27 Days of Christmas - Jennifer Wishes For Help For Her Mom

Wednesday, November 8th

We granted Jennifer's wish to help her mom out during a difficult time.


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The 27 days of her. Brought just by our friends as always for our heads are Roseville on the you can still go on line. At Brad radio dot com click on the link and you can now submit your wish. For yourself for for someone else for near sugary Jesper need Hungary's you can do it you're really on the feed him you understand it and we take the wishes and we do we can and and you can skew some time to submit. This is they want of the 27. Christmas and we got Jennifer on the line with a site. Jennifer. Guru. How are you mean I don't okay. I'm I'm okay. Today it's a pretty bird like that that services. Or yeah so let's seller but his stories and they understand what's going monuments your steps that I wanna go back to your biological father he passed away at a young age what can you tell us about that. And my biological dad died at age of 49 as some brain and lung cancer. You know I'm the only avenue that I had friends and every angle I was about twenty thick when he felt a little. Aaron never got fifty we'll get married or. Why would be there for my children being born or my other sister. Either though. I'm. Really tired. Church and and your mom. Who's still what does your mom cared for him right and so is his passing. Amanda and I understand AJ shoot even Manhattan hospice for your this for your biological dad and shared formulas by inside the whole time. Yeah I knew that you had direct air care in our house in the center there are the and then you're. Mom went out and as you mentioned sounds. So Amanda became your step dad and tell me about him and then what happens. I am actually met him or shortly after my dad had happened never expected Q. I happiness the end and then she didn't end them at first I was a little. I'm sure the situation to they would feel good in my they've. Delmon let an equal Lawrence. And then say we mean no he would cut in our lives Kirk Kirk says. Almost like my dad had an importer. And now you're married and almost twenty years. And I'm healthy a man who spend the most amazing man won't. Golf eating golf six better than they do these kids are healthy and what I'm feeling good one day and went for the doctor and and he told them that he had probably golf though even though we were setting up they're great to get things ready and then they know we're sorry you have these spores Biotech cancer. Pulled because she filed a cancer blue. Okay and how long ago was that. When they're around September 11 did when he was diagnosed and you keep out the way October 9. So 38 days after his diagnosis. He passed away. All right. You Rhode a year in your wish. My mom cared for both of these men at home under hospice as hard as it was she never left either one of them and was there for their final breaths. And so heartbroken that my wonderful mom who's and so much for everyone continues to a major loss in her life. She has experienced the fear we all have losing a lifelong partner as well. And this you didn't even mention yet you burn your Nokia is she lost a child your 28 year old pastor pastor in 2001. So your mom's been. Com and you mentioned yet ready for your step dad says it has services are tomorrow. Okay arm and you know viewers our message could be in your wish you go your machines for your mom but you're right honestly I don't read. He know what to wish for. And your what do you look it's really like an escape some happiness things like that's on the take your mind off the. I didn't the I remembered so mechanism so that burgers. I don't know what began her I don't know how do you replace all their lives so a lot. You don't just you don't end in morning and tried to calm bully took your cues. And you know sometimes we like we'll partner up with local businesses and try to come up with some in this case throws the Hyundai said and let's just pay for something and take care Britain and we we realize this is a small little thing Jennifer but all we thought is you even mentioned in Europe. And your wish Sherron may be a spy on day. All maybe some gift cards so what we thought was okay us bodies great. Working word guessing that she want you to be by her side you can always you know have moms take a friend or whatever but we eat we will arrange for a holiday for both of you. What is appropriate and when it's time when you're both ready you can do it the day after Marty noon three weeks doesn't matter. Our men and after some pampering and hopefully you can shaker on a shopping spree because we're gonna give you a 400 dollar gift card first store or all of your choice. Everything I would like anywhere you wanna take your 400 boxes on us taker out and just take her away from everything. Thank you so much. You're welcome and try to get through tomorrow and although there's a lot of us thinking about your. And be there for your mom thank you Jennifer thank you mostly. To our friends at Roseville Hyundai. For bringing us the 27 days of Christmas yet wishers all for someone else you know ran radio dot com and click on the 27 days like you have to use that league. Tell us your story play Jennifer did and also we should note now we're in the twenties under the Christmas if you submitted a wish. And you get a call between us say six in 10 AM local time from a number you don't recognize answered the damn phone I might not be available later it's. Probably costs and grandeur.