27 Days of Christmas - Lisa Wishes To Pick Up Her Mom's Ashes

Wednesday, December 6th

We granted Lisa's wish to pay her crematorium fees to pick up her mom's ashes


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Out of seven is a Christmas continues to aspire friends at Roseville Hyundai remember if you have a wish you can't do like the doggie Miller just didn't get to send us an email. You have to go to grad radio dot com you have to get went over to the official form to submit your wish which is what Lisa did good morning Lisa. Are right now at least your wish was fairly short into the point. Are you wrote the Euro wishing to pick up your mom for Christmas so about what I'm like how we got to get her from the airport or something but. That's that's our Jones or did you tell us about your wish please. And in October. And I have been struggling big facing more child to pay opera maturing. Theriot had to keep their. Eight iron to. I can keep doing it now but the government purple bike commission has. So you you can put your mom was taken after passing to a crematorium. And they did it made her and they do have her ashes but you still O and so obviously the only. The only leverage they have is to keep her ashes so they're somewhere safe with them but they can't Indians beat pay off the bill. Yeah she got on their shell. Arm can you explain to people don't understand why it's important for you to have her come home before Christmas. Well I am an only child I didn't have or are there era I would like to give them. A little peek at Kirk for crude. Am I capital market to that number actually that. What. What the oh that's or is. It like should have heard in 37 dollars. And fifty cents I had to accept the bill in front me 603 eleven dollars and fifty don't want that this says yeah believe me okay. Tell your so closely so but now. Ogle and I. Expect. Negotiated here that's good I tell you what I. I keep the fifty cents out of the we will write a check for human mom and your daughters to all be together again we will take care of the entire balance of 637 dollars. And fifty cent so go pick her up. Thank you guys to you just made my man. Outstanding thank you Lisa that's why we're here really appreciate that the people the major Christmas are the friends at Roseville Hyundai or actually the ones that are writing that check we just take credit for. Do you have a seven days of Christmas which go to grad radio dot com. Rob did anybody and gone to the rob yeah. OK dawn show.