27 Days of Christmas - Charley For New Hockey Jerseys

Wednesday, December 6th

We granted Charley's wish to get new hockey jerseys for him and his brother-in-law!


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California rock station not it rockets its 47 days of Christmas continuing on and we're making people's wishes come true guy if you haven't submitted a wish you have until the fourteenth. To get your wish in and we'll continue granting wishes after that but you gotta get to a making or execute on that submit your wish. A great grand somebody's question until we got Charlie on the line. I Charlie I I don't I'm gray my friend how are you doing. Ali I'm already. Allies Charlie that you were going to carry excuse I met Dan. And submitting your your when your wishes your leader your greed and Charlie you're you're wishing for some new hockey jerseys is says. Yeah I. Think this kind of funny because this is a first for us who actually created an account. For the team store put the jerseys in the cart and sent us the login info. Yeah I try to make it as you deal possible. I like is created and I do too I totally appreciate you make sure he's actually DNA is in the account right now looks like he wants. San Jose Jersey for you and your brother in law what's what on I'm. Yeah yeah where all from the panel led. We've been on hair for helping to like 2000. And eat hardly ever get to go to games. Eased my need that special needs and so he can't really stay the night and mosque it is certainly time and so I mechanical pretty nasty dirty. Hey paycheck come out GB of a switch these two and I. I'm right now. Now. It's. The EU highlight humanity but LA. I want buddy and guy got their accounts per card info right now so. So it Lou I think you might be able to do this. It's kind of funny like CB and that's and that's rare it's an extremely rare. I'm I goalie guy when you can yelled I'm. Well I guess I can't do much at them all right fine will be nice all right so here's what already Charlie you and your brother in law are getting your hockey jerseys. Look awesome. Yeah that is. I meant they Q first submit your wish currency rose on day it has been granted.