27 Days of Christmas - Katrina Wishes For Bean Bag Beds For Her Kids

Wednesday, December 13th

We granted Katrina's wish for bean bag beds for her kids


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And I'm pat Barton you got to 27 days Christmas brought to buy Rose Bowl and we wish come and from my young lady named Katrina she's got a couple of kids they're nine and five I think it's she said her wish. And they're both autistic kid she needs some new beds let's get so. They treated on the phone it in hook her up. That is if she picks up here at. I a good morning I'm looking for Katrina. You can bald all we can't help me but I can help you are I steal lie can help you duchy. Yeah it's slick it's. You figure that. Don't know I am right now while it's great to talk to you may Katrina money is pat Barton a real. Doing great so I got tuition for enemy and lefty we should talk about it yet the second so Katrina your wishes for your two boys you got a couple boys they're nine and five. And they both have autism yeah tell me about your boy is a little bit. While my element to me and he's ninety. He's high functioning and you brilliantly Smart. He got really really badly bullied a couple of years ago Tony comes school now. He just has really severe anxiety and trouble sleeping and that's why the bean bag politician caught such a big deal to me because they need just. They kind of get them pressure all over when they sleep and he's been needing one for Ohio. Until we haven't been able to get land and I'm just so excited and then my youngest. Is David. And he sighed and he is a little bit lower functioning but he super Smart he'd love art and both of them are just there remain content. They you don't mind me asking how how does the autism manifest itself. Well with handles what that was all he actually has the country processing disorder as well so when he was little he didn't talk until he Obama story. He would run back and forth atrocity could slamming his body into walls and doors and everything. So I had no idea what was going on that he wouldn't sit down debt eat I would literally have to like strap and Andy eat. You can't. They came out all of the regional came out they didn't attachment. And he didn't make eye contact he hinted he would constantly been. And he didn't get duty. Neither of them in very good eye contact Adam they're both very loving it's it's not like what you read about you know. Where they're violent everything they're just they're super great kids. And you know breaks my heart to hear your nine year old got bullied and that must have been terrible and it what are in two runs on eight injuries. Such a big problem sorority here about that part well anyway let's go back to your wish your wishing for two bean bag patents. In Baghdad this is cool because I want one when I was a kid and never got one. But you're you're saying Katrina they sleep really well in these beds. Yeah they've got that we've got the diet be back great now but we actually have to start Blake it's got how many hold the net and being accepted every aspect. But I am they they just it would be so amazing for them. Let's hook you up with got two brand new double XL foam filled being Baghdad's for both kids. Oh. I. So much are your welcome I think he will also 10 help you're young guns a little extra special Christmas. We'd like to give you 250 dollar Toys 'R' Us gift card to. Just for the hell of it just because man. So are you walk of sweethearts good luck with the boys opening join the bets. All right you're quite welcome RI another we're showing in the bag so to speak so thanks again to rose lending if yeah.