27 Days of Christmas - Danyelle Wishes To Take Her Boys To Jeff Dunham

Monday, November 13th

We granted Danyelle's wish to take her boys to see Jeff Dunham and they're getting there in style with About Time Limousines! 


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From studio 27 days crystals fronted by rose we'll update. It's wish grandson my favorite part of the day we a lot of bush is coming in your shores and it yet done so already. We should KR XQ dot net loans hit the phones in your whole little woman named Danielle. I. Hello I'm looking for Danielle special perks they get yelled out Martin ninety Iraq. And it can't what's happening now aria. Is working you know yeah million minutes of talk idea and a pair shot and I carry our hair and excellent I valuation front may 27 days of Christmas allowed them use your decision shocked I can tell by how much I look forward what. Who today's your lucky day because I got your wish that our sites I see your wish you wrote that you wish is to do something fun for your voice right yeah I have Earnhardt go to and it just got a little lower on Thursday a small boy near boys are how old are they fourteen and sixteen. Fourteen and sixteen okay tell me about your wish. My I had the one hand they take them as we just spend because he's I mean you know we all enjoy and it's got to be a spun out incorrectly it the other family. You mentioned someone ban on Thursday what's going on. Around my friend has started a new school and you assuring the public bus home and chipped it decided to jump on afterschool and around the important blocs. I don't know oh. And not get only cash and you also mentioned that your boys had to limit their dads are Lyle they had the past school year and I just had gotten him back home for this school year and barely started trash and you're exposed and unfortunately. Which happened. How does he go over dad's when they were living there. I'm not too your strategy you know the sanctuary and you did your make and keep up on their schoolwork and I and I and I both failed last year my eighth grader did not promote and my sophomore and not get to go to junior year you're planning an alternative school well it's you know we're getting back on track and it and I take off. So you've got the boys back now and you got back in school and doing better right. Except for the flash and that they had my other sense it makes your age are now it's your mirror. All that's awesome cash flow from your way shoot it sounds like dad is kind of like the fund one and you're the one with all the rules you're the strict moms sore right. Pretty much yeah so you wanna take your boys out for a fund you're big fans of just done them. Yeah I heard it I'm in Sacramento entirely exterior. Where you are correct as very entertaining guy here's what we deal made a phone call to our bodies over the golden ones that are and they say your wish directly to the job done tour people are all. And they pulled tickets out of their allotment to gave you in your boys in the seed Jeff Dunn's passively aggressive tour when he comes to town of the golden one on February 28. Well I had such unbelievable I'm Jared Jennifer you know who's to say that gets the questions. That's great you guys have a great time now Danielle we also wanted to make sure you got your style so we call them our bodies over in about time limousines. All. Their website is about time limos are calm and they're gonna drive you in the kids to the show fifteen year old limousine. Boy I'll say a special island La and millions on you to keep the limousines whatever title since the at least you don't get to delay a multiple. I have done our part as you guys have a great time just done very entertaining and I'm glad we can help yachts I thank you. Now you're so welcome New York thanks again to our friends are rose on day two gold one senator about time limos and about time limos dot com. They don't 127 days wishing the bag.