we started granting the 27 days of Christmas with his. Yeah I had planned on now it would be her ticket from my kids were. And country in my mind when I happened. Okay so with Bubba being gone. And him matter is so much your girlfriend what can we do for you now. Well I'd relate. Let go Lockett. Or something you know look at necklace she can Wear look maybe just picture him. What's your girlfriend's name do you mind same illness. Yeah I heard that woman Stephanie. Okay. We all understand though for a variety of reasons the loss of pets so and this is at least the second if not third time this holiday we reached out where friends that is at a Jewelers thank you so much to them there in Roseville California. And they have agreed. To give us a silver Lockett valued at up to 200 dollars for Stephanie. You can help virtues the picture of Bubba you like the most they'll put it in there. And she will get the exact wish that you want for the holiday season and hopefully this'll help ease her pain because. It's it's rough and we get it and we appreciate the wish him and thank you so much Brendan for for letting us know it's. Or do you guys somewhat true romance and certainly you do choose you have no idea how much is going to be interpreted somewhat. You're welcome and remember to thank Roseville Monday. And gazette a Jewelers because they team up for all of these wishes and we really appreciate all of their health. Details about 27 days of Christmas can be found at rad radio dot com. Dawn show.