27 Days of Christmas - Julie Wishes For A Heater

Monday, December 4th

We granted Julies wish for a heater with the help of our friends at JR Putman Pluming, Heating and Air


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It's ninety Iraq steal home with a 47 days Christmas for our fifteenth year in a row. Rush to buy Roseville on day thank you so much for that rules on a detective you're really wanted to support our sponsors go down there and buy a brand new off Hyundai Genesis coupe. These are there really bad NASCAR's let's grab another wish Riddell gala coming in from a woman named Julie she is a disabled veteran. And a single mom and is having trouble with their heating and air system will skip to actually the only. Alone in the whole league maker day. Our eyes is Julie. Julie it's pat Martin's Nadia rock hard out there though. I think you'll give it any idea why I'm calling. It. What's your best yes turn out. And you. It's like gotcha questions for enemy year yeah about that and actually works we will actually read the wishes are. A second to talk about it. So first off Juli thank you for your service to our country I see you're a veteran. Yeah yeah which branch of the military are twenty years. No way twenty years yeah it aired. Nice note you wrote you're disabled veteran and a single mothers to seek a lot going on notes should get your early. Eldon voice RY 113. And it went to be sure. Now in your wish you had a problem with wasps. They can be pretty nasty what happened. They got into the furnace and Internet well my have a gas permits. When the when he went to shoot out there at the net they're so it diverted and carpet all fired at my net. A home like chalk and how weird. And it's typical we're all look at it David Ballard are returning you don't Wear at target to be called. I guess if I were lost I. I guess if are gonna build a nest that we build an insider heater or size of warmth. You're a little out like he inspired. A topic by the. So the lost nest caused a fire in your furnace have you tried to get this thing fixed. I might give I have a well worn it but it. There's been a month now and they're just not earn opera ain't it been getting colder and everywhere else sick and it hasn't been held in very critical of the cold. It does sound like you have a little bit of a cold go unfortunately. At the Arctic here now how the boys handle in this whole thing without having any heat. I have hit hard because. Well especially the European like were Spock they're close they'll try to keep them bundled up in typical path. I gotta tell you I feel your pain Iowa I was about my leader wants for about a week in the winter and it was brutal man it was cold. In the morning to have a bad. Listen Julie we contacted our good friends over at JR apartment plumbing heating and air and over the years they've helped discredit a bunch or may situations. Are. So JR apartment plumbing heating and there would like to inspector heater if it can be serviced they'll service if it can't be serviced they'll just go ahead it's all brand new one for so no matter what you're gonna have heat. Practically. At Wal-Mart we give used against Al heats courtesy. Apartments eating there hairy.