27 Days of Christmas - Gentry Wishes For 98 Rock To Play His Band's Single

Friday, December 15th

We granted Gentry's wish to have his band Western Spy and the Kosmonaut play their single on 98 Rock's Local Licks


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Study Iraq California's rock station home the 27 days Christmas brought to you by Roseville Hyundai however the wished taking in. Stop last edited now we're still granting wishes for another week. So 22 will be the last day we actually grant wishes we have a whole bunch of on to grant including one right now Andy hawk is in your with me the we're gonna fall guy up here from law and gentry. So this guide is an earlier on the line. Surprise him he seems like a big fan of collects. Piceance. And always has gentry. Yes it is I've rose pat Barton from ninety Iraq at a hundred Goler let's now demand our aria on doing well you. I'm doing great guy you're wishing for enemy no way you get an easy way sheer. Like it's so. Basically you're a local bands I am in years you're begging for a little airplay year it would be really united are the mighty 98 Iraq. Of course an era where never will listen excellent what's your what your band's name. That's our brand name is western spies and the cosmonaut. While about the rest my brother in law is the bassist and abandoned he's Russian I've gotten a year ago. OK simple enough. Now I'm sure you know we got a little program called local licks. We do yeah most of by the U one goalie Andy hawk nobody knows local music better than him he's a great years let's give the man himself it near Antioch -- gentry hasn't ordered it's gone well you I'm I'm great so we're gonna we're gonna play a little bit to your song gentry and we're gonna let Andy decided its air worthy your yeah I have not heard of these guys yet saw aren't sure yet happened. Content pack I guess kind of you he says they're kind of a rockabilly bands. We we take rockabilly it's. Where were our. Closer main effect of really which detects rockabilly in the punk influenced you written grew up on screen name Blink-182 wooden and rock music and so it staffs. Combination you've already won in dealing outright editor edit just by saying don't start a threat entered into. Okay here's a little bit of western spy and the cosmonauts. And August listen to her her. Okay. And if you're enough I I've heard enough to make the decision in your decision PM. I've played worse so I feel very comfortable playing these guys a local lakes this week although we give a problem. It's from this week is the most liked countdown of 2017. On local knicks. But I'll I'll I'll I'll make an exception and make them the honorable mention. Tell you all do. A play on my show to TV and that is better pack the house that gentry all my dad and somebody. No credible the bride to be honest that's even better than being on local ex championship I don't have daughters they're agreeable as they're now couple Mormon vote. Gentry we'd like to sweeten the pot just a little too along with the airplanes we'd like to give it 200 dollar gift card to spend it to arson. No way I just a little extra gear whatever. That would be amazing considering a bright Beijing like 180 dollars. Some new opera stories hey man I can't wait to see you play let's let me know when your when your play at the time Lowell got a local studio we got to show in January coal. At a boxing and Sacramento rate we'll see and everybody happy holidays happy holidays thank you got some you're welcome buddy can I keep up the good work thanks in your friends a rose on day. That's a 200 dollar gift card for.