27 Days of Christmas - Justin Wishes For Guns' N Roses Tickets

Monday, November 13th

Justin works 60 hours a week and his mother works even more. He wanted to take her to see Guns' N Roses. We hooked them up with a pair. 


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Hey guess what he's the nice and kind make a problem that we've done today yes I do then why not you want to. A terror let's do it's 47 days of Christmas continues right here not here. But Justin is on the line hi Justin. Gone are doing good just how are you doing there. So just in do you submitted to the 247 days of Christmas tell us what you re submitted tells all about the now. Follow. Wanted to go to Q did you you know our show I wanted to take my mom let you know we we work so much and you know we didn't have a the money to fund could trigger if there. Pumping your emails as you work sixty hours a week in your mama it's even harder. I did yeah my mom yes you work even harder to. This is the mom thing men mom's always work hard yeah boys among them. CEO or should stay. Nice nice now you know my arm both -- and our fans which amounts they are good you are so I'm done right now. I love my mom's favorite it's switch out of mind. When purist when I was yours. Well what I think it you know I think a welcome move jungle. Talk and it's so you know the concert Saturday night right yeah you know good seats are probably going to be our divine grace just really. All right cell weird that he Iraqi and Roseville on day we have we reduce of the foreign. And now we're gonna grant your wish our right. No and yes we've got a pair of floor seats to Guns 'N Roses and gold ones and this Saturday night for you and your hard working mom. No and yes sir here's what do Ford's lowest floor seats what will yes Paula he just didn't you didn't foresee to Portland sea not in the pre can 200 section man and we work here. Don't throw stuff at you from the so there's Sadie got to know about this yeah. Get the getting girl and what we've heard the still sore you know on the floor and Kyle I'm I'm proud to we don't get on the floor. Just did not congratulations. See you thank you for so many near Tony seven days of Christmas here I geared more for agreed is just Lauren Murray. Here there's no need here this. Stereo three feet raising more hell I'll give you DC gets a brother thanks for listen thanks for him thanks for put in the ways I just a viewing on the lie or to get some information you to set up okay. It.