27 Days of Christmas - Kara Wishes For A Trip To Global Winter Wonderland For Her Friend And Kids

Monday, November 20th

We granted Kara's wish to have her friend and kids go to Global Winter Wonderland.


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Aero armoire and we'll Kara. I I. Say I'm not sure you're your wish your front is actually a wish he won it for one of your friends really keep her name private. But on your Jesus single mom of three how how older kids. And he has. Thirteen you know eleven year old and a. Okay thirteen eleven and ten and it's like she's going through some pretty rough times can you tell us about what's going on. And life. I am well I can't I get up and lab and they can afford to pay their land expose you get a kickback house December fact can't. And she just recently lost her job. And she lost her job because she didn't have anybody to watch the kids is that right yeah. Now she's got to move because you can afford the rent console and as my my understanding is obviously that's all horrible you want to do something. Nice early kind of make it right and he said that you like for her to be able to take her kids to global winter wonderland. At italics vote to try to bring some Christmas cheer and and advocates expressed an interest in donors is just an idea you can implement our. Well I kind of got my camera went on amounts. I just thought that maybe some think it gets some. A little holiday spirit you know. Well uncle says he's against it should take them edit at the way from it may take her mind off everything she's going through shall we call them up. And your friend is gonna get eight tickets to take her kids and hopefully maybe you've heard some of the kids straight. Odd to global winter wonderland which opened on Saturday cal expo in Sacramento. They know any day you know anything they want you hold on Manama done. Yeah I can tell any day they want all the way through January 7. I act. Well let her know also hope. We want we want to do some bullish especially united and so we're gonna make sure that they all knew you go with them go in style because our friends. At about time limousines would you find it about time the most dot com will be providing round trip transportation. And from cal expo and the global when. I am oil and Arnold's kids that are better and limo that's gonna be a lot of fun and to pull you know. And hopefully take a lot of pictures imposed on the social media and aloha also were better than you do. Arianna are rappers are we want to thank god as our friends rose 200 grand a global winter wonderland and about time limousines which is about time limos. Dot com most important Kara. That it thanks you for bringing us wish to our attention we hope this unreasonable holiday cheer to their. So it did did you guys show my. Are welcome. Thank you do you have a wish 127 days a Christmas you'll grab radio dot com.