27 Days of Christmas - Marc Wishes To Take His Neighbor To Chevelle

Thursday, December 8th

Pat granted Marc's wish to make good with his neighbor by taking him to see Chevelle in a limo from About Time Limosines.


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You're 27 days of Christmas from ninety Iraq and rose gone down pat argued afternoon got got on the phone. As name is mark and mark has a friendship that has gone south on him. Due to a misunderstanding. And I I like Marxist spirit the spirit of his wish is to sort amend certain senses and fix this relationship. And let let's give McCall or talk to him now. Mark I'll I like your wish because your wish is really about the Christmas spirit it's about the spirit that the 27 days of Christmas embodies you've got the Christmas spirit they did tell you there are so I would say you do tell us about your wish tells what happened know what's going off. Lowered to go through by the junction there's structural quick on the united. Bouncing off and I told a friend mine never broke relate to. Just like Turkoglu picked up by making sure there wasn't there he's an Harley yeah Hartley Troy horror shows grace flourished and I went out to San Jose her and she knew was marred by quickly changed it to be pretty much great kid happens. In both these teams were all over the place first. The attention and trying to remind me registered Luke Nevill paint since I don't carry the creek slipped it means nothing Maryland prime real stars pinned to my patients who. So let me understand this you had an accident on their Harley is having loved by about a year ago yeah colonel after the accident your neighbor told you the bike wasn't where you have left at Tenet did stall where you're only a mile where you are and that didn't add up to you see you assumed that may be perhaps your neighbor stole the bike is that right. Yeah yeah I kind of usually the other daughter lived here and she was Sharon or. You and I know no one comes close and no. He kind of looked forward a little weird. Now you haven't talked with a guy like a year since you guys are here are measuring neighbor across Sri control my computer and so perfect or. You guys friends before this all happened yeah yeah we were you know we were eager burns so sounds like you wanna make peace with them very do. So you're wishing balls issue Mel concert coming up tell us about it. Well I just reviewed this year and control the courtroom either visual culture in the long term earned by addition could not being George. Will soon you'll want him to join you to Sean Bell show. An ace of spades on January 14 right here in every grade now what he doesn't accept the offer whom I don't know are there certain reputations world. I think you willow such cruel. They'll open yours or mark we wanna help you men these fences and has spread the Christmas choice so we'll give you tickets for sure validate suspend its spoke make you very much Richard. Appreciate your very cute now all about time limousines and their website is about time Alamos dot com they'd like to pick up before viewing your house and provide roundtrip transportation to ace of spades for sure volunteer north fourteenth well thank you so much sir appreciate it we're Christians yeah Merry Christmas do you mark so tickets level all covered there you go Bunning have a good time period during.