27 Days of Christmas - Jessica Wishes For A Christmas Tree and Bike

Thursday, December 8th

Jessica wished for a Christmas tree and bikes for her children. RAD granted that wish with a tree from Abel's Christmas Trees, a bike from Mike's Bikes, and a Target Gift Card.


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As good morning Jessica. I mean all right just tell you I'm wonderful and I have your wish in front of me and you have two kids that start with your daughter do you mind telling us her name. And her belly bet that belly. Zoe are now we are we same thing I'm a color Bellic who comes in and you're how old how old is is so we. C prior year old I get through are numbered and right Zoe is ten and they have a son how old is seen what's his name. Ryan at court and Ryan is fourteen are an ounce also about 27 days of Christmas wish what's going on. Well I AM and maybe many I can buy her bike finally yanked. We have a big trek Eric China got its parent I'm trying to say that many bad obsolete he. Take them to go visit other and we added parents so. I always forget about cricket series. And I remember Rick I never do I bell Kyra you're coping he had constantly I can get a mystery that is not worry about forgetting about it. Yeah yeah decorations. I hit it clean air but we we hero and we don't agree we just think selling it back at I don't. Are we we kind of how I did all right let's is a win when you go out of town. We are leaping got a boy you're a quick. You wanna treat for firth did so you come back for Christmas you want entry like right now. Up until the fourteenth. Yeah I mean we all we want wondered barely. When when it how I am a bit to have the president I have why I've written by Allah as. All right I think we've got you covered here at Jessica Andrea we talked to a Corina able. Her she and her family owned cables Christmas trees which is on sunrise boulevard in Sacramento area in Roseville specifically. And they're cables Christmas trees dot com that's a BE LS EBE I've gotten trees from them before by the way mom they're gonna give you treat for you your kids. Aren't in it and arm we want to make sure the could decorate it ending your and your house what do you wanna do so were needed 200 dollar target gift card. Aren't. You use that for whatever you want and our idea was all make it as best as possible when your home. And it well you mentioned this little plan forever belly whose ten years hole. Our team and we wanna help with that special guest is not listening right now mission. I don't. We wanna help with that little gift for belly we got is only age. Two inches Mike's bikes or Sacramento they're gonna search up and now I know and that's bad call girl don't do well that's true there's always a Robb's not hello play Mike's bikes in Sacramento 1411 I street. Will provide a children's bike for Zoe valued at 299 dollars. You have to buy it. You've got to get to my by exhibited there you're all set up yet a tree at 200 dollars and target you guys you got the 299 dollar. Blake for a for Zoe and it's all things stables Christmas trees Mike's bikes in Roseville Monday we'll be have a great holiday. Think you've got to let our holiday. Uh oh and so gonna how much she says the show up at the X says he does some little known to have a fourteen year old how race. Yeah unless barely over fourteen herself perhaps it what does that Sunday's Christmas continues on Atlanta radio dot com.