27 Days of Christmas - Martha Wishes For Money For Christmas Dinner

Monday, December 19th

We granted Martha's wish for some help with paying for Christmas dinner.


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California tracks fishing good afternoon happy always on pat Barton granting wishes of course. It's 27 days of Christmas are fourteenth annual. One point something million dollars with the wishes granted or over 181000. Have come in just. This year alone a lot of people looking for little help this holiday season some be some grease off all day had been trying to get all this woman. Well fully grant this wish so I think we finally got a whole love mark bullets fired the phones here and see what happens. Holy war and I got June there you are I ended in Martha's tab are OpenId Iraq well how are you doing today Orioles sounds like you're driving their car you have got to come second so I brought you wish yet issued a little while kmart's according to your letter use invited your daughter all her for Christmas senator. Yes and like I give it to me. But there's something going on the do you explain your letter that to your budget's kind of tight in you don't really have a lot to spend on Christmas dinner. Yes that is correct I'm actually Adam I had lamented that I could lead and kind of I now I had a dead sound like ten years ago. Maybe throw my bank accounts though they took all my money so they kind of let me in the big jam. Boy that's Sox while that works out for yeah. Well good luck with that soon your wish is pretty simple I tell us about it. I just want and that's the gift cards fuel. I don't think I'm I'm I'm actually. There will be there's just the gift bag dude did it by a pitch that day and left leg should you do like bake cookies then maybe we cheat on my grandkids. Yeah that be nice so yes sister US for a hundred dollar Smart and final gift card. Yes and it Rick what would you say if I told you we would like to cover that for you. How big that would be odd yeah. That's the weight gain that Beckett did say. Martha how about we do even better how about we may get 200 bucks instead. That you. I'll bet you didn't get a business like the first time whenever I do like it big on the radio station. All eyes will be ninety Iraq for first time right. Yeah yeah perfect birthday I love you guys that they say. Did I see 200 bucks yes let's do even better let's make dad does my final offer Martha according crease that at 300 dollars. A Smart and final gift card. Are you think any parent yeah some serious alone while mom dad their different. You guys deteriorated different. Platform. As you can go all out Marty could buy anything you want without much right yeah Sherri can apply is going to be a good dinner your house this Christmas that's for sure yeah. Lamar that happy holidays and Merry Christmas from ninety Iraq quote they all enjoy Martha club taking aim at.