27 Days of Christmas - Cynthia Wishes To Take Her Family to Global Winter Wonderland and TSO

Tuesday, December 20th

We granted Cynthia's wish to take her family to Global Winter Wonderland and TSO!


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I'll feel now holiday spirit we need to Greta we should go when your front of me we got so many these wishes and here's one from a woman named Cynthia forgive your quick little back story before I. Give her on the phone let's see Cynthia has five kids. Are her mom had a stroke five years ago. Her dad has been taking care of mom but unfortunately dad has passed a way. Leading heard the care the sole caretaker of of the mom and her five kids. And she's got a real reasonable wish you looked so let's make somebody stay name is Cynthia let's get on the phone. Here. I resent in the right idea. Rose on Monday. Hello hey I'm looking for us and Dion 00. At home. Ice is Cynthia yes they're actually calling yes this is health from north of Poland calling on behalf of Santa Claus hi Mario I'm good I'm good you can just call me else that's fine okay you know actually it's say it's pat Martin for ninety Iraq. Audio some people say I look kind of like a tall else but. I'd not I don't think so I'll work for me. What they are you I'm calling about your wish for the 27 days while portion extension or maybe it is a make you know we got over 181000 wishes in. In that crazy you're right. So you're wish. Your worst seems pretty reasonable to me it's it's you know it's a little bit greedy but not really you wish is for either tickets to the TSO show or tickets to the global winter wonderland so fill in the details Formby Cynthia. Okay and my family and I am about cheered now have live from California actually checked shares changed her life and an infection like act and on my dad had called me and and leave. I had one entry of performing lecture may have started to do the winter wonderland thing my kids at Phoenix and then. So I have taken a break your heart slowed their nights of them were at one point you know we all work together. When we cannot too negative you know our chairman that we mentioned that the money and we look you know make that a priority to go to formally until we had started. You know triple money away and want to you know even the kids were involved in between you know whatever. No player were allowance level of laughter attempts. They're candy what they're rushed into Canada bike ride they are treating people aren't any soccer all execute many. I am my local. So Cynthia you have five kids is that right. Really yet we have five children and armed compound home to act. So your wish is either for the global winter wonderland that runs through January 8 they cal expo you get to five kids in you said your fiance is that right yes. We're gonna do seven tickets for you your fiance in your five kids all. Thank you how about that. That it may be thank you so much. Well you know I'm more an idea Iraq so. US for tickets to the TS so is that correct. Yes the trans Siberian orchestra play in the new gold one senator on December 28 we've also got seven tickets for you guys as well. I own my own my gosh thank you so much. Well my park. Is now an awesome like a sudden he batted beyond often mentioned as a complete entry on the I don't I don't. Com my gosh. Well you wanted one or the other we tell what the hell let's give her both why not. Oh my god you guys are amazing thinking so much. All the time I feel like I'm just different for real good. You're quite welcome I'm happy holidays Cynthia thank you Sean Hannity here awhile could use it that's how we roll we're gonna do both of Emporia. Thanks to our friends at the global winter wonderland thanks to our friends in the trans Siberian orchestra in Dow has always our friends are rose on day.