27 Days of Christmas - Luke Wishes Wishes For Pet Supplies

Thursday, December 14th

We granted Luke's wish for pet supplies for his puppy with the help of our friends at Incredible Pets


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And don't tell us about your wish and what happened last weekend. Yeah my wife and I were out for Iran and spread and we change our course ran into a lot of peace. People are finding owners doing. I'm Dave is. And out there it's all in all their talk is only wanted to get ruined this for free just because you don't remember I'm back home. So they that this couple they had puppies and wanna live there are gonna sell this one got out then you've found that you and they just say here take it. Yeah we're so grateful that we've brought factors you didn't have any tiger ships released are the Internet for our welcome to the owners. OK so they they were cool they want to jerk bags about it they were so great fall. And then did you why don't you heard or is this just eight. Are you know it it's good trade I have always wanted. You know are not sure that's that's what they Wear this little Siberian Arctic. You. Have a name. We are going to be naming him Kodiak. And yeah. Our original. He sowed now now your new dog owners you're wishing they get everything going for your puppy needs is that the wishes. So we didn't do you write that he'll be our first dog is newlyweds. And eleven weeks old and he writes my wishes that we can hit the ground running as new dog owners and everything that puppy home. So here's what we but now I don't want one absolutely I considered not grant senior wished the minute you say you guys route running because I hate runner. And grit your wish this geez. Friends and incredible had some Folsom boulevard about your new puppy and they have put together care package for you to got a new collar puppy chow. And a bunch of puppy toys for Kodiak plus since believe me. We all know the costs of the new puppy. Add up quickly we're gonna throw in another 400 dollar visa gift cards he is you get the rest of whatever else you want to bore me. So what are we so much and welcome thanks in Kodiak going to enjoy the check out and thanks your friends Roosevelt and also incredible that's on Folsom boulevard he got a wish 27 days Christmas red radio dot com you must submit my tonight and.