27 Days of Christmas - James Wishes For Money After Microwave Incident

Tuesday, November 21st

We granted Jame's wish for money after he replaced his car keys that his son microwaved. 


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Wishes are coming in this one's a little little while sort of on the funny side. Let me ask you this won't happen if you were put your car keys in a microwave office you don't with a key fob the plastic the chip inside. What happens when you microwave. He set. Off Corky. And let's fly out was a good Jane it's. Get James on the phone. Hey look at for James. James Pathmark ninety Iraq what's happening now. A happy holidays rather of Sydney and marketing your wish all of row you did something. He did something bat tell us what she did it. At. I spent all McChrystal money replacing Corky. Would you do the cart race. But actually my son who decided to mightily them. Oh okay so I thought you didn't see your son is the one who did the car keys yeah. So your son microwave. To mom's car keys yet. I've started a lap but that's a whole what happens when you do that did you blow up the microwave I mean what happens. Bomb know from what I'm told it smelled really bad the and the dealership. Today small shift in the car key and it cooked the computer chip it makes you work. I'll but it didn't ask Michael it's all Michael or so works were not plugged in anymore. Just in case right you are. So your son Michael is the car keys and there goes the Christmas budget yeah is that what I'm gathering here that it want so what you wish for that. I wish and hope laid down at some of the money back so that we buy a playground on some toys and whatnot yeah so you had to fork over almost 300 bucks for the keys wool would like to do James is give you 8300 dollar visa gift card thank you very much so there you go and I'll take care of that little mishap with the the keys in the microwave and I keep organize your son and James happy holidays from the idea rocks and rolls or Monday.