27 Days of Christmas - Courtney Wishes For A New Stroller

Wednesday, November 8th

We granted Courntey's wish for a new stroller after her old one was destroyed in a car accident.


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California rock station ninety Iraq's a Mikey this is the first one for me and I think he into but I'm excited to have heard a lot about this is only seven days of Christmas yeah this is on the side right now if I'm honestly a little emotional well. I hope is I just hope that this is a good whistle goes over really well. I in in this is this the beginning mandatory seven days or less carries you got mad if you've got to wish need or greed and we can be giving you a phone call. Let's go to Lyon where we've got to cornea their hate Courtney Harry you. I'm having carried on. Courtney we we've got your email here and according to your email you were involved in a car accident and Fair Oaks a few weeks ago. Yeah or we could go from yesterday actually. The car was you. Fortunately I just mean. But I'm also that would 31 pregnant that there are we at a time and I'm 35 weeks pregnant now. Oh now. How can you were rear ended. Yeah how needs someone cut that I out in front of me I he'd stop I saw the guy behind me didn't stop you know. Words were hurt. Fortunately no idea had to go to the hospital to make sure you know the baby's okay and everything like that but but everything's been done all right so far. I think guys and I according we were richer email according to the email you had some personal items and they try to tell us about it. Something valid in the trunk was our baby stroller. And Kurt California Eli whenever. Like McCarthy is in a car accident. That their cardiac be replaced Qaeda story. But are the stroller goes that's not really a man Gary speed he you know people and equipment so they don't they get you know mandatory replacing. Here's your intro was in the try again and now you're in need of a new stroller. You and your husband are expecting another baby is is that what you just said to. Well yeah I'm 35 weeks pregnant so I should criminals shouldn't sounds like he's useful for two. I ideally yeah actually you know looking at a couple let yeah. Courtney thank you for submitting the email. Led to a send a day tie starts here so here's what wanted to know. Abide by baby has had to leave tandem stroller performer box that we teamed up for grows so hot day. And now whereby anyone. Gushed across an issue a car seat adapter so you can call. Quickly click your baby's car seat to the stroller. That would be amazing thank you so much. Thank you thanks for submitting the wish and this is this is what we do we we wanted to be able to help out in you were in a situation where you need that and were stoked to be able to do this for is for especially with rose on Dave this is amazing and and hey enjoy your new stroller enjoy that adaptor for that car seat. Often that you go to my court. Eight years so welcome thank you refer take the fallout from forward means a lot so all of us here so thank you into the nanny route and we thank you again. Oh my gosh. Somebody else. I think I'd wondered what a great way some cheap car accident she needed in his stroller I know she's talking about with the the car seat thing tubes I remember reading about that resist FaceBook group where fuel car accident and parents should step up and knows you get new Chrysler Yi Yi. That no matter what's that car seat is done there's not a safe car seat anymore you've got to get a new one. And she said is not the same thing for the strollers but you should probably consider that same thing if your car's here her stroller your car you probably need. And you stroller just to be safe and I'm glad real Internet and a school and I strollers I don't you know try to be we try to be a tough and they don't thinly here by the kind of breaks it down just. It's easier than her voice and knowing that did not need -- will do that for so of course I would do me part of this company in the station hell yeah America hey if you if you got a wish whatever is need agreed it's a minute man KR XQ dot net submit your wish you could do it on the app you can email it to wasting KR XQ dot net we teamed up a rose on Monday again and we want to grind as many ways is possible slow to make that happen.