27 Days of Christmas - Melodee Wishes To Take Her Kids To Global Winter Wonderland

Wednesday, December 20th

We granted Melodee's wish for tickets to Global Winter Wonderland!

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California rock station that he had rocked the stage into and 27 days of Christmas was fifteen years fifteen years man this is the fifteenth year we've done have been a part of eleven Obama I think that first year for me and this is it's amazing experience and inside love and we see most of these folks we talked to but just hear their voices you can talents it's a big deal for them and is it's awesome and and we teamed up and -- -- and in the past few years and they always come through and help us out and came. People know the 98 rock and Rosie on a grant wishes. An opponent and that's Louisville. They did matter fact this is not a around the country disorderly most broad. There's a most successful platinum up emotions any orientation does in the month of December especially for our rock station yeah right it's pretty cool how. Melodies on the line hi Melanie crying I'm only can you tell me about your wish him. Yeah I am nervous at all you it's just us talking Melanie just just relax the best you can. Hope well. I guess. I had my wish would just take my kids from our friends the winter. My husband wins and I worked for about two years the plot a get it still work injury and he ended up having a lower back fusion. And he'd been back tour confessed and then you know the cheers that he without. We got caught up our medical benefits and at one thing after another we educate story and it's kind of got you know the crap into the deal because it. Why should black. So sometimes unfair. Yeah it really is and we just really haven't been able to do much for them and they're great kids and Alex I looked up and bled he Christians living kind of slam and you've got to do you gotta do I guess generally stern and we can help out and make her healthy. You know can he make our house payment each car payments and like happened I felt a. Million your wish you say then arm every time you drive by a global winter wonderland your kids always go. They do know they do Solomon asked about it. That probably next year here next year and of course we aren't BA they steered the here they've been trying to get me a hard time Felton. Yeah a lot of this is about that situation in years pretty tough there but you know your husband he was injured out of work for two years and and you can't afford to take them and you know it's the story here or not Iraq who are in and help deal. So here's the deal morality. We regret we rhetoric to wish we all feel for you and we got four tickets a global winter wonderland or cal expo for you and your family. CNN or offer them food and make them make their day. Well we hope we can make the day a little bit better because that's always who had 98 rock. Well we've also got ice skating and a limited Ryder spans where you tell us. And it's. You now well we'd like to one another awaits him one up to make a little bit better is is going to be a really good trip for you and your family I try to take you my daughter there every year it's a good time. And we want you guys gonna go in and just enjoy the holiday. You guys that are freaking fantastic thank you so much. Thank you are right that Melanie viewing on the alignment should step with the producer Larry and she's gonna get some information for you can't. Great here you logo.