27 Days of Christmas - Eric Wishes For Black Label Society Tickets

Wednesday, December 20th

We granted Erics wish for tickets to Black Label Society


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Pat Barton good morning and grand wish 120 Sunnis Christmas to my dissent and and through Friday granting wishes. This one is a sort of an easy one. A guy name Eric who wants to go scene. And concert. So sizes Erick this list Eric pat Barton from ninety Iraq with somebody I do Seattle. What's happened brother gets you where she heard far enemy. Thank you it is a simple wish I would say it's more along the lines of agreed wish the need writing effort to say correct that's okay matches we disagreed with shorts while I appreciate it and this one is rock and roll oriented so you wish you simply deceit Black Label Society. Are they're coming ace of spades what is it February 21 some sort out how many tickets are you wish for our or have you ever seen him before. Are you know you've never seen BLS. Now I've seen passing attack while so global it no no equitable society. Now this will be a fun show so I do grant your wish broke. Who you think you can take. Well taken my cousin because you've been transparent and then obviously my girl and possibly cause for the day. RI RI olds can be fun night okay summit essential both for tickets to see Black Label Society ace of spades February 21. Thank you PM you are in baby I appreciate it thank you so much they you know whatever just make sure it's an extra special like Korea almond at all you backstage to meet Zack wild in the bay also even though you're probably not worthy you're gonna have to be worthy that at that. Yeah we might have to do going into world therein and bowed out and we are not worldly. Now you're word pizza you got a crew got tickets and backstage passes have resulted.