27 Days of Christmas - Michael Wishes For A Vacation

Friday, December 22nd

We granted Michael's wish for a vacation with a check for $3,000

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27 days Christmas or Aaron ninety Iraq brought about Roseville Hyundai. And I'm pat Marty good morning we wish him his command and never be in the final final day of the U wish granting process. I'm very glad to try to grant this next wishes for a guy who unfortunately. Does not have love a lot a lot a lot of time left he's going through some serious say health issues dockers they've given him. Six to twelve months to live he wants to go on a nice vacation with his wife. Let's try to get all the Michael's. And suing historians and oh. I. Hopefully he'll pick up here. Hello hey it's not marred for an idea Iraq is Michael Barrett. Michael or anybody happy holidays man happy holidays do you care or. While I got your wish in front of me and I'm a little blown away you're going through quite a bit of stuff are you nuts yeah. Well let's let's start from the beginning if you don't mind talking about the stuff you're your wish basically is for you your wife to go on a nice vacation in yeah. Cycle back to beginning assist you in your wife's actually knew each other in middle school this our right. And that's correct. We dated off and on. Seventh eighth ninth grade. Lost touch. And then. She found me on Craig's foot when he had a copy and then glued and back again ever plants. Well I'll crazy to watch pretty awesome so says she got married in your backyard. And the next day yet feel like go to work business as usual. Exactly. And we had the wedding in our backyard what I understand her Trammell ain't never really had a honeymoon very vacation. You know only that the time buy didn't live and where out of work and basically it's went back to business as usual. OK so fast forward to today you unfortunately are going through some pretty bad health problems what's going on. While I have. The Soros there. Our state sports heroes there's problems. I just got drained. Actually debate I have what they call exciting. Where fluid buildup in my stomach I'll have to go about once a week want to every. We can I half and get your anger. I just go relieve the pressure available to breeze and the good doctor baker really stand I'm not a good candidate or liver transplant. Ali committed to basically trying to make me feel comfortable on little medication and work. In a sounds pretty serious what kind of tight timeline are you on Michael do you mind me asking. Comic. It's sort of like Intel right now they had six months to really hear. I'll body so sorry. Now I'm you know and my wife and I we've always you know wanna be used to get away so we've been and I actually kid observed you know never time per disk. Except for like an overnight hikes saying. Ride right hey let me ask you some money you know being in the situation you're in. I can't even imagine but it does it give you a different perspective on life yes Derek yeah varied their heart. Mikey you're enjoying every moment I hope you know that you can. Well unfortunately. It's not really because I'm on disability. And my wife takes care remain so it's like we don't really have any money coming in deals you know it's just I'm real stressful. Well let's get to the wish part your vacation part now your wife says she wants to go to while Hawaii you would kinda like to do with cattle drive sort of vacation earlier will which one do you think you would day if you had a choice which one would you do. I think gagged viewed Hawaii. More relaxing and bride and it's something my wife's Lily wants. I well I wish this this whole thing was under happier circumstances when Michael. We'd like to get Hewitt your wife's a little getaway and enjoy that much needed vacation. Our parents are so well we'd like to do is right you guys to check for 3000 dollars. And get you going on that dream vacation. Wow are all in March so there you go enjoy Hawaii and enjoy every moment if you can thanks again to our friends are rose on day check for 3000 dollar should cover quite a bit of that vacation hope you enjoy it. Thank you so much cut banking on Jay rock you know it you've made are.