27 Days of Christmas - Cassandra Wishes To Feed Her Family

Thursday, December 8th

RAD granted Cassandra's wish to get food for her family with a Raley's gift card.


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And is it is that the sand Berkus on our own people a sense of about this. And actress Sandra Oh Cassandra just deplorable. Kind of are we have here Christmas wish in and in front of us here it says that you're having trouble keeping food on the table or we're. I was just been a little bit and struggling financially and my husband actually stayed at home with her children and then I'm actually. I'm in the process his coaching job they've got a lot better job and just recently which has been a blessing. So definitely and the deployment you know coming kid it's not about pregnancy the is English Jeremy and. The last sentence you wrote is a Christmas is about creating memories and I want my boys first Christmas in their new home so to be filled with laughter and joy and great food so specifically it could mommy's specifically wanna you wanna put on a nice Christmas dinner. Yes I would just glad to be able to get have a great a great meal together in teaching about about presidency Dick. Need to be with each other and their loved needs to be there and that's what matters. Outstanding in what a neat where she uniform obviously it's important that you create memories for your boys traditions hopefully it's. And so we got a gift card for you to ray Lee is in Bel Air who or which either one released Baylor they're gonna neither won their sister stores. For 300 dollars. So you and you can buy everything you need for Christmas dinner and hopefully we'll have a little left over to I don't know how much you splurge. To help with the regular night's two leading up to Christmas as well. All right thank you would you have a wonderful holiday. We are proud thank you so much is 27 these Christmas continue brought to us by Roseville Hyundai you can submit your wish Brad radio talk us.