27 Days of Christmas - Melanie Wishes For A Clothes Dryer

Tuesday, November 21st

We granted Melanie's wish for a new clothes dryer.


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Good morning Melanie. In the morning don't you wish is short and sweet but this is one of those things that I put under the heading of the epitome of something that's. I understand a lot of people in the world. Have different problems in the don't have as great as Americans but most people in America would never be able to live like you live for the last year might understand. You haven't had a clothes dryer for a year. Over here. How what what do you OK so dumb question I'm a woman's I don't know I am a laundry what are. You shouldn't what it's good. Unfortunately we are not allowed a pink clothes every live alone so we Ari can accurately growth we watched occurred. We've got Blake reload and we drive over to our enlighten. Me every like hey how good afternoon and I am. He. Did it mostly my iPad and you get a lot of alone I'm over there. I'm banana in his first year of what I once is it just you and your husband you have kids what's the family dynamic. We are gonna murals girl I just see you're really doing laundry every day I don't know yeah. So you you got a very specific wish you wish to bring gas dryer they can be converted to propane and installed and if we did that for you this walls stop Brighton. Yeah yeah. We have a brand new dryer for you from best buy and we have a propane conversion kit for the dryer and best buy will install it for you. And our friends are rose on they would make sure it's all paid for and you can start. Using your dryer and stay in home and enjoying a life of laundry again. Thank you and what you. OK god. Many different. I can't believe you went in the us army and very little weird right away because there is a playoff. The makes my.