27 Days of Christmas - Laura Wishes For A New Crib

Thursday, November 9th

We granted Laura's wish for a new crib for her upcoming baby.


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Good morning by the way I'm pat Barton I'm told we have Laura off. On the line who sent in a wish hi Laura how you do run Harry so I'm good it's pat Martin from ninety Iraq. Hey hi Howard you. I am not a stick I'm happy to hear your race. You really see you really cheered up there are hot but yeah. Well I have in my hand right now your wish they use edit for the 47 days all of my all for real it's. But I hair looking right dad. So apparently you have time to talk about Laura. Great great day I reading your wish that this has not been Bob and Goodyear for infecting your own words this year has been a terrible year why so. And back in March my my landlord absorb and help out from underneath me so I ate my boyfriend and myself. My three year old son and Adam my dogs have been displaced for the last eight months. Good friend of ours allowed us to stay at her house so we've been renting a little tiny room the last eight months. And just last week got to move into house we are somewhere in new finally. But in the meantime all that we found out we're expecting a baby. Our congratulations. Thank you us yes I am just trying to get our ducks in a row and get things. You know kind of semi organized so it's it's been kind of one thing after another in our lives aren't at. Think we're starting to fall in place in this one at a little bit to help with the you know with the crib and whatever week it gets some help it. Yes I was like things are looking up four hits could be here. So your which basically is for new crib for the the upcoming baby right. And you have like a specific one you like. Yet might work for and I picked up specific what we want from. Fisher right. Okay laurel well babies. And there is a babies. And we're gonna give you a 700 dollar gift cards you can buy back crib and bunch of other stuff that she needs as well. Only got big feud so much. Happy holidays. You. So much you know you can't totally made my date you it might year. Glad to help money thank you so much. Oh yeah that takes in our friends of rules on the 27 days a Christmas if you have a wish force humility and wish.