27 Days Of Christmas - Ericka Wishes For Christmas Gifts For Her Girls

Monday, November 13th

We granted Ericka's wish for Christmas gifts for her daughters by getting her a Power Wheels Barbie Ford Mustang, a $150 gift card to Toys"R"Us, and 4 tickets to Global Winter Wonderland at Cal Expo!


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America Online this morning Erica. And I mean now Erica I had your wish shared very short wish thank you in clear concise to the point not a double who can. I. Not a woman talk you're yeah I mean are you really a moment. The Italian entrepreneur me Angelina and Lysol ramble on and on. Seven days of Christmas wish starts with I don't wanna be greedy and all but do you really think you're being green this wish you knew you. I'm not an eye diplomatic don't have a computer. The cardinals also okay so how many girls you have all I had great Howell. I didn't write an ammunition and equipment and next it's. Also nice girls and they like millions of. My girl Larry you know did. They let me out I played any PR I think it's meant to be outside what they're Don van. They have a good buddy Cairo that they got a Hanley young guy like their older brother and can scare from their dad and like over ten years old. And it gets so beat up and I I I didn't want him to get annoying. You know. Well what if you don't I don't know any about kids Erica because he's putting very smell. A may be a new power wheel car what is that I don't know that well yeah. Here and a little tiny like little. Little escalade and a little party card that they could guide themselves. And all. I'm Laurie you know they're not street legal right from. Carry ons and what about oh about the four month old and he does is drool all could prosecute. Little tiny yellow light AB and spend like the pocket I have like a little. C beamed when he could turn around and have like the little. Donna walker Bernard to contact. I've stationary eat. Downturn but doormat for the guitar and means. I'll amazing yeah interactive I had no idea what. It's like a jumper in the mental edge AT&T actually jumped in the middle and then around the corners there's like different songs they complain. And then yeah different shapes in my. Sorry Erica we got to make sure your daughters have. And a good Christmas so Fisher Price makes power wheels Barbie Ford Mustang and buy one for your five and six year old little flu. It has to speed power brakes and a pretender radios so your girls can pretend to listen to us every day after. Teach and now let's give him another on the a lot of different baby Einstein products will also we've got a 150 dollar Toys 'R' Us gift cards are you can take the things you want for your youngest man and you didn't put this in your wish but. We wanna send the Stanley to winter wonderland this year and open on Saturday you can take the day you can go away any time through January 7. It's it cal expo in Sacramento and hopefully that won't go a long way to making a three dollars and you have a great Christmas. You have no idea we can't buy at any other day going to my mom's job there Laidlaw. We go to movies a lot of ready. I. Mom of the year you can say so Santa oh my aren't. You're welcome you have a great holiday Erica remember to thank our friends are Roseville on day. For bringing us 27 days of Christmas you can still submit your wish online go to red radio dot com. Use the official form that's a great way to end we'll be back tomorrow. Yeah. Sorry I'm glad I am proud I am the I read who moved. And food. I still own my good I. I didn't all right do you. And I.