27 Days of Christmas - Emily Wishes For Electric Christmas Tickets

Tuesday, December 5th

We granted Emily's wish for Electric Christmas tickets for her and her boyfriend.


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I am fully. All right Emily I'm not gonna hold your name against Jones said remember this share. This is very simple and quick your wish is actually. For you and your boyfriend now you wrote the utes you're having a tough year can you give us a little bit more what's going on what's been some talk about your year. Well I can stand cars he then floor I was full time kids mom has got cancer this year. So he did did he allow went there every seeing anything there could not. So that's good. So it's just so it's kind of been I was just talking my fiance about this the other day about other mutual friends of ours. A lot of people Tony seventeen has been and whether it's the whole year just last three or six months it seems like no one punched in the gut after the other. And it's just kind of light a bad year for you. All right so what is your 27 days of Christmas wish. I wanted to go to being. An actor Chris grant what the hell is electric Christmas for those who don't know you're talking about. I'll put army Buddy Guy in the Florida point seven. Which is one of our our stations are those that don't know that's farmers' associations the skin and Sacramento California. It's Kate KDO ideas they call it. Giuliani stays there and play now they play well alternative music it's all part of the family I don't want people thinking oh my god what did you just say so yes you're right it says so it's a show put on by one of our sister stations but it's have you seen it before. Now I've known it then I'll Mike Johnson why he wanted to know. The limit here is there going to be there and done. Walk the mayor needs. And I just really wanted to see you summoning fan there really for alternative. Music. All right well here's what we've got for you you and your boyfriend are gonna go plus now I don't know you have this many friends. But. You can bring them eight. We've got a total of ten tickets for electric Christmas for you which and old and mother well they're not just against. They're VIP tickets sold out Deanna who. We don't have please don't pass out and I'm not done a is still well. Oh yeah all right and one more thing you mentioned one of the bands you win your boyfriend Danzig all your friends you and your boyfriend actually get to go backstage. And meet. Walked the moon as well. Our past total current food. I think your dad's not yet a weed killer first seven days of Christmas and finally debrief hi there. You are right congratulations Merry Christmas have a great time and happy holidays off. Okay current OK you're very welcome I think we kill us. That is Emily in this 17 days of Christmas continues rant radio dot com brought to us by our friends at Roseville Monday.