27 Days of Christmas - Heather Wishes For A REI Gift Card

Monday, November 28th

Pat Martin grants Heather's wish to get new workout equipment with a $300 REI Gift Card.

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Pat Margaret after you received over the last I looked last week it was like thirteen 10141000. Wishes. They've come in obviously Michael Grant all of those but we're trying our best Mexican orphans a rose on day. And we have one of those which is in from all woman named Heather I have Heather on the phone what's up. I'm doing wonderful thank you it's a little cold out today diet. I had I'm game really well. Are you know I'm good happy holidays to you we got your wish your finalists for the 27 days. Yeah oh my god if he picked up. First of all I wanna say that so we're very proud of view. Yeah it says here you have lost 107. Pounds. Yes there are my god that's a lot. It is an amazing journey and lower it did you do I. On the L one day high. Number right what number it never I would be thinking that you and I started out is cutting out. All active. And and then IE dropped a few pounds from Matt and then I realized that it was quite working the way I want it so I am working out. I started writing what they're walking. And started running after that. And I also got on Herbalife men in my life is all about health and fitness now I don't drink I don't like process. Water at my best friend a gallon day. While. Though it has really been out and about you know really kicking in making the help change is then. Basically I can't pronounce ingredient better and it I'm not a hypocrite. Again congratulations. A 107. Pounds that's awesome. It ain't much as I guess you've got a new hobby tells about that. I need huge settled we only all that couple guys I am the high teens and I only hiking but I you and screen like. Like rock claiming. Without that light patterns. So free camera according. Lessor brings us to your wish tells about that. Yeah I have cell with all the rock mining and make you mad at you. He can't get through here a lot like she's done everything. And sell I would only love them like the new gear and the new rules you know word got out bad and I can you back acted like that they act quickly on it. All right Heather we're gonna grant your wish. And area. I'm. We have a 300 dollar REI gift cards for yet to help by some of that equipment you need for your new hobby. And Brad is the main you've been thinking guys so my eight thanks to our friends are rules on dates who and other way to go Merry Christmas.