27 Days of Christmas - Karen Wishes For New Glasses

Tuesday, November 14th

We granted Karen's wish for new glasses with help from our friends at Beckman Optometry!


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California rock station I need rocks or you know what's going on right now that's 47 days of Christmas and we're here you grant wishes need or greed. The line we got Kerry and there hi Karen are you. I'm fine how are you. I'm good care until I want to say thank you for submitting your 247 days of Christmas a waste now can you tell us a little about the incident that happened in the Wal-Mart parking lot. Oh hell yeah it is it was a very embarrassing. While I'm gone right I had dropped something between the seats in my car and I thought I won't get it out when I get done at Wal-Mart and so I didn't. I don't I don't Obama and I came out and I'm looking into the carnage like I couldn't find it and didn't have frustrated and so I had off or doors open and I love the people backing. I would definitely and they need I didn't even if exploit sites what he didn't go out. I didn't pay any attention. And I had this woman though keep it down like paradise until I get up and I looked I was looking in the wrong car seats. This are no latitude parent as they. I mean they these things happen I've I've walked up to into the wrong car thing and it was my cartoons. In your ways says her daughter was with you correct yes it's the fifth and little by where we see at the time I didn't restore. He did he could help you to essentially broke into somebody else's car. I can't do. You were in their cars going down their stuff yeah. So I'd open a little irate but you know. The boot yeah appetite change equipment and high load IDS. Larry well it does someone give me some new blouse and care and so we called our friends in load I had Beckman of optometry. Can we talk though about what he did it. Don't make no money they had to tell them and we told them what you need to. Hi. All when. Carriers whenever they're going to fit you for a new pair prescription eyeglasses so you don't repeat the performance at the ended up in jail or worse next time sell us all they do not need rocky and Roseville hot day so. I think your first admitting that memory Q took care of. Want to thank you sit on her. You have a wonderful holidays do you. Do and DIE coli in order it gets more information for me get just that okay. Take you know this is what's great about Tony's when you never really know what the ways is going to be this eEye kind of take it that's that was a need it wished because he needs he needs the pluses or she can be gone and other people's cars a kind of diet so good they're dangerous that you never know how Manny now people here in people's cars say yeah I think you're doing something you're not doing and and that's that's his talk a major do you honestly ever. Almost went to a vehicle but will it cures and a park and oh yeah absolutely Karzai is very embarrassing I walked up to cars and tried to open the door look once and won some abundant in this post this is in my car I imagine none of them you know vice I don't funny exactly. And actually gotten into callers with people and unlike some I was a I'm a Wal-Mart if that car I thought it was my girlfriend taking me out at the time. I used to hot rod and sit out in the guru tell you what do you do now I am so sorry my bad this looks so much like my car. Shot. So fires everywhere they're blown rape whistle everything else I didn't know me you don't know man and Lagardere would be terrified. Don't you need somebody could be you're in somebody's card because you think it's your car cynical walk up with a gun that you're trying to steal her heart rate and the stuff yet it's dangerous and needs of Aussie. Did this I am too so I that's always a Medicare excuse dot net if you got away sharing need to agree you can get those submitted to us. Maybe give you a phone call shortly.